bridge of sword

the dark night of the soul

< Creator 11QA > It is the most difficult thing you have ever done in any of your lifetimes before. In your other lifetimes, you perhaps had challenges, but you never had a challenge at the level you are at right now. You are walking across the Bridge of Swords. You are crossing the chasm from the old energy to the new, and you are doing it alone, without your guides.

< Creator 12QA > There will still be challenges in this new energy. Not all humans will transition into the new energy in one sudden poof. It will be one by one. It will be individual. You will find it challenging, dear friends, in your new consciousness of divinity, very challenging, to work with humans who are not quite so awake yet. You will have empathy for them at the deepest level. It will cause you pain to see what they are going through, to know the long walk that they have to make across the "Bridge of Swords." You will remember what it was like for you.

As we have said in these sessions before, this will be your greatest challenge - to see the suffering on Earth, to see the pain that others go through and inflict on each other. This will be one of the greatest challenges you will have. A part of you will want to leave. It will be so difficult to watch the sufferings of others. This is why we come together and talk like this and to bring our love because we ask you to continue on the journey.

< Ascension 7 > There will come a time when your students come to you - the new humans crossing that Bridge of Swords - and say, "Dear Shaumbra, dear teacher, I'm learning these lessons. I am studying them. I’m becoming a divine human. But, why is it that issues are suddenly in my face like never before? Why is it that I am feeling depressed and can't fight my way out any more? Why is it that I am feeling the way I am? After all this work, why is it that I like I am hitting a wall?" You will sit down, and you will talk to them about this energy of duality. They are about ready to leave duality. You will tell them that when duality is ready to leave their consciousness, it seems to come back to them in full force.

< NewEnergy 9 > We can tell you this - the most difficult times are behind you. Indeed, they are. We can see this energetically in you as individuals. We can see it as the energy of Shaumbra. You have walked through the "dark night of the soul" and come out on the other side. You have crossed the Bridge of Swords - which is the release of your karma, release of your Old beliefs, release of your limitations. And, you have come across that Bridge of Swords new and different.

< Embodiment 4QA > All of the answers are right there. It is very difficult to explain this, but if you just allow them into your life, this fearless acceptance of embodiment, of bringing everything in, letting it into your life. And, you are going through the most challenging and difficult stage that any human angel will ever go through. We have called this "the dark night of the soul," "the Bridge of Swords." It is the time when you feel the most alone, even though you are not. It is a difficult, difficult time. It doesn't need to be that way. You can see from the example of other Shaumbra - those who have gotten through that difficult time - you can see that… and they will tell you that when they stopped searching, and they stopped the - how to say - the anger, and they stopped trying to find the answers outside of themselves, then it just appeared.