I Am Creation


conscious creation; 
To be creating from within your creation; 


< Wings 9 > The merabhs play an important part. They actually integrate everything that's happening, particularly in the Allowing. And, again, the Allowing is a very quiet, graceful process. Your body's not going to start twitching and shaking and getting imbalanced. You're just allowing, so it comes very gracefully. I love Allowing, and it's gotten us to where we are now, where we can really talk about creation, and this is where it gets fun. All the rest of it's been a little hard. But this is where it gets really fun when we go into our own creations. You're going to be experiencing your own creations in the embodied human form. You're also going to be experiencing the multidimensional nature of creations that just aren't on this reality level, but they expand out. And that's where it gets colorful, fun, dynamic, amazing.

< Wings 9 > It was Allowing that brought us here, that's got to this point where we can say, “We are now ready for creation.” That is the Atlantean Dream, to be here embodied and creating. It's one thing just to say, “Okay, I made it to mastery. I'm embodied. I'm here.” But without the creation portion of that, the conscious creation – I Am Creation – it's actually almost not worth staying. And many of you have wondered about that in the past, “Why should I stay?” Some of you are still going through that dilemma. “Why should I stay? Geez, okay. I'm going to allow myself the mastery, the wisdom, all the other stuff. I'm going to drop all the old processing, energy addictions and all the rest. But why should I stay?” The answer is creation. To be creating from within your creation. To be conscious in the I Am Creation, the creation of the I Am, and to be there as the human Master and to create. That's the reason for staying.

< WIngs 9 > Never again mistake energy for life. Life is when you are present, when you're no longer dreary, when you're no longer wandering in that endless search for some sort of meaning to life, when you are no longer boring, when you choose to be in your creation. It sounds pretty obvious – to choose to be in your creation – but most people don't. (a) They don't acknowledge “This is my creation”; (b) they do not understand energy. They are still working for it, rather than letting it work for them. And most people are not fully present, meaning conscious, “I Am that I Am. I Am Here, because I've chosen to be.” Boom! The energies change now. Your energies change. They immediately go into service to help create the experience within your creation. It's that simple.

< WIngs 9 > Energy is not life. Energy supports the life experience. Again, a very simple point and some of you are going, “Well, yeah. That's kind of obvious.” But now would you live it? Would you live it? And that means getting out of the gray dreary, coming back to a real passion. Not the old human passion, but the real passion is, “I create, I experience.” That's it. “I create my creations, and I can do it while I'm in mass consciousness. My creations, and I can then experience them.” You'll stop wondering, “Well, how come nothing ever works out for me,” and “I want to be abundant, but I'm not,” because you still are equating energy and life, putting them as the same thing. You're still thinking that energy is life. It's not. You are the life. Allow energy now to support your creations.

< Wings 10 > Spiritual maturity is first being a creator, and you know, if you listen to I Am Creation and understood it is so simple. True creation is the joy and it's the joy now of the human, the Master, the I Am all present right here. It's the radiance of that joy without any agenda, without defining it, without limiting it. Just the open expression, radiance of that joy. That's it. That is creation.

< Wings 10 > True spiritual maturity is, “I create. Allatone. I create. And then I go into that experience. I go into that creation and I allow it to be whatever, because it is my Creation. Not somebody else's. It is my energy that is coming in now to serve me within my creation.” That's spiritual maturity. Not defining it. Not saying what day it has to come or how big or how much money or anything else like that, what kind of car it's going to deliver. That is spiritual immaturity. That is naïveté. That is why many of you have held back this last month from letting energy truly serve you.

< Wings 10 > Fear not yourself right now, any of you. You've got the wisdom of the Master, the presence of the I Am and the beauty of the experience of the human. Fear not letting energy serve you. I know so many of you have held off on it, almost resisted it. You've let it be a mind thing but not a living thing, because you didn't know if you were worthy. You didn't know if it was going to hold you back or corrupt you. Let's break through that right now. Right now. You are. You wouldn't be here if you were not of spiritual maturity, and there's really nothing left to learn. Now it's about being in your Creation There's really nothing left to learn.