why are you here?


< e2012 3 > So the question "Why are you here?" is a big one. It's very simple. But the reason that you're here is love. Love for this planet, absolute love for this planet. And I know many of you have complained about it over the years. But actually, the funny thing is once you leave here, especially once you're in those final moments here, final days or weeks of your lifetime, suddenly you start remembering all the things that make this life great, love for being here, and then, damn it, as much as you've made a vow not to come back here again, son of a gun, you're back - because you love it.

< e2012 3 > The question "Why are you here?" is a big one. I would say one of my greatest challenges of working with you is getting you to see who you really are, getting you to understand why you are here, what you're doing here. Now, we've pretty much gone beyond some of the old phases, such as "You're here because of bad karma. You're here because you did something wrong or whatever in a past life and now you have to make amends for it." Thank God we've gotten over that hurdle. Nobody is here because of karma, unless you believe in that karma.

< e2012 3 > So many of you have felt that you were here to take care of others. Others. That's a really bad reason for being here, because they're going to crap on you one way or the other. They will. Sooner or later, they're going to disappoint you. If you have an agenda that you have to be here for somebody else. And they have to first of all, set you free once and for all, and to set themselves free for their own sovereignty.

< e2012 3 > The Earth will always need a degree of energy holding - perhaps a better word is "energy balancers" - because as consciousness does this kind of leapfrog thing, as consciousness really moves and expands, for right now there's a dynamic that would have that there's something that's maintaining a balance or a reference point. But then, at a certain time, that changes also and the next new group comes in to hold that balance.

But holding for what? Well, holding to keep the momentum from just going absolutely crazy. Holding, mostly - for the indigenous ones, for the ones who have been doing this for thousands of years - holding it for the right time, for the right group. Holding it until the consciousness of Earth was at such a place where a group of humans could become sovereign beings, could become Masters, could become enlightened, and still stay in the physical body. They're holding it until such a time that there was a enough mass or enough numbers of these people who had truly developed love and compassion for themselves and were the true new standards for this planet. That's what they are holding it for.

< e2012 3 > So many of you came to this planet on behalf of your angelic spiritual families. You came here to learn something that would eventually set them free. Everything in the cosmos had kind of come to a big stop, and couldn't move anymore, and you came here to learn what had happened. You came here to go through a series of lifetimes, kind of reliving some of the events. They weren't in physical form but physical form allowed you to have a whole different understanding. The work that you did has freed the energy in creation with your spiritual family. That's why there's so many in line now to come to this planet or the New Earth. They are free. It is moving again. You're out of a job.

< e2012 3 > And that's a tough one, because that's really one of the core reasons you came here. You dedicated yourself to that, and when that's done, you do feel kind of like, "Well, now what? What do I do?" This is at a very deep level. Your mind may not recognize it, but you do. So you tend to have strange things - dreams of reenlisting in the military, reenlisting in a service organization, wandering around aimlessly trying to find if anybody needs your help, and they don't. You know, it's kind of an aftermath of getting the job done.

So you say, "Where was the grand celebration? Where was this big celebration for the work I did? My spiritual family's free now." They'll have it later, but right now they want to leave you alone. They know what you did, but they want to give you time, right now, for yourself. It's been a journey. It's been a lot of battles, been a lot of trials and tribulations just doing this, and they know right now that you just need time for yourself, with you.

< e2012 3 > Why are you here? Hopefully, it's for things like joy, because you put in a lot of time on this planet. You've sacrificed in a lot of lifetimes, given a lot. Hopefully, in this lifetime you can just enjoy. Enjoy the sensual nature of this incarnation. If you do, if you really immerse yourself into it, if you really get into the distilled simplification of yourself, you'll actually be able to take all of this physical reality with you and never to be stuck in it again, trapped in it or lost in it, but always to be able to experience it no matter where you go in all of creation. Instantly manifest physical, just because you can, but never to get stuck in it.

< e2012 3 > Secondly, I asked why are you here? You're here because you are the visionaries. Just as Steve Jobs was a visionary for personal empowerment devices, you are the visionaries for sovereignty. Visionaries for sovereignty. It starts with you. Don't spend all your time trying to imagine the planet and everybody on the planet happy and everybody getting along and just a big Kumbaya fest. Imagine that for yourself. Envision it for yourself. Envision the abundance. Envision the energy flow. That, when done for yourself, that then creates this new dimension in mass consciousness that has the potential for people who are willing to change their life, one person at a time. It has the potential to change this planet.

< e2012 7 > Why am I (Adamus) here? I'm here because you asked me to be. I'm here because you have brought tremendous consciousness. You brought tremendous the Christ Seed consciousness to this planet. You seeded it a long time ago in the ground, in the air, in mass consciousness. You gave it to yourself before you ever got here. You – most of you – were around in the time of Yeshua. You were part of that whole liberation that took place at the time. You were here to bring about what you have commonly called the New Age, and here we're in it.

I'm here because you said this is going to be the lifetime. Tobias was here for the same reason. You said, “This is going to be the lifetime.” You knew in your absolute brilliance, that there was a potential to get stuck; there was potential, definitely, to go mental; the effects of mass consciousness, like a heavy smog, a thick blanket, were going to keep you suppressed. So I'm here to help move you through that.

I'm here because we just haven't graduated many humans. In the course of all humanity, in the millions of years humans have been on this planet – 9,000 (graduates). That's a low, low number. I'm here to graduate a few, hopefully more than a few, hopefully, all of you. But, ultimately, it's up to you.

< e2012 7 > Just five or ten. That's all. Just five or ten that will allow themselves to ascend in this lifetime – ascension being defined as integrating all of yourself, including all these aspects, all these past lives; including your soul; including your body and mind, integrate those – and stay here, and live here.

Give me
(Adamus) five of you, just five, because those five are going to do more for the rest of you than what I could possibly do. Those five are going to be examples who can talk about how they had a mofo life and evolved. And that group is going to say, ““It was really actually easy. You know what? You take a deep breath … you take a good deep breath, you trust so deeply in yourself that nothing else matters – nothing, nothing else matters – and you just do it.”

That's why I'm here. Give me five, ten, hopefully thousands – hopefully, hopefully – that can be here to tell the others, “I Am that I Am. I finally understand what that means.” Tell the others, “You know, it's interesting, you can actually do this ascension, this integration, this coming into yourself, and it's really funny because you don't lose a thing other than what you really didn't need in the first place, and you don't need most of what you have in the first place.”

< e2012 7 > When I leave – and it could be in a few short years – what am I going to do then? Hm? I'm going to work with just that group who has chosen ascension, because there are some challenges staying in the physical body after ascension. So Kuthumi and I are going to work with that group – five, ten, twenty, a thousand – however many it's going to be. I want some of you to be the true living Masters to have brought it together, to really understand the I Am.

< e2012 7 > Here you are on this amazing spiritual journey. You get caught up in the details, but it's fascinating how it works, fascinating how you're bringing in new levels of you into this reality. But you get distracted. And I'm amazed. You're so close. You have chosen this as the lifetime, as the lifetime of integration. It's all you wanted. It's all you cared about. It was the reason you came here. It's the reason why you're here – to let it happen. Actually, you really didn't have to do anything to make it happen, and you knew that before you got here. You said, “I'm just going to come down here and let it happen.”

< WalkOn 8 > It is the trust, the allowing and the grace. It is taking that deep breath into the knowingness, that deep understanding that this is all very, very natural, and that ability to just let go. It's a huge step. Very few – very few – will ever get this far, much less come to that point where they can just allow and, in the allowing, knowing that everything changes. The way you think, the relationship to your body, birth, life and death itself; the perception of your life as you've had up to now; the perception that is contained within your memories; the perception of the world outside and all around you, it all changes, and it can be frightening, startling, but it can also be equally amazing, magical, beautiful. It's the very, very thing that you came here for.

< Transhuman 4 > I still like to call it Christmas time. That may not be politically correct, I guess you're supposed to call it the “Holiday Season,” but to me it's the time of the year when we all remember why we came here – to plant the Christ Seed consciousness on Earth. It's not really about the birth of Yeshua, which didn't take place in December at all. He was a Pisces. It is really about that time to remember why we came here, the Christ Seed consciousness. We came here for a new hope, something on Earth, ultimately what would be the integration of humanity and divinity together. That's what Christmas time is all about.

< Wings 9 > It was Allowing that brought us here, that's got to this point where we can say, “We are now ready for creation.” That is the Atlantean Dream, to be here embodied and creating. It's one thing just to say, “Okay, I made it to mastery. I'm embodied. I'm here.” But without the creation portion of that, the conscious creation – I Am Creation – it's actually almost not worth staying. And many of you have wondered about that in the past, “Why should I stay?” Some of you are still going through that dilemma. “Why should I stay? Geez, okay. I'm going to allow myself the mastery, the wisdom, all the other stuff. I'm going to drop all the old processing, energy addictions and all the rest. But why should I stay?” The answer is creation. To be creating from within your creation. To be conscious in the I Am Creation, the creation of the I Am, and to be there as the human Master and to create. That's the reason for staying.