dark night of the soul

the Bridge of Swords

< DivineHuman 8 > Moses helped to take his people out of bondage. He led them on a long journey through the desert, a wonderful metaphor… and partially true. He led them on a long, long journey through the desert, through their own clearing, through their own dark night of the soul. He led an entire race. Moses and the consciousness of the Jews at the time then created the new state of Israel. And you know so much of the rest of the story.

< NewEnergy 9 > We can tell you this - the most difficult times are behind you. Indeed, they are. We can see this energetically in you as individuals. We can see it as the energy of Shaumbra. You have walked through the "dark night of the soul" and come out on the other side. You have crossed the Bridge of Swords - which is the release of your karma, release of your Old beliefs, release of your limitations. And, you have come across that Bridge of Swords new and different.

< Embodiment 4QA > All of the answers are right there. It is very difficult to explain this, but if you just allow them into your life, this fearless acceptance of embodiment, of bringing everything in, letting it into your life. And, you are going through the most challenging and difficult stage that any human angel will ever go through. We have called this "the dark night of the soul," "the Bridge of Swords." It is the time when you feel the most alone, even though you are not. It is a difficult, difficult time. It doesn't need to be that way. You can see from the example of other Shaumbra - those who have gotten through that difficult time - you can see that… and they will tell you that when they stopped searching, and they stopped the - how to say - the anger, and they stopped trying to find the answers outside of themselves, then it just appeared.

< Teacher 1QA > As a teacher, for all of you, understand that when you are working with students, they are going to go through very much the things that you have gone through. Remember when you went through this feeling of the dark night of the soul, when you were in the darkness and the abyss, when you went through chaos and confusion in your own life, losing jobs and relationship and things that were near and dear to you? And then remember when you went through the period of loneliness? That is when you let go of everything that you were feeding off of and was feeding off of you. But then also, understand that you come to the point of completeness, which alleviates this feeling of aloneness that you now have.

< Returning 11 > It was the time of departure of the guides ten years ago, to take away those spiritual training wheels. And, oh, dear ones, sometimes right now you think you're having difficulty right now in this Now moment. Back then it was true difficulty that you went through. It was the true dark night of the soul. When you released the angelic beings who had been with you for so very long - your nearest, closest friends - they felt so much like a part of you. You felt they were you. They were the angelic beings who were at your side helping to keep all of the energies between your humanness and your divine, between you here in this lifetime and your spiritual families - your angelic families - to help balance the energy of this very harsh 3D environment with the energies of all of the other dimensions, and they left.

< e2012 8 > There is actually two moments where the angelic beings are not with you. They're real close by, but one is when you truly decide you're going to be sovereign. You let go of the spirit guides that have been with you for a long time, and it's what some of you call the dark night of the soul. But it's not a night. It lasts a couple of months. (laughter) It's a long time. All the beings have to step away. You've gone through that, so now I can say I'll be with you every step of the way, up until the moment of your enlightenment. That – out of honor – I'm not going to be there or the others. You do that so personal.

In that moment of enlightenment, it's just an acceptance. It's just saying, “Whatever. I Am that I Am.” Suddenly, all the aspects come back in. It's a time of very personal integration. They all fly back in. So we kind of get out of the way and let the aspects come back in so that we don't get sucked in along with them. (laughter at Adamus' joke) We do it so that it can be the marriage or the union of you back into yourself. So nothing wrong there. It would have been totally disrespectful and a lack of compassion for me to stop. First of all, I couldn't. This was her choice, her journey.

< freedom 10 > When making these drama or these emotional decisions, the fear of death used to be the thing that you ran from the most. You avoid it. It's interesting to note that for many of you now, death isn't really even a factor. It's, in a way, because you've gone through the darkest dark night of the soul. And some of you even not sure you want to be here anymore. You're taking a deeper dive into your own truth. You're doing it from the perspective of this thing you call enlightenment or freedom. What's going to free you? What's going to allow the greatest level of awareness? What's going to allow the integration of the I Am into your life?

< discovery 2 > I say that You choose awakening and you allow enlightenment. It's very true, because you get to this certain point, so many of you have experienced the dark night of the soul, going into the void, feeling so into nothing – nothing around you other than yourself – and at a certain point, you simply come into allowing. You realize that there are no plans or programs anymore. There is you, and it comes down to allowing that, allowing yourself. And as you do, it's also allowing the increased sense of awareness, the increased sense of perception. Allowing everything that you've ever experienced. Allowing it to come to you in a very, very different way than it ever has before. Allowing yourself to embody yourself. Allowing yourself to be present in this reality and allowing energies to serve you.

< Wings 10 > So, four steps. First, the calling. You all went through that. You know what the calling is. You're just sick and tired of life. You know something's got to change. There's this kind of almost haunting, nagging voice within you that you try to ignore, and the voice is saying, “It's time. It's time. It's time.” And you try to avoid it. You try to focus on your life or you smoke a lot of pot and drink a lot of wine, but “It's time” is still there. This is pre-awakening and sometimes it actually could go for lifetimes, but usually it lasts maybe three, four, five years, depending where you are in your life. But it's the calling. You go from there into awakening. Awakening, number two. If you would write that as number three, the dark night.

< Wings 10 > You start experiencing the dark night and you wonder, you doubt to yourself, “What happened to the awakening? What happened to this innocence, this naïveté, this joyfulness?” Now you've got the dark night. Now you're dealing with the demons within. And like I said before, they're not on the outside. These demons, they're from the inside, and now you're dealing with them. “Why, oh, why, oh, why the dark nights?” as you go into this Realization. And you wonder, “Is this even real? Am I just making this up?” You start thinking back, “Oh, if I could just have my awakening days back.” No way. They're gone. You are now in the dark nights.

< Wings 10 > Why the dark nights? Well, you've got a lot of stuff that's buried real deep and it comes up. You cannot bring it into Realization. You cannot bring your shit into Realization. That's why Kuthumi's coming by with a garbage truck to help pick it up. You simply can't. An unworthy being cannot go into Realization. There is a dragon at the doorway that's making sure that you don't. That's what Threshold is all about. There's a dragon at the doorway making sure that you don't bring your stuff into embodied Realization. It is a blessing. It's not a curse. It's going to feel like a curse at times, but it's actually a blessing.

< Wings 10 > You would go insane if you tried, if you forced your way – tried to force your way – into enlightenment while still having issues of unworthiness. You would go insane. Some have tried it before. They've tried to battle that dragon at the door. They have tried to force their way in, and some have done it with somewhat unnatural means – drugs and some of these ceremonies, these extreme ceremonies. They tried to trick the dragon that is at the door and they end up getting very, very mentally imbalanced, because if one is unworthy – feels unworthy – and tries to go into enlightenment – boom! – it all breaks down.

< Wings 10 > The dark night is meant to do a couple of things: Go in and find all that crap, those feelings of unworthiness that are at many different layers and levels. They're coming from past lives. They're coming from this lifetime. And you can tell yourself all day long, look in the mirror and say, “I'm a good person. I love myself,” but you don't really believe it. It's kind of makyo. It's kind of like trying to frost the cake with crap. That was a nice visual.

< Wings 10 > There is another important component to the dark night that plays in so well to everything we're doing right now. We're talking a lot about how now energy serves you. Energy. That's where we're at right now, allowing energy to serve you. It's the easy life, allowing energy to serve you. But a lot of you don't think you're worthy. I hear the words. You say, “Yes, I'm ready for Realization. Yes, I'm ready to let energy to serve me.” But I've been watching this last month, because we're really amping it up now with allowing energy to serve you, and there's a lot of feelings of unworthiness. You put a toe into the water of this pool of energy, but you're not letting yourself jump in. It's a huge issue. So I say that the physics – the true physics – are: There is consciousness, the I Am; its passion creates energy; the energy is here to serve you.

< Wings 10 > There is so much energy that's right here ready to serve you, but if you're not feeling worthy, you are going to block it. You're going to stop it. If you're feeling that you're going to be seduced by power, by money, by control over others. You've got this wealth of energy that's right here, right now. But I'm observing this phenomenon of you turning your back on it, of you waiting, of you not applying it, of you saying the words, but saying the words like it was a mantra, but you're not believing that you're ready. You're wondering, “Am I worthy? Am I going to abuse it? Am I going to just then get sucked right back into the human ways?” You've restrained yourself, you've stopped yourself from an energy flow that's actually very natural.

< Wings 10 > This whole thing with the dark nights. you know what it really is? It is you asking yourself, “Am I really ready?” That's what it is. That's why it shows up as those tormented times, those awful times that you feel you're being ripped apart. It is you testing yourself, “Am I really ready? Am I really spiritually mature? Do I need to keep walking further on the path and struggling, or am I for real? Am I spiritually mature?” You, trying to find out if you're really ready, and you assault yourself over and over and over with the dark nights. You wonder where it's coming from. You wonder why it's there. You wonder why one moment you're up and the next moment you're down. It's you asking yourself, “Am I ready? Am I worthy?” You, testing yourself to the core. And it's got to end.