spiritual maturity


< Wings 10 > It's all here, but it's about you now understanding that you have spiritual maturity. Spiritual maturity is when you realize that this whole thing of the human in experience, without judgment, and the Master being the wisdom, and the I Am now coming together; spiritual maturity, where you realize what energy really is and where it comes from. Right here (points to heart). Spiritual maturity is Allowing.

< Wings 10 > Spiritual maturity is first being a creator, and you know, if you listen to I Am Creation and understood it is so simple. True creation is the joy and it's the joy now of the human, the Master, the I Am all present right here. It's the radiance of that joy without any agenda, without defining it, without limiting it. Just the open expression, radiance of that joy. That's it. That is creation.

< Wings 10 > True spiritual maturity is, “I create. Allatone. I create. And then I go into that experience. I go into that creation and I allow it to be whatever, because it is my Creation. Not somebody else's. It is my energy that is coming in now to serve me within my creation.” That's spiritual maturity. Not defining it. Not saying what day it has to come or how big or how much money or anything else like that, what kind of car it's going to deliver. That is spiritual immaturity. That is naïveté. That is why many of you have held back this last month from letting energy truly serve you.

< Wings 10 > Fear not yourself right now, any of you. You've got the wisdom of the Master, the presence of the I Am and the beauty of the experience of the human. Fear not letting energy serve you. I know so many of you have held off on it, almost resisted it. You've let it be a mind thing but not a living thing, because you didn't know if you were worthy. You didn't know if it was going to hold you back or corrupt you. Let's break through that right now. Right now. You are. You wouldn't be here if you were not of spiritual maturity, and there's really nothing left to learn. Now it's about being in your Creation There's really nothing left to learn.

< Wings 10 > This whole thing with the dark nights. you know what it really is? It is you asking yourself, “Am I really ready?” That's what it is. That's why it shows up as those tormented times, those awful times that you feel you're being ripped apart. It is you testing yourself, “Am I really ready? Am I really spiritually mature? Do I need to keep walking further on the path and struggling, or am I for real? Am I spiritually mature?” You, trying to find out if you're really ready, and you assault yourself over and over and over with the dark nights. You wonder where it's coming from. You wonder why it's there. You wonder why one moment you're up and the next moment you're down. It's you asking yourself, “Am I ready? Am I worthy?” You, testing yourself to the core. And it's got to end.

< Emergence-3 > It leads to a discussion about maturity. Maturity. Up to now, or up to relatively recently, you didn't have the maturity to do a lot of things. The maturity, and what happens in all of this going from awakening into mastery is the immaturity within you is exposed big time. Big time and it hurts at times. That was one of the other things I thought potentially would come out when we were talking about levels of awareness. It's been pretty high on levels of realization lately. It's been showing up in your dreams. The immaturities are being exposed. Immaturity is basically a lack of wisdom. It's not a bad thing, it's just immature. Immaturity is a lack of or a limitation of perspective and perception, being so narrow – so narrow in things – that you're not feeling into all the different levels. You're not aware of everything that's really going on. That's my definition of immaturity.

< Emergence-3 > It goes back to the premise that there is no reality, there's no life unless perception is present. Nothing exists unless consciousness is here. But consciousness or perception can come at many, many different levels. It's not an all or nothing. There can be very limited levels of perception – self-imposed, limited levels of perception – which I would call immature. So focused on just surviving, so focused on the ego, so focused on your aches and pains, your wounds and everything else that you become very immature, very limited in perception.

< Emergence-3 > What's happening right now in this movement that we've talked about earlier, you're feeling all these shifts and changes coming about, it's all to make room for the Master, but it's also exposing the immaturities. It's exposing the places where you've been self-limiting in your awareness. Now it's opening up, and if you understand that, then it's not so frightening. If you allow it, you begin to realize why it's there and what's happening. But without that, without that knowingness, it can be very disconcerting right now. That's why, in particular, dreams right now are just all over the place and just feeling that everything is changing and what's going on. Your immaturities are being exposed.

< Emergence-3 > But you've given yourself this opportunity for this guidance, because as you have this kind of protection – not quite the right word – but it's an assurance. You have an assurance policy on your own Realization. What happens is you start developing, you start allowing in wisdom. I call it the Master, but it's just wisdom and you're allowing that into your life, and as you do now you develop the maturity, the ability to open up to perceive on a multiple variety of levels and awarenesses in your life.

< Emergence-3 > As you bring in the wisdom, you also bring in the maturity, and with the maturity, you start releasing the soul destiny. In other words, it doesn't need to keep you from going errant, falling off the road or whatever you want to call it. Suddenly, that destiny is replaced by pure wisdom, pure beautiful wisdom. Then you break free of that soul destiny or you let it go. It doesn't need to be there anymore. And suddenly, you start to bring in this whole, well, maturity into your life – wisdom and human experience combined together, a whole new maturity – and that is what's happening right now.

< Emergence-3 > And it will be perfectly balanced, perfectly balanced to the level of the soul destiny, this thing that's your assurance that you're not going to get terribly distracted. As you bring in the wisdom, that level of that destiny is released. It's peeled away. It falls away. That's another thing that you're feeling right now in this falling away and the changes, and it's replaced by your wisdom now. I mean 'your' meaning 'the Master in you.' It's replaced by the wisdom, and in that, again, you cannot make mistakes. You cannot go wrong. It's an old human fear, “I'm going to do the wrong thing.” Right now, you cannot. Ehh, you've got a history of doing the wrong things, but right now you can't. You're in the protection mode, the assurance mode. And one of the first wisdoms that you really start to feel into is just Allowing. Allowing. That's what allows in more wisdom. That's it. It's really quite simple.