the year of 2012


< New Earth 4 > My friends, know and understand this day is significant, for it is an energetic halfway point between the measurement taken in 1987 and the final measurement of what is projected to be the year 2012. We say this is an energetic midway point. By now, according to the old prophecies, your earth would have been much in shambles. The measurement would have been taken at this point to determine how to proceed. But as you know, based on the love and the intent of the humans, who walk the earth, the earth is not in shambles. The earth is looking very healthy now.

< New Earth 4 > There will be adjustments - large adjustments - in your magnetic grids of earth that take place, causing some physical discomfort and definitely emotional imbalance. You will be able to literally see this occurring if you plot your magnetic (field) intensities of earth, and the magnetic (pole) movements of earth. From this, you will be able to see the changes that occur after the date of December13, 1999. Again, it is the energetic halfway point between the major measurement that was taken in 1987 and the conclusion of this time period in your year 2012.

< New Earth 4 > This is the time of split, as we would call it. It is the time of becoming two earths. And this is appropriate, for in your future, after what is projected to be the year 2012 - a time of quantum change - there will be two earths that exist, and they will no longer be side-by-side. They will not be in the same space together. They will be two after this date (2012). This date, as you know, is not fixed. It is simply a weigh point in the future. The final change could occur before this time, as early as the year 2007. But for now, we simply say we are at the midway point.

< New Earth 5 > On this date, which was the energetic halfway point between your year 1987 and your year 2012, there was a measurement that was taken. There was an assessment that was taken of Earth. Now again most people did not feel this, did not know. It was simply a measurement from this side of the veil. But there was something significant in it. It was the beginning of what we have termed "the Two Earths," the two worlds. Now we do not mean this physically, that the Earth will split in two. We mean this from a consciousness standpoint.

< New Earth 6 > You saw peace across your world. You saw humans coming together to fix the problems before they occurred. It was the time of celebration, not just of your calendar, but a celebration that you had come to a mass consciousness of peace and acceptance and tolerance. This event was not created by Spirit. This was not a date that was set from this side of the veil, somewhat like your year 2012 is. This was a date set by humans. There was much work that occurred to get here, to reprogram, to change, to make the appropriate balances.

< New Earth 8 > The measurement was taken for each individual soul, each human on earth. And indeed there began a separation of what we call the two Earths, a separation in consciousness. That separation is continuing on this day; and, as we have said, there would be two Earths that reside side-by-side together, simultaneously, one being aware of the other, the old Earth energy not being aware of the new, and this is appropriate. But that there would be two Earths, two consciousnesses and, for a period of time, until the final measurement in the year you project to be 2012 (do not hold firm to that date), there will continue to be these two Earths side-by-side.

< New Earth 9 > This energy carries some interesting attributes. It carries the energy of 33. Now, my friends, look at the sequence of events. There was what you have known as the 11:11 and the 12:12. The 12:12 is the number "1" and "2" separated by the colon. If you add each of these sides together, you have a "3" and "3." It represented the 2 faces or aspects of the 3rd dimension (human+divine on earth). And if you take out the separation (the colon), it is " 33." It is the Christ energy. It is the energy that is available for you to work with now. Look at your year 2012. You have considered to be a major time of change. The year 2012 represents the last year of the old energy. The Earth will then enter the year 2013, my friends, "2," plus "1," plus "3" - or " 33," the energy of the Christ consciousness. That is the energy that is becoming available for you now. It is the divine energy that you brought in as a seed that is now coming forth. In this classroom here you are being challenged to begin working with it.

< Creator 3QA > In the past, technology in the past has been abused, as you would define it. Technology was used in Atlantis, and the results were not quite what you would have wanted them to be. Now there is a melding of technology and your spiritual growth. It is up to you, the enlightened humans, to help bring this forth, to help combine technology with your deeper spiritual aspects.

Your next step in this process will be the quad math, as we discussed earlier, with new discoveries that exponentially accelerate what you now know as your dual digital technology. And these discoveries, as we say, are within several years of your time. Again if you look at the number 4, you begin to understand the strength that lies within it. Even your year 2011 is a 4-number which is the year before your final transition - what is thought to be your final transition of 2012. There is now much of a melding between technology and the understandings inherent in these and your own spiritual growth. In the past these have remained somewhat apart.

< Creator 5 > This information, dear friends, will change much of the thinking of the way things are done. We have called it the "quad math." It is part of what you would call your quantum leap. It ties into this time of yours, of the year 2012 (which we have told you will most likely come much sooner). This is information that will change and shift the way things are viewed. It is being communicated to your researchers around the world. We are sharing it here with you tonight because you are the ones who are amongst the first to integrate it into your beings. That is why you are experiencing what you are at this time.

< Creator 9QA > It (experience the new energy) will not be eons of time. Most of you will begin to see it in your lifetime. You will come to that place of your own divinity. You may not see it in the world outside of your house, but you will see it within yourself. When you do, you will have a greater understanding of what is happening outside of you. You will be filled with compassion and understanding. It has been prophesized that there is a turning point in your Earth, a quantum leap point in the year 2012. From the Crimson Council perspective we say that you are ahead of schedule. It will not be in eleven years of your time. You will begin to see the true quantum leaps closer to the year 2007, based on the changing human consciousness. This ties back into the first question. The closer you come to this point of quantum leap, the more conflict and turmoil you will see around you, but it does not have to be within you.

< Creator 10 > Did you know it was predicted that if you got past the potential chaos around your millennium period, that if you got past the potential destruction and the potential breakdown of systems, it was predicted that the next major change would come in the year 2012, what you call the end of your Mayan Calendar? This is what many have predicted to be the time of a quantum leap from the energy of "two" to the energy of "four." A shift from duality to divine balance. And did you know that this year 2012 is not set in concrete? Through your work, the work of Shaumbra and the work of all humans of Earth, this date is moving forward faster and faster. Do not hold out for the year 2012 for a quantum leap of self and then of mankind. It could be sooner!

< Creator 10QA > There have been prophecies of a quantum leap in the year 2012. It is now predicted to come much sooner. They are somewhat amused that you have so much doubt. If there was a report card, you would all receive high marks for your endurance (audience laughter) and your perseverance. You would receive very high marks for your continual commitment to being in service to Spirit; for your continual commitment to keep going forward. The only low mark on your report card would be for the tremendous amount of self-doubt you have. If you could release that - and we understand that it is heavy - but if you could release that, you would soar so much higher without the burdens that you carry now. But there is also empathy for those of us who have had human experience.

< Creator 12QA > Dear friends, first it is to say that there is no fixed date of 2012. Accept that. It is a projected time. Things will not change overnight on December 31, 2012. We do not often make prophecies, but this is one that we will make. (audience laughter)

There has been a projected quantum leap or shift that has been estimated for the year 2012. There is nothing magical about this date. We have said in channeling before that from the very work that you and other humans do that you are actually ahead of schedule, actually ahead. Do not wait for 2012 for that quantum leap within yourself. You can have it now, and once you have it, and once you bring forth this divinity within, then it will touch another, and it will touch another. That is the quantum leap that will take place.

What will it mean for you personally? We said earlier tonight - instead of riding the wave and then crashing, you will ride from one wave to the other. Your job will not seem like a job anymore. There will be much love going into it. It will seem like they are paying you great sums of money that you no longer know what to do with. It will be much easier. It will not be the struggle that you are going through now. Your body, your mind will have better connection with your spirit. They will work in harmony together.

We do not want to define for you what this shift, what this new energy will be like. We do not know. Nobody is there yet. We do know, based on what we see in all of you, that it is creation that happens quickly, but it is of a divine nature. It is not limited to simply creating a grander paycheck, for that will have very little meaning for you. You will find that all things will come to you. You will not have to struggle for them. They will be there.

You will be amazed at how easy it is, and we can tell you now from watching you that there are those who are beginning to experience this. It is so easy that you might have a difficult time accepting it. You might purposely sabotage it to make it difficult. You might feel uncomfortable that there is no struggle, that there is no strain. You might think you are getting something for nothing. In the new energy, as you transition into it, the struggle is gone. The struggle is released.

We will talk more of this in the coming year in our new series. We will talk about it over and over until you are quite tired of it. We will continue to tell you that it is not about you any more. It is not about the old self. Your needs do not need to be fulfilled in the way they were. They will be fulfilled in a new way. You will not have to worry so much about the small details. It will not be about you and how much money you have or how much health you have.

You will transition into a new consciousness where you understand now that you are ones who are in service. You are the ones who are the teachers. And surely all of your needs will come to you appropriately. Understand that it is not Spirit or the angels bringing these to you. It is you creating them. There will be a new balance within, a new vibration within that brings forth all of the appropriate things.

There will still be challenges in this new energy. Not all humans will transition into the new energy in one sudden poof. It will be one by one. It will be individual. You will find it challenging, dear friends, in your new consciousness of divinity, very challenging, to work with humans who are not quite so awake yet. You will have empathy for them at the deepest level. It will cause you pain to see what they are going through, to know the long walk that they have to make across the "Bridge of Swords." You will remember what it was like for you.

As we have said in these sessions before, this will be your greatest challenge - to see the suffering on Earth, to see the pain that others go through and inflict on each other. This will be one of the greatest challenges you will have. A part of you will want to leave. It will be so difficult to watch the sufferings of others. This is why we come together and talk like this and to bring our love because we ask you to continue on the journey.

< Ascension 6 > You may remember what that is like on a swing, where you feel you are just going to keep going around. But here, as the momentum of this swinging gains more energy and more movement, this will help to catapult you and help to catapult Earth into this time of quantum changes, what you have called the changes of the year 2012. But, as we have told you, it will come sooner.

< DivineHuman 1QA > The changes are much faster than what even we anticipated. The changes are going very, very rapid at this point, in a sense, because you have chosen that. You, all of Shaumbra, have chosen to move through quickly. What would have taken dozens, perhaps hundreds of lifetimes, you are trying to clear and transmute and transform in a single lifetime, in a short few number of years. There is something that we call the "quantum factor." You can all sense that there are global changes that are imminent by the year 2012. You read about it in books. You have discussed it, and you know it is coming. We have told you that you are not locked into that year of 2012. There is nothing sacred about any date at all.

You are the ones to change the pace. You have chosen to accelerate. You have your foot on the gas, going as fast as you can. But, dear Shaumbra, look down for a moment. Where is that other foot? (brief pause, then audience laughter) You have answered your own question! You are putting great stress on the spiritual engine of yours. You are trying to go fast, but your fears are putting a foot on the brake. One foot on the gas, one on the brake. That is what is causing the problem.

< NewEnergy 3 > Everything you are going through is preparing you for something that we have talked about before - a quantum leap of consciousness, a change into the New Energy. And, it is approaching fast. It was predicted that it would occur in the year 2012, predicted eons of time ago. Many still hold to the thought that it will occur on December 31, 2012. The Mayan calendar ends. They had to end it somewhere! And, it was a pretty good guesstimate on their part of where to end it. Many still hold that this is some point of change.

< Teacher 10 > It's going to, in a sense ... if you were observing this chart in the way that we have just talked about, it's going to appear that everything disappears, that the spiral exists no longer, that everything stops. And that's, by the way, what happened when the Mayans, so, so long ago, looked at the progression of human consciousness. They saw that it disappeared. Their prediction, of course, was the year 2012. They were close, but not precise. Things have happened. This was not destiny, this is simply pattern and patterns are subject to some change. September 18, 2007 it goes off the chart.

< Returning 1 > It's not about waiting till the year 2012 or 2033. You're here right now because it's happening right now. It is happening right now. You knew it before you came to Earth - at least you knew the potentials of what was going to happen in this lifetime. You knew that we were going to approach a point right around the millennium where a measure of Earth and its human consciousness would be taken, whether Earth would go forth or not. That's why there was so much interest and so much drama around the "end of time" scenarios because there was that potential. But you moved through it.

< Returning 3 > For those of you who are waiting for 2012, you're going to miss the fun. You're going to miss the party, because it is happening right now. It started - the true deep changes started - a year ago. Oh, they've been building up for a long time, but the real shift in consciousness from Old Energy vibrations to New Energy expansion started a year ago, and look what has transpired since then. If you're waiting for 2012 for some grand change, you will have missed the whole thing.

< (Next) 5 > We'll talk about this more coming up, but 2011 and 2012 are going to be very, very chaotic times on Earth. They're going to be very chaotic, and we've been talking about this for a little while. Why? Because - it's very easy - just take a look at what you've gone through in this lifetime, the last couple of lifetimes maybe, that's what Earth is going to go through. It is following you. You are the fashion trendsetters of consciousness. Yes. You are the ones that are basically leading the way that others are coming.

< (Next) 5 > Now, how can I say that and also tell you that 2011, 2012 are going to be complete chaos? Look at your own life. Look at what you've been going through. Look at what you had to destructure and release. It's going to be the time of your life. After so much doubt and carrying stuff around that really wasn't yours to begin with, this is going to be the greatest time of you life.

< e2012 5 > It is a year of very intense energies. Potentials. That's really what this year is about. They're yours. They're going to be here available for you. A potential is something that, in a way, has already been created. It's bringing in a certain amount of energy right now, but waiting for more. Waiting for you to choose which ones you're going to experience. This year I'm going to predict that you're all going to get really good at choosing potentials.

< e2012 5 > This is the year (2012), the high potential opportunity to really invite your wisdom and your potentials, also known as your soul, into your reality. In order to do so, it's about going beyond the mind, trusting yourself; going beyond the mind, as it would try to define the soul, because the old definition you can definitely throw out the window. It is about trusting yourself that there is something beyond the mind, that there is this part of you that's really aching to be here, wanting to be here with you.

< e2012 5 > Inviting your soul, your wisdom, potentials, your I Am-ness into the tube, into this reality is perhaps the greatest gift you could have ever given yourself. So a funny thing happened. We talked about what would you tell a human being about this year. Imagine just for a moment that you are the soul; you were outside now giving advice to the human in the tube, that you gave all these for yourself. You're the divinity giving it to that human aspect. What if it wasn't the human sitting here inviting the divine in, what if it was just the other way around? What if it wasn't the human sitting here making a list, but those were from the divine?