Harmonic Convergence


< New Earth 4 > In your year of 1987, there was a measurement taken and most humans felt nothing on this day. Most did not even know that Spirit was looking at the balance of light and dark.

< New Earth 4 > My friends, know and understand this day is significant, for it is an energetic halfway point between the measurement taken in 1987 and the final measurement of what is projected to be the year 2012. We say this is an energetic midway point. By now, according to the old prophecies, your earth would have been much in shambles. The measurement would have been taken at this point to determine how to proceed. But as you know, based on the love and the intent of the humans, who walk the earth, the earth is not in shambles. The earth is looking very healthy now.

< New Earth 4 > There will be adjustments - large adjustments - in your magnetic grids of earth that take place, causing some physical discomfort and definitely emotional imbalance. You will be able to literally see this occurring if you plot your magnetic (field) intensities of earth, and the magnetic (pole) movements of earth. From this, you will be able to see the changes that occur after the date of December13, 1999. Again, it is the energetic halfway point between the major measurement that was taken in 1987 and the conclusion of this time period in your year 2012.

< New Earth 5 > On this date, which was the energetic halfway point between your year 1987 and your year 2012, there was a measurement that was taken. There was an assessment that was taken of Earth. Now again most people did not feel this, did not know. It was simply a measurement from this side of the veil. But there was something significant in it. It was the beginning of what we have termed "the Two Earths," the two worlds. Now we do not mean this physically, that the Earth will split in two. We mean this from a consciousness standpoint.

< New Earth 10QA > This was a grand measurement that was taken in the year of 1987 in the month of August. With this measurement began a whole series of events that have changed All That Is. And it has changed the way humans have worked.

< Ascension 1 > You can see there was another knocking at the door that came different and came stronger as you began approaching the millennium years. For many of you here and reading this, this occurred shortly around the time of your harmonic convergence, when the measurement was taken, of whether to go or not go. Again decision points, potentials, potentials that you as individuals and as humanity selected. Many of you felt that knocking on the door in those years shortly after this harmonic convergence. So many of you, the majority of you, came into your next level of awakening and understanding at this time.

< DivineHuman 4 > While this music was playing, we could feel something singing in your hearts. You were remembering when Gabriel first sounded the trumpet in 1987 (Harmonic Convergence). At that time you said, "Yes! Yes, Spirit, I am here. Yes, Spirit, I am ready to move forward." Oh, what a journey you have been on since then! From our perspective it was only a moment or so ago. It spans some 15 years. What a journey you have been on in order to get to this point!

< DivineHuman 4 > I am Kryon of magnetic service, and I have been here for eleven and three years together. In 1987 (Harmonic Convergence), in the month of August, Archangel Gabriel sent forth the call. Gabriel sounded the trumpet for all who were ready to awaken, to come forth and to do the work as we transitioned into the New Energy. And you heard the call deep within your being. You responded in your own appropriate ways.

< NewEnergy 4 > We would say on our level, our way of thinking, more significant than this thing you called the Harmonic Convergence. That was a potential to awaken. It was a measurement of Earth.