"Walk On - The Powerless Life" Series SHOUD 8
Presented to the Crimson Circle April 2, 2016
Original Website http://www.crimsoncircle.com/


I Am that I Am, Adamus Ben Saint-Germain.

Welcome, dear Shaumbra. Welcome to our gathering, to this very special place.

Today will be an experience in three acts. Three acts and the first act will feature St. Germain, the Beloved St. Germain. The second act will feature Adamus, and the third act will feature you in a new DreamWalk.

So let's take a good deep breath with that. Today is an experience.



Before we launch into Act One, let me just offer my insights into your expansion (More info on the expansion here.) This expansion of your studio, this actually quite humble place, but a place of so much energy and consciousness; the expansion into the new space was going to happen anyway. It was going to be here. Why? Because each and every one of you are expanding as well.

It's symbolic of the changes that you're all going through. It has to grow, and it will keep growing. It won't just be into this space next door; it'll go beyond and beyond, because as each and every one of you takes a deep breath, gets out of your own way and allows, you expand. Far beyond the physical realm, far beyond your singularity as a human, you expand into the I Am Here, which can be anywhere. It can be in many places simultaneously. That's enlightenment.

Enlightenment isn't just being a psychic, powerful, super-intelligent perfect human. Not at all. That human will still exist with all of its flaws and all of its laughter and all of its tears and all of its human ways, and then, you just find yourself in the I Am Here, which is everywhere all at once.

So this next step, this next step into your expansion of your physical space is just symbolic of your steps into the many spaces.

So let's take a deep breath with that and begin Act One with the Beloved St. Germain, after I receive my coffee.

LINDA: Ah, pre-received.

ADAMUS: I need it handed to me (some chuckles). 

LINDA: Sandra marched it right up. She knew to anticipate your need.

ADAMUS: Excuse me (he takes a sip). So… (he goes to his lectern and hands the iPad to Linda)

LINDA:  Thank you, I think (more chuckles).

ADAMUS: Act One.


Act I

ST. GERMAIN: I Am the Beloved St. Germain and I have known each and every one of you, even before the times that Tobias came in. Each and every one of you, in the Mystery Schools, in many, many lifetimes, in your dream states and in your awakening.

I knew you before I ever came in, taking over from Tobias. I met each and every one of you dressed in my Violet Flame, in the days of the Violet Flame, knowing that you were awakening and you were coming into a whole, whole different world.

I knew that we would be apart from each other for quite some time while Tobias took over. It was a time of Tobias' nurturing and his deep love and understanding. It was a time of Tobias' gentleness, but I knew I would be back. I knew that if you could make it through those early days of awakening in the times of Tobias, that we would be back together again in the times of enlightenment, and here we are. Here we are.

I'm still with you as St. Germain. I come to you, of course, during many of our gatherings as Adamus. I come to you sometimes in our personal conversations in the ethers as St. Germain and Adamus, depending on the day, depending on your mood, depending on the connection that we need. But I come to you as St. Germain so often, reminding you of why you're here. It's easy to forget. As many times as I've said it, as many times as Tobias has said it, it's so easy to forget why you're here. It's so easy to get pulled back into the ways of old.

Most people are here on this planet right now going through an evolutionary cycle. Most people are here for a job, for their karmic families. Most people are here to make their life a little bit better. Many are here for fame and money and power. A few are here for self-discovery. But you're here for something entirely, entirely different. You're here for enlightenment, realization, completion of a very, very long journey on this planet that has taken you through an amazing number of amazing lifetimes. It has taken you through as many deaths as it is lifetimes. It has taken you through some of the great darknesses of this planet and the great lightnesses as well.

It's been difficult at times. You get lost along the way, and you have the fear that you'll never find your way back, back to yourself. You have the fear that you're not going to remember how to get back. But I have to say that, for each and every one of you, you cannot not remember. You can play the game for a long time of being lost. You can play the game of being in an identity that's not truly yourself, but you can never not remember. It comes back. It's the Fruit of the Rose that Tobias talked about so many years ago. It's there, always beckoning you back to yourself.

So often you forget why you're here in this lifetime, and then you get into this internal conflict between the human self and the enlightened being. The human self wants to make itself like others. It compares itself to other people. It tries to fit itself back into a biological family that's not necessarily its true family. Loved ones, yes, in that family. A lot of amazing experiences, yes, in that family. But ultimately not who you really are.

You try to fit into jobs. You try to fit into a certain way of looking and acting. But, as you've found, it doesn't work. It doesn't work when it's singular. It only works when it is simply an aspect or an “and” expression of yourself.

You can do both. You can actually kind of fit in, kind of. It's not always comfortable, but you can. And now you're realizing you can be who you truly are. You can be the I Am. You can be both.


Where You Are

There are very, very, very, very few humans who have ever come this far on the path, and never before has there been a group of humans from all around the world who have gotten to this place. It's a place of challenge and difficulty, because you're changing. You're changing that identity. You're changing your thoughts. Your biology is changing, and the human fears what's happening. The human tries to stop a process that is natural, that's going to happen anyway, and in doing so, it causes a lot more stress, a lot more doubt and doesn't really let you, each and every one of you, enjoy this thing that we call embodied enlightenment. It doesn't allow you to enjoy the dynamics of going from the singular physical human being into the multidimensional human, divine and everything else all together.

You worry if you're doing it right, and, as Adamus and I have said to you so many times, you cannot do it wrong. But you can certainly take so much of the joy out of it and the ease and the grace with all of your worrying, all the fretting, all of the human self trying to control and manage a process that the human self doesn't have to control and manage. As a matter of fact, it shouldn't. You try to manipulate the God within you, manipulate it from the human within you, and it simply doesn't work.

You've come to this point through your tenacity, through your stubbornness, through your determination and dedication, but from this point on, those qualities are not admirable. Those qualities don't work. Those qualities will actually cause a gravity that will drag you back into old ways, old thoughts, old doubts and old problems.

When I talk to Shaumbra about what are your most admirable qualities, some of those at the top of the list are dedication, commitment. Some of those things at the top of the list are your tenacity, your sheer desire and effort, and yes, they have brought you here. But it is time to let those be a thing of the past.

And I know you pride yourself with how well you can prop yourself up in terms of some of the greatest adversities in your life. You pride yourself with being able to dig in, to lock in, to get determined, and it's gotten you through a lot up to now. But that quality doesn't work going forward from here.

The quality of self-love and acceptance, human to human, the quality of what you would call trust and what I call allowing is what gets going from here. The quality of graceful acceptance of the I Am is what gets you from here. Your mind cannot fathom it. Your mind feels that it's being slighted, that it's being denied of something that it feels it's earned for itself, when one simply allows the divine, the grace and the ease.

The mind will tell you, “But the one thing that you have had to fall back on, the one thing that's gotten you to this point, the one thing that has made you different and special is that tenacity, that determination, that will of the mind,” but it doesn't work going forward from here. It is the trust, the allowing and the grace. It is taking that deep breath into the knowingness, that deep understanding that this is all very, very natural, and that ability to just let go.

It's a huge step. Very few – very few – will ever get this far, much less come to that point where they can just allow and, in the allowing, knowing that everything changes. The way you think, the relationship to your body, birth, life and death itself; the perception of your life as you've had up to now; the perception that is contained within your memories; the perception of the world outside and all around you, it all changes, and it can be frightening, startling, but it can also be equally amazing, magical, beautiful. It's the very, very thing that you came here for.

It's the very thing that I talked to each and every one of you about in the other realms, and some of you remember it, for some it was a very conscious experience. But it's what I talked to you about years before Tobias ever showed up, when I came to you as the Violet Flame and said, “Now, now is the time. You're ready. I will be with you every step of the way. But you've got to do it. You've got to be the one that allows. I can't do that for you.”



The music played before in what you call your introduction video, very special music – special in its composition, special in the way it was performed and sung, but also special because together we've infused it with the very essence of the knowingness, that thing that's guided you. The thing that's really guided you; not the stubbornness, the determination, the dedication, your personal inner strength – that's what you think got you here – but it was the knowingness that actually did.

So we – you, myself and the others who work with you – have infused that very song as a reminder of the knowingness, and now, in this experience, I would like to play it again. No video here, just the music.

Take a deep breath into the knowingness, the thing that's really brought you to this point, the constant reminder, in spite of all the challenges, all the adversity in your life, all the times when you've thought about turning around and going back. It's the knowingness. It's the I Am that's brought you here.

So take a deep breath into the knowingness, the energy transmission contained in this music.

(music plays, “Quanta Qualia” with Hayley Westenra)

So may the song in your heart be like the song that you just heard. And in the words and the energy in the music in this song, loosely translated: Dear soul, may you be here with me. Dear Soul, may we be together again. Dear Soul, our time has come.

It is the invitation for the I Am Here. “I Am Here, the human, the divine, the past and the future. I Am Here. Wherever it is I choose to be, we are here together, all of us human, divine, past, present, what has never been realized and what has been caught in the ruts. I, we are here.”

That is the song of the soul – “I Am Here. No longer singular, no longer alone, no longer on a path to anywhere. I Am Here with no place to go and no need to go anyplace. I Am Here. And henceforth everything comes to me. I'm not going to it.” Everything from coffee, to life, to energy, to everything you need comes here.

Let's take a deep breath with that.

Contained within that song is the reminder of the knowingness.

And so we conclude Act One with applause (audience applause).


Act II

Act Two.

ADAMUS: I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain.

Welcome, dear ones. Good energy in the room today. Good energy for all of you watching in online.

We're going to begin our session with a question, of course; with a question. I used to watch as you did your questions and answers with Tobias years ago, you all standing in line, waiting to ask the same questions that had been asked the month before and the month before that, in eager anticipation of getting up to the front to ask the same questions that were asked before. So now I'm the one asking the questions, because I know you have the answers. So, dear Linda, if you please would get the microphone and get ready.


What's New?

Since our gathering last month, in the last 30, 31 days, what is new in your life? What is new in your life?

Begin, please. Yes. We talked about new in our last gathering. I said everything goes new. No more renewal. The planet had been in a place of renewal, constant cycles repeating themselves – yes, with a bit of expansion, it's kind of dressed up in a little bit different way – but a funny thing happened in that month of February shortly after St. Germain, the address to Shaumbra. Something happened. We crossed over a threshold where on this planet, not just for you but on this planet everything is going to new. Some of the things will continue their cycles of renewal for a while, but sooner or later everything goes to new. That was the crux of our conversation last month.

So, in your life, in the last 30 days what's new? Yeah, please.

Ahh! Now, Linda …

SCOTT: Surprise, surprise.

ADAMUS: Before we get going here, Linda, you need to do some explaining. Lucy, you have some 'splaining to do. What's – our dear guests – what's the hat? Where do they come from?

SCOTT: Just something fun.

ADAMUS: Just something fun.

SCOTT: That's what's new. My hair. Decided to let my hair down (he's wearing a long-haired wig and a baseball cap).

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. But you look like you're part of some group, some organization.

LINDA: Wait, wait. You said what's changed since the last month, and when I looked around the room, this was clearly and obviously one of the most dramatic (laughter).

ADAMUS: Indeed. What is – go ahead and stand up, please – what does that represent? You've got an interesting hat on. You've got more hair than ever before and a few other things, a pirate T-shirt there. Yes. What does this represent? The new in you.

SCOTT: It was just a fun distraction away from the other distractions.

ADAMUS: Oh, good, good. I like that. I like that. (Scott chuckles) Haven't I seen you at some political rally lately? (laughter) Yeah. Did they check you for firearms before you got here? (Scott laughs) Yeah, good. Good. Are you going to beat anybody up today? Punch them in face, you know?

SCOTT: No. No.

ADAMUS: No, no.

SCOTT: It would defeat the purpose of the hat.

ADAMUS: Okay, yeah. “Make America Kind Again.” Good, good. I like that. Okay. What's new in your life?

SCOTT: Oh, let's see. My brother's in town.

ADAMUS: That's not new. He's been in town before. So, yeah. It's different. It's a change.

SCOTT: Yeah.

ADAMUS: But it's not new. I mean, your brother's a great guy. Yeah, yeah. But what's new?

SCOTT: I think what's new is … the fact that a lot hasn't changed in the last month is new just because the question mark got bigger. Seemed like the more uncertainty.

ADAMUS: Yeah, I'm not sure whether to say – ahem – makyo or don't bullshit a bullshitter or I'm not sure. (Scott laughs)


ADAMUS: It's kind of all the same, but what did you just say? You said you want to go back to St. Germain with …

SCOTT: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Yeah! Yeah (Adamus chuckles). That's the kinder…

SCOTT: Well, no, I think I was expecting more change in the last month and it just didn't happen.

ADAMUS: Less change, and that's new.

SCOTT: Yeah. It was just more uncertainty, more void, more chaos.

ADAMUS: Okay. So less change than normal? Is that what you're saying?

SCOTT: No, well – yeah, more change than normal, because …

ADAMUS: More change.

SCOTT: … it was the – what were you talking about about earlier? – the patterns, repeating patterns.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

SCOTT: It was a like a prediction.


SCOTT: And then now there is no prediction.

ADAMUS: Did you happen to have any strange dreams?

SCOTT: I did (Adamus chuckles). I did. I can't remember any of them now.

ADAMUS: “I can't remember.” Yeah, okay. Yeah, okay.

SCOTT: Yeah.

ADAMUS: So there's something new happened, you just don't know what the hell it was.

SCOTT: I'm sure there was, yeah.

ADAMUS: Ah, there was. Okay.

SCOTT: Okay.


SCOTT: Are you going to tell me?

ADAMUS: No, no, no (they laugh). I'm going to tell everybody in a little bit. Could I shake your hand, sir? (to Scott's brother) Yeah. Good to meet you. You've come from a good family.

LINDA: You've met him before!

ADAMUS: His spiritual family, not his biological family. Yes. Good. Okay, thank you.

SCOTT: Okay. Sure.

ADAMUS: Thank you. Next.

LINDA: Ahh, Jan.

JAN: Oh.

ADAMUS: Yeah. So in the past 30 days what's new? Go ahead and stand up.

JAN: Yikes. I keep thinking every month I'm going to get better at this, and I don't.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah (Adamus chuckles). Did you ever try practicing at home? You know, like just getting a microphone and pretending I'm there and millions of people are watch and just pretending, you know, getting ready for this?

JAN: I don't.

ADAMUS: You don't.

JAN: That's probably not one of the things that I would ever …

ADAMUS: If I was coming here as somebody in the audience I sure would.

JAN: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Yeah.

JAN: Note to self.

ADAMUS: Yeah, note to self. Yeah, practice, practice, practice.

JAN: Practice, practice. Um, something new.

ADAMUS: Something new. Thirty days (Adamus makes a tick-tock sound of a clock).

JAN: I found myself, um …

ADAMUS: That's good. You could stop right there (they laugh). Just stop there …

JAN: Yeah, okay.

ADAMUS: … give up the microphone and yeah. No, but you found yourself …?

JAN: How do I get to this? I'm not a conscious breather, necessarily.

ADAMUS: Right.

JAN: But I found that becoming much more of a practice in the last month and finding that I'm … (beginning to weep) I use the phrase “I Know that I Know.”

ADAMUS: Yeah, good.

JAN: Much more so than I have in the past.

ADAMUS: That's a good phrase. “I know that I knew. I knew that I know. I knew that I knew.” Yeah. Yeah. You could actually, truly, write a children's book. Yeah. Good.

JAN: Could be.

ADAMUS: Yeah, thank you. So in the past 30 days, conscious breathing? Okay.

JAN: Conscious breathing and just reminding myself that I Know that I Know.

ADAMUS: Yeah! And actually, it goes from beyond reminding yourself, where you have to think about it – “I Know that I Know” – because sometimes then you go, “Oh, what do I know?” But it's just like, no, it's – you do it with the conscious breath, “I know,” like that – and it's just there. “I know,” and then you don't think about how you know. You just know. Yeah. With the breath, let's try it together. I knowwww (singing).

JAN: I knowww!

ADAMUS: Like that. You see, a little theatrics, a little drama! Come on! (she's giggling) Wake up, shake up! Let's try it again.

JAN: I knowww.

ADAMUS: It was okay, but you're not going to get in the opera, yet, but let's try that again.

JAN: Okay.

ADAMUS: I knowwwww! Like that (she sighs).

LINDA: Like a frog (a few giggles).

JAN: I knowww.

ADAMUS: Okay, one more time.

JAN: You want it with music?

ADAMUS: Sure. Who's going to play?

JAN: I knowww.

ADAMUS: Good and the air conditioner came on (they chuckle). Beautiful timing. Thank you. Thank you. And now, then you relax with that. You have fun with it, because if it's, “I know. I know” (sort of tense), remember what I said in the first act. It's no more of that efforting your way. You all pride yourselves on your battle scars and your strength and determination. (Spit!) We go beyond that now.


ADAMUS: I didn't really spit … much (a few chuckles). You take a deep breath – “I know” – and you just let it … until you feel your body tingling, almost like it's having an entire body orgasm.


ADAMUS: Then you … did you just have one? (some chuckles)

LINDA: Later. Later.

ADAMUS: I heard a, “Ooh! Ooh!” (laughter)

LINDA: Later.

ADAMUS: It's not real big. It's, “Ooh!” (more chuckles) Until you feel that, just that whole energy shift in your body, because you're allowing it. You're not thinking or stressing. You're just, “I know. Ah! I know!” Like that. Okay. Go ahead.

JAN: Oh, you want me to do that?

ADAMUS: Yeah, I want you to do that. Yeah. You got to be kidding. Yeah.

JAN: Yeah.


JAN: It's just a million people are watching.

ADAMUS: Do you want some chocolate?

JAN: (giggles) It might help.

(she pauses)

ADAMUS: Hi, Edith. How are you doing?

EDITH: Good.

ADAMUS: (whispers) Waiting for her.

JAN: I know.

ADAMUS: Did you make your pledge?


ADAMUS: Good. With all that damn money you've been getting, I would be too! Go ahead (a few giggles).

JAN: Sorry. I did my thing.

ADAMUS: That's distraction.

JAN: Sorry.

ADAMUS: That's intentional distraction, because you're getting in your head.

JAN: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Let's just do it together. I knowww! (singing)

JAN: Can I do it with everybody?


JAN: Okay.

ADAMUS: Sure! You can do anything you want. You're a Master.

JAN: All right.

ADAMUS: Why didn't you ask before? “Hey, everybody, let's do it together!”

JAN: Hey, let's do this together, guys. Okay, one, two, three.

EVERYONE: I knowwwwwww!

ADAMUS: Thank you.

JAN: Perfect.

ADAMUS: Thank you. Beautiful. Beautiful.

LINDA: By the way, her Shaumbra son, Russell Anderson, has got an incredible new – what's the class of music they call it? It's very, very unique and wonderful.

JAN: It's kind of alternative …

LINDA: Alternative.

ADAMUS: What is this, a product placement during my show?

LINDA: Yeah, actually it is. What is it called?

JAN: It's kind of alternative rock. It's – yeah. He has a video out called “Liquid Lady.”

ADAMUS: Liquid Lady.

JAN: It's about time travel and …

ADAMUS: Oh, good.

JAN: … wormholes and being in different dimensions.

ADAMUS: Excellent. Bring it next time.

LINDA: Yeah, her Shaumbra son …

ADAMUS: Put it on the table. Sell it.

LINDA: … Russell, her Shaumbra son.

ADAMUS: Bring it next time. Yeah.

LINDA: Yeah, yeah.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

JAN: Thanks.

ADAMUS: Thank you. Okay. What's new? So far we've got brother coming in from out of town and learning how to breathe. Okay (Linda laughs).

Next. What's new? Ah. Welcome. What's new?

TANIA: Be here.

ADAMUS: To be here.

TANIA: Definitely.

ADAMUS: Where are you from?

TANIA: I come from many different places.

ADAMUS: Mm, give me a hint.

TANIA: The hint is Dallas.

ADAMUS: Dallas. No, no. You're not – I mean, you may live in Dallas. Would you mind standing up? I'll stand too. I'll stand down (a few chuckles as he steps off the stage). Before Dallas.

TANIA: Houston.

ADAMUS: Houston. Ehhh. Say something. Say I Am that I Am.

TANIA: I Am that I Am.

ADAMUS: With the microphone.

TANIA: I Am that I Am.

ADAMUS: You're not from Houston (more chuckles). Let's try again. Where are you from?

TANIA: I was born in Lisbon, Portugal. I was raised in Basel.

ADAMUS: So I was born close by to there myself.

TANIA: Yes. Yes.

ADAMUS: Good, good.


ADAMUS: And then where?

TANIA: And then I go to Basel …

ADAMUS: Basel.

TANIA: … France. Close to Germany.

ADAMUS: Let me give you a hug (audience says “Awww”). France. Awww. Ohh, ohh! France. Okay. Why the hell did you go to Houston? (laughter) Well, let's not go there. What's been new in the last 30 days?

TANIA: Thirty days.

ADAMUS: Thirty days.



TANIA: It was move from Houston to Dallas, American airports and new town, new people, new job.

ADAMUS: That's pretty new.

TANIA: Very new.

ADAMUS: That's pretty new. Okay. But you've moved before, obviously…

TANIA: Yes, but not like this.

ADAMUS: … so it's really not new, is it? It's just the same old going to someplace else. But it's not really new. Hmm.

TANIA: It is different.

ADAMUS: It's different, but it's not new. Get my point so far?

Okay. I want you to really feel into what's new, what's really new, and the move from a physical place to another physical place – which is not really new, it's just moving – why that's happening, because something at another level is changing. It's causing the outer world to change, but it's because of something new that happened to you in an inner way.

TANIA: I think a connection with everything at the same time.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

TANIA: Yes. Awareness, that you call awareness.

ADAMUS: Yeah, but specific. There's something. You don't have to remember or say right now, but it was like something clicked within you. Something that was new.

TANIA: I come here to you, help me with that.

ADAMUS: Ahh! She wants me to say. Okay. You were very deeply connected with a lot of things from your past – I mean, past lives, even in this lifetime, kind of staying in the same area, same region, the same connections and that – and something inside you a while back said, “I'm done with all that.”


ADAMUS: “I'm going to let go of friends, family and everything else.” That's new.

TANIA: It just happened. I didn't do anything.

ADAMUS: Ah! Ah! Ahhh! Ahh! Ah! And actually, that's the perfect thing to say – “I didn't have to do anything, it just happened.” Absolutely, and that's exactly where new goes. It just happens. The human says, “Well what do I have to do? And what about planning? And do I have to sit and meditate and chant and do all the rest of that?” And it just happens. And I want every one of you to start being aware of that. You say, “Well, I don't know. It just happened.” No, you – you allowed it to happen. That's new. That's really new. Okay (a few chuckles). Good. Thank you. Aren't you glad you came here? (some applause)

Okay, a couple of more news. What's the news?

LINDA: Okay, let me see. Oh, here, I'm curious about this.

ADAMUS: Ah, yeah. Ah! What's new? You got a good seat today.

SHAUMBRA 1 (woman): I did.

ADAMUS: Did you get here early?

SHAUMBRA 1: I have friends who got here early.

ADAMUS: Ohh! Ohh! There are people that save seats for you?


ADAMUS: Is that allowed here? 4811



SHAUMBRA 1: I got here pretty early.

ADAMUS: Pretty early. Okay. Okay. Then we'll let it go.


ADAMUS: Because actually I was going to ask you – you may have to go sit in the back there.


ADAMUS: Yeah, good. What's new?

SHAUMBRA 1: I got excited about the potential of something new after all these lifetimes.

ADAMUS: Okay. I like that. She got excited.


ADAMUS: And what did you get excited about?

SHAUMBRA 1: Well, then I wanted to wonder and imagine what it would be, which I couldn't do.


SHAUMBRA 1: But at least there's a potential.

ADAMUS: Oh. Well, you got excited about something new …

SHAUMBRA 1: The potential of …

ADAMUS: … but you didn't know what it was.

SHAUMBRA 1: … new things after all these lifetimes.

ADAMUS: New things. Okay. So you got excited about new, and has anything new happened?

SHAUMBRA 1: Not that I'm aware of.

ADAMUS: Ooh, damn!

SHAUMBRA 1: Sorry.

ADAMUS: She says, “Not that I'm aware of.” It did.


ADAMUS: It did, and that's kind of what we're talking about today. The human just goes on doing its same old, same old things, and it thinks new is being conscious of breathing, which is nice but not new, or more changes than ever – that's not new, that's always taking place – and the human thinks that, “Well, I moved to a different place. That's new.” That's the same old cycle, just with a little bit different tune. So I want you to start becoming aware of what is really new.

Okay, so you got excited about new. You didn't think anything new happened, because you're looking out here and you're going, “Where is it? Where is it?” because you want something different in your life because you're all tired of being stuck in the same old. You know, it's kind of a funny place to be. You're really tired of getting stuck in the same old, and when I ask for volunteers, “Who would like to come back for another lifetime?” everybody kind of, “Oh, oh. No.” (a few chuckles)

SHAUMBRA 1: Right.

ADAMUS: But when I say, “Well, are you ready for enlightenment right now?” it's like, “Well, uh, hm.” So we're in kind of a dilemma phase.

SHAUMBRA 1: Right.

ADAMUS: Okay. So something new did happen. (she looks at him questioningly, Adamus chuckles) Something new and new doesn't have to be external. Something shifted inside of you.


ADAMUS: Okay. Any idea what it might have been?

SHAUMBRA 1: I think …

ADAMUS: Would you speak clear …



SHAUMBRA 1: I got a little clearer on being the creator of my reality.

ADAMUS: Yeah, well, not really. But, you know, and I say that out of complete honor and respect, but it's the human thinking that they got a little bit clearer. Nah. Not really. Not really. The human still is kind of unclear as ever, and the human is still trying to figure it all out, and it's not going to. And the human's still trying to take some of the words that we say here and try to humanize them, and it's not going to. I'll tell you in a little bit. I don't want to reveal right now.

SHAUMBRA 1: Okay. Thank you.

ADAMUS: Okay. I want two more and then we'll do the big reveal.

LINDA: The big reveal? Okay, let me see.

ADAMUS: Two more. But maybe somebody will get it …

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: … before I have to give it.

LINDA: Get it?


SHAUMBRA 2 (woman): I had a huge shift in that my lack of self-trust is hugely dissolving.


SHAUMBRA 2: Instead of being a huge wall, it's about knee high now.

ADAMUS: It's still a wall.

SHAUMBRA 2: It's still a wall.

ADAMUS: It's still a wall.

SHAUMBRA 2: But it's not nearly this huge thing that it used to be.

ADAMUS: Would you – could I interrupt for a moment. I did.

SHAUMBRA 2: Yeah. Always.

ADAMUS: So, ah, let's stop using “buts.” Humans are “buts” and divine Masters are “ands.” (she's giggling) They are! Humans are just big “buts.” There's always a “but” in there. The “and.” So let's …

SHAUMBRA 2: The issue of …

ADAMUS: A lot of you are saying, “Oh, I really like St. Germain better.” And it's like …

LINDA: Yeah, yeah. Bring him back.

SHAUMBRA 2: Amen to that one!

LINDA: Where is he?

ADAMUS: Amen. You know, but here is the secret. It's “and.”


ADAMUS: Not both. I'm “and.” It wasn't just, you know, a St. Germain and now an Adamus. It's an “and.”

SHAUMBRA 2: Absolutely.

ADAMUS: It's an “and,” and you can be too.

SHAUMBRA 2: That's a whole lot closer too.

ADAMUS: Exactly. So you're really on target until the “but” got in the way.



SHAUMBRA 2: And I still have those.


SHAUMBRA 2: The lack of self-trust is dissolving. I'm a lot closer to who I am. I'm seeing it. I'm feeling it. There is a few “buts” here and there.

ADAMUS: A few walls, a few “buts.” Yeah.

SHAUMBRA 2: But they're so much less than they used to be. They are so much and I am so much closer and I'm feeling it and I'm a lot happier with who I am and where I am than I've ever been before.

ADAMUS: Okay (some applause). Good. Good. I believe about that much of it (showing a small amount).

LINDA: Aghhhh!

ADAMUS: No, no, no! I'm just – let's just – I'll clarify for you. I believe some of it, because I believe you're actually, some of you are feeling better and there are shorter walls and there is smaller “buts” in your lives, but they're still walls and “buts.” They're still there. And you know what? They're not going to go away, and that's okay.

We're not trying to destroy the walls and blow up “buts.” We are simp- … (they both laugh) We are simply saying, “I've got these human things. I've got the human that has doubts, that didn't trust, that's paranoid schizophrenic, crazy and belongs to a cult” (she chuckles) and

SHAUMBRA 2: And it wants to beat a few people up around the place I live.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Yeah! And that's okay. You see, when you try to just obliviate an identity and you try to say, “I'm going from being this person that I never really liked and I'm going to work my way beyond that person, and I'm going to think my way, I'm going to pray my way, I'm going to not be that person,” a funny thing happens.

SHAUMBRA 2: It doesn't work.

ADAMUS: It doesn't work. You become more the very person that you don't like. So what you do is you take a deep breath and say, “Ah! I'm that person …”


ADAMUS: And! And then suddenly, it's like you saw on the video footage before, suddenly instead of a single candle, there's two candles. “Oh! Oh! I'm divine too.” And then another candle, “Whoa! I'm a space alien.” And another candle, “Oh! I'm a remarkable actor.” And another candle, “And I'm this wretched being, but I'm having fun playing the role.” Suddenly, you've got freedom. You stop going from being singular – “I'm working on my walls. I'm getting a little smaller walls. I'm getting my 'buts' down to …” You know …

SHAUMBRA 2: I'm standing on the wall.

ADAMUS: Exactly. So we go to “and.” That's the magic. That's freedom. Then you actually find out that you liked that walled, butted person. It's like, “Well, that was an interesting creation filled with doubt and fear and anxiety and trepidation and all the rest of that. That's amazing and I am also divine. I'm also a great creator. And, and, and,” you see.


ADAMUS: That's new.


ADAMUS: That's new! I want to ring the bell – ehh-ehh-ehh – that's new!

SHAUMBRA 2: The “ands” are there and they're there so much more now than they've ever been.

ADAMUS: Yeah! Yeah, absolutely. And that's the and-swer (some laughter).



SHAUMBRA 2: Very cute.

ADAMUS: Very cute. Next. One more and then we'll reveal. Linda's walking with the microphone. Oh, right up to David. David, what's new?

DAVID: More grace in my life.

ADAMUS: Yeah. How is that coming through? I mean, how does that work?

DAVID: Umm … (he pauses)

ADAMUS: Be careful, you're approaching makyo land here.

DAVID: Approaching (some chuckles).

ADAMUS: Skating right on that thin line.

DAVID: Yeah, yeah. Maybe even crossed over it. Yeah.

ADAMUS: But who am I to ever call out makyo.

DAVID: Yeah.

ADAMUS: But I feel, also, the sincerity. How is grace coming through in your life?

DAVID: It's nothing that I can put my finger on.

ADAMUS: Nor do you want to (Linda laughs). Go ahead.

DAVID: And it's more of a knowingness.

ADAMUS: Okay. But give me an example. Grace in the last month, how did it show up in your regular life?

DAVID: (he pauses) A couple of weeks ago I ended up buying an electric adjustable pole saw, and so I ended up trimming my trees and stuff, and it kind of scared me, but I enjoyed it and it just flowed.

ADAMUS: Kind of living on the edge.


ADAMUS: Yeah. Yeah. A motorized …

DAVID: Yeah, electric, rrrrrrr…rrrrrr… (imitating the motor sound)

ADAMUS: Electric. Okay. Right, right. Yeah. Wow. Did you have to get licensed for that?


ADAMUS: But almost.

DAVID: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Almost.

DAVID: But it's something I shied away from, but I just went ahead and did anyway.

ADAMUS: Damn right.

DAVID: And then actually enjoyed doing it, and it was a shift.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Good. So, good. That's nice new. Yeah. It's graceful, a way of grace, I think.

DAVID: Well, there was not the resistance that there had been in the past.

ADAMUS: You just didn't give a damn, kind of?

DAVID: Well, I actually got in and enjoyed. Yeah.

ADAMUS: Good. I like that. I like that. Doing something that you enjoy, gives you a little bit of a thrill. Okay. Good. Thank you. Thank you everyone.

So we have a combination of new from last month – having brother in from out of town, breathing, cutting down trees with pole saws and a few other things.

I asked the question what's new because the mind goes to old. What's new? “Well, geez, I bought a new outfit.” You've bought a new outfit a lot of times before. Most of you. Some of you still wear the same one. But you say, you know, “I moved.” That's pretty legit, but what was the underlying reason for moving? You've moved a lot before. That, in itself, is not new. You experienced something a little bit different, in this case kind of the grace of going in there, kind of. But I wouldn't qualify that as Adamus' new list.

The new that's happening in your life right now is pretty much undetected, pretty much unaware, because it's happening at such a beautiful, simple, effortless inner level. And the new that you went through last month, everybody to a degree, is getting out of your way a little bit. Easing up. Getting out of your “but” and into your “and” (some giggles).

SART: Yeah! (some chuckles)

ADAMUS: Relaxing a little bit. Stepping out of your way. That's new.

A lot of times you've tried to be – how do you say – more relaxed or not quite so schizo, nervous, worried about everything. Doesn't last very long. But in the last month every one of you has allowed yourself just a little peek at getting out of your way.

There was a lot of thought about it before. We've talked about the I Am, the divine, and there's a lot of thought about, “Okay, let's let it in.” But it was thought. It wasn't actually doing it. And in the last 30 days, with a lot of nudging and a lot of consternation and a lot of late night, 2:30, “I'm going to wake you up whether you have to go to work or not” kind of days, we said, could you just let go enough, just to let that little sliver of light in, to feel what it's like, to know that it's okay, that the human doesn't control all of this. That's a big step. That's new.

We've had a lot of thought, a lot of discussion, but not a lot of experience related to that. That's huge. You may not even realize it in the human, in the “but” self. You might not even be aware, but then things start to change, kind of, like moving to a different location, like trying something a little different. That's not what's new; that's the result or manifestation of what's new. Willingness to change, to shift, but that in itself is not the new. The new is just for a moment letting go. Letting go. That's big. That's huge.

The new that you're going to start to experience is generally not detectable. I'll get into that in a moment, but it's not coming from the mind yet. The new is coming from such a different place within you, you may not even be aware of what's happening, of what's new.


An Experience

Now, this new, it means something you've never actually allowed yourself to experience. And I'd like to demonstrate that here. I'd like to just do a – this is our three-act experience day – so I'd like to demonstrate that. And if you would, everybody please stand up, and those who are in the front row, please go to the back row behind one of the chairs in the back row. Everyone else please just grab on to the chair in front of you. Hold on – just put your hands on it. You don't have to grab it, but put your hands on. Those of you who have moved to the back, just find a chair to put your hands on.

(droning noise begins)

Now take a good deep breath. And I want you to – this is just kind of an experiential thing – I want you to imagine for a moment, holding on to that chair, holding on to just the back of the chair, that most of your life you go through holding on. Holding on to something – your past, holding on to things like a job or family. And for those of you watching in online, please, yes, do get up, go around to the back side of your chair.

Most of you hold on to what you would call your identity, what you consider to be your big assets in life – your strength, dedication, determination, intelligence, stubbornness. You hold on to those things, because there is a feeling that there's a force, like a wind, coming at you, constantly blowing. You've got to hold on.

Sometimes you hold on really tight. Then it comes a lot, I see with you, when you're experiencing a physical trauma, you hold on really tight. “I've got to hold on to my health. I've got to hold on to my body. I can't let this disease get me. I've got to hold on to my physical balance, because that's what I have as the most basic part of my human nature. I've got to hold on.”

This wind coming at you, this force coming at you – life itself, jobs, bills, payments, making money, putting enough on your table – “I've got to hold on, because this wind, this force could blow me over. I've got to hold on.”

Some days when you let go of the tension somewhat, but you still have your hand on the chair. Some days when you ease up and then you say, “Oh, that was a good month, because the wall was a little shorter. I held on a little less tight,” but you still have your hand on that thing that you're holding on to. You're still holding on to you, to your thoughts, to your body, to your identity, because this constant stream of energy's at you, coming at you like a wind and sometimes even that wind dies down a little bit and you ease up, but then suddenly the wind is back and you've got to grip again. So what do you do? You end up always holding on. You even hold on to beliefs and spiritual information and material.

I want you to realize something right here, right now. That wind, that drone of energy is actually not coming from the front. It's actually coming from the back, from behind you. It's the gravity. It's energy. It's the suction of mass consciousness, and all this time you've been holding on, thinking it was the wind in your face.

It's actually the pull. It's not a push. And the more you resist, the more you hold on, the more intense that pull, that suction, pull back in the body, pull back into singularity, pull back into the mind, pull back into old. That's what it is.


It's old … and it's at your back, not at your front. It's sucking you in, not pushing you from the front.


And now I want you to realize something (drone dies away to silence), the most important thing I'm going to say today. The new thing for you that may take a while to realize or to really feel and understand; but I tell you that energy does not have to be forceful. Energy does not have to have any force, front or back, up or down. You can take your hand off the chair, and you're not going to fall apart.


Energy Without Force

Energy does not have to have force, whatsoever. Feel it for a moment.

You've been so attuned to this drone, that noise, that awful hellish constant noise of energy, because you've been tuned into it. You came from it. You assumed it was coming from the front like a wind, when all the time it was actually pulling you from the back, but now, stop for a moment.

New is that energy doesn't have to have force. It can do it for other people. They can live in that drone, that constant, almost unbearable noise. I want you to feel energy now in its grace (an air conditioning fan comes on). Kill the air conditioning, please. Feel energy in its grace …

Easy. Noiseless. Calm. Not pushing you, not pulling you. Nothing for you to resist.

Everyone believes that energy has force, and what's going to set you really apart from them is the realization that it doesn't. It doesn't mean that energy is not here. You can go ahead and sit down.

It doesn't mean that energy is not present, and that's what most people would think. “I don't feel anything. I don't feel that constant pressure at my front or back. I don't feel anything, so therefore, there must not be any energy. So, therefore, I have to get back into the drama, into the noise to believe that there's energy,” and that's not true. This is so simple and basic, but yet few will ever realize it. They're in that noise.

John, play that noise again. I just want you to hear that noise. This is the noise of – and I had to go through with Cauldre track after track after track to find something that exemplified the drone of human conscious noise (drone begins again). Up a little bit.

(pause while droning noise plays loudly)

it's like, the constant noise of energy. And then they believe that that's what it's about, and then they create even more noise and they try to attract more energy. And when that's enough, they try to create more noise. They live in this dronish, noisy, almost hellish state, until they get so used to it, they think it's real. Until they get so used to it that when the volume goes up or down a little bit, they say, “Well, that's new. I had something new this month, the noise went down a little bit.” It's still noise. It's still living in the noise.

Energy – remember this, write this, please – energy does not need to have force to be real.

LINDA: Energy is …

ADAMUS: Energy does not need to have force to be real. Energy does not need to be that noise. Energy does not need to have force to be real, on the screen please. It can be quiet, and it's still there and still as much of it. It can be gentle and graceful and it's still there, just as much of it, but now richer, more multidimensional than all that noise that you've been living with. And that noise, it gets into your head, and that noise is in your thoughts, and then your thoughts are sucked back into old. And you think it's a pressure coming like this at you, and all the time it's not. It fools everybody into thinking it's the wind coming at you, it's the force of energy coming at you, and the funny thing is, it's sucking you from the back while you're fighting it from the front.

Energy does not have to have force to be real. (Linda is trying to write.) Problems? (a few giggles)

LINDA: I'm a little out there.

ADAMUS: A little out there.

Does that make sense? (some people say “Yes”) Yes and no. That’s “and.” That’s “and.” If you remember nothing else on this day, this month, remember this. From now on you go into your life, you do not have to have force with energy. But everybody's trained, everybody's hypnotized into it, and everybody is summoned by it. When they have to do something in their lives, they have a big project, “Okay, got to get that noise going and got to put more noise into the noise,” and noise gets into your mind and noise gets into your life and you think then you're doing something and you think you're doing it new, because you've got more noise than ever before. It's not. It is not.

You can be in the grace of energy, noiseless energy that's serving you gracefully, effortlessly and accomplish a hundredfold what the person who's using energy noise is doing. And it doesn't tire you out. It doesn't wear out your body. It doesn't make you think. It doesn't cause you to doubt.

The noise causes you to doubt, and the funny thing is, the noise isn't even coming from where most people think it's coming from. Energy does not need to have force to be real. Energy in its purest state is without force.

Be with that.

Energy can be gentle, but yet so expansive. Energy can have no noise whatsoever and be more dynamic than all of the old consciousness noise, and this is new. This is where you're going. It's there. You can't think about it. I mean, you can't form your thoughts about it, because then you'll go back into the noise. Isn't that almost an interesting contradiction? You go right back into the noise then.

Take a deep breath right here in this moment.

No force. That's the I Am.

Nothing to resist through, nothing to fight, nothing to hold on to.

And the mind says, “But I don't feel anything.” It's like, “Shut up, mind. You don't feel that old noise. Shut up mind, because the moment I get into that, I get sucked right back into noise.”

Energy does not need force, does not need commotion, does not need noise, and you can be absolutely creative, absolutely building what you want, accomplishing what you want, being who you want to be without the noise. It's right there, energy all around, ready, waiting to serve you.


Living Without Noise

The very first thing you're going to notice in new is a reduction in noise. The very first thing you're going to notice as you get out of your way – as you open up a bit, as you allow that peek into the “and,” stop worrying, stop holding on to that chair – the very first thing you're going to notice is that it's not noisy. And then the mind is going to say, “Well, nothing's working here. I didn't do it right, because it's not all noisy. Shouldn't I have all this …” No. It's there if you stop and allow it.

It's not going to be like the old. It's not going to be all clangy and noisy, and it's not even going to give you high highs. You know, you got addicted to that, “Let's get mental high today.” I'm not talking about your drugs; I'm talking about “Let's get that high. Let's really get ourselves all enthused here, motivated, stimulated, excited.” It's kind of an addiction. It's noise. It's just more noise, and then you slide right back into the depressed noise. None of that. It's without the force now, without the noise.

The mind is going to be the first place, your thoughts are going to be the first place, actually, this manifests. Not in your outer external life, but the first thing you're going to notice is when you allow, when you get out of your way, out of the human's way, and when you get out of your “but” and go into the “and,” you're going to notice that the thoughts are different. The thoughts are less noisy. I'm not talking about drama. I'm not talking about depression versus excitement. Those are all levels of noise. Depression is a level of noise, as any of you who have ever had depression certainly understand. I'm talking about the thoughts.

Imagine your mind. It's got all these thoughts always going and it's always trying to figure everything out and it's always trying to hold on, but all of a sudden you're going to have streamers going out – khuu! khuu! whooosh! – and it's like, “Well that was a little bit different. I wonder what's happening here.” And then the old mind is going to say, 'Oh, you better stop that. That's dangerous. That's dangerous activity,” and you're going to go, “No. There were steamers going out. And, you know, they were thoughts but there weren't all noisy. They were thoughts but they didn't question themselves.”

A thought that doesn't question itself. You see, every thought you have right now questions itself. It's built in, woven right in to every thought to question itself. Suddenly, you're going to get a thought, like a little swirl going out, “Oh! That thought didn't question itself. That's different. That thought broke out of the zoo! Wow!” And then you're going to to question yourself.

But, based on what we're talking about here today, then you'll suddenly go, “I remember that St. Germain talked about this” – no it was Adamus – “Adamus talked about not having to have noise. Maybe that's what that was. Wow! Maybe I'll open up just a little bit more. Maybe I'll start to realize that this thing here, this human thing, isn't the only thing. Maybe I'll begin to realize it's not about this golden divine angel swooping in and entering my body and suddenly transforming me and being my soul mate and my partner and …” No, it's just the realization that there is this “and” without all the noise at the same time. Beautiful.

And very quickly; so, that important point, energy does not need to have force, noise, drama, commotion. It can be quiet. It can be so graceful, and yet so dynamic.

So let's get over now having to push through life, having to make it so hard. So hard. It's not fun.

Find a way to make sure you can listen to this soundtrack of drone, any time you want to remember what the old life is. No, really. You need to go back once in a while. Play it again, John, if you would. Just drone. I want you to remember this is what it's like. I worked very carefully to select this just to get the right annoyance to it.

(pause while drone noise plays again)

That's what it's like 24-7 and then what people try to do is go noisier. It's like, “Oh, yeah. That's what it's like to be creative. You just make more noise.” You're still in the noise. And a preacher will tell you, “Well, the noise is hell. It's your punishment. It's God being upset with you for all your sins.” And then there's even more noise. “Oh! I'm a sinner, and it's like and now God's mad at me too, and there's even more noise.”

And the new age facilitator will try, “No, let's nurture the noise. Let's find meaning and love in the noise and let's all accept noise because we are all one.” (Spit!)

LINDA: Oh, my god (a few chuckles).

ADAMUS: I'm telling you what happens. And the psychologists will be, “Where did that noise come from? And how do you feel about this noise? And can you be more comfortable with this noise? And why are you trying to resist noise? Everybody has noise. Would you take some of this noise medication pills? It'll just make the noise that much more pleasurable for you.” But it's still noise. And the atheist will just shoot himself and not worry about it, because then …


ADAMUS: The noise stops!

LINDA: Ohhh!

ADAMUS: For a little while (Adamus blows a kiss to Linda). Love you, too.

So where were we? Yeah, energy does not need force to be real. It's quiet. It's beautiful. It's gentle. We're going beyond the noise.

Okay, let's take a good deep breath.

Would you get some shots of all of them? They're just so intrigued today (speaking to Dave, the photographer). They're just changing and … you can stand there with Linda. You can use her shoulder to balance your camera (Adamus chuckles). Good.

I want to list a couple of things really quickly. I wish I had more time for this, but I've got a date tonight, so I'm going to rush through it. (audience say “Oooh!”) I didn't say with a person or a being, I'm just – date, like a day, a time. I've got something else to do (a few chuckles). Okay. The audience says, “Where's St. Germain? Where's St. Germain?”

LINDA: It's like you're a mind reader (more chuckles).


Layers of Human Experience

ADAMUS: I want you to realize kind of where you are in this whole process. I'm oversimplifying, but hey why not? Okay.

So if you look at kind of the layers, the levels that the humans go through, layer number one, if you would write this down. New page, please.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: Pay close attention. Write quickly. Here we go.

First layer of – write it at the bottom. We're going to do this pyramid charty thing. Okay, write it at the bottom. The first level is “Getting into 3D. Getting into noise.”

LINDA: What do you want it to say?

ADAMUS: 3D. Getting into 3D. Just “Becoming 3D/Physical.” It's the first thing. Everybody's done it. Everybody who's ever been human, you go from being in your angelic state now into the human state. It's a shock. It's noisy. It's a hell of an experience, but it's really a shock to the being. So that's the first level of this whole cycle on this planet, just getting in, becoming physical, something that you'll never, ever forget. You'll bring with you wherever you go, both the shock and the beauty of it.  (Note: To see the words as written, please look at the PDF or video.)

After that the evolutionary cycle goes to being in what I would call Family/Community. So you came in, you had some incarnations. Some of you, kind of on your own, but you eventually evolved into family. Just write – no, make it simple, “Family/Community.” Erase all that other crap. Just … (a few chuckles) 

LINDA: What?!

ADAMUS: You're going to run out of room. Watch. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Almost out of room! Oh! Boom! “Being in Family/Community.”

You learned, after a lot of lifetimes, you learned how to be in a family. Used to be when you first came in, the family thing was unnatural. I mean, you got birthed but then either your parents ate you or you ran off and did something else. After a lot of lifetimes, you got into familiar energy, family energy and community. You had to have community at some point. You had to kind of gang together with some in your family, some other families, kind of protect yourself. So this is way, way, way back when in some of your earlier incarnations. But there was that kind of a, it's a tribe kind of mentality. The tribe's people don't necessarily like each other really, but they find that it's convenient. It's a good protection.

So after that you evolve into what I'm going to call society – just two words here – Society/Productivity.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: After a lot of lifetimes, into society. Not just community now, but you got a whole society, a culture. You then learn to be productive. You've got to go out and do something.

LINDA: Society – what was that? I had a little technology problem. What?

ADAMUS: Productivity.

And you spent a lot of lifetimes in this, a lot, a lot of lifetimes. You got really good at being in society, working within a culture, being productive, whether it was farming or getting a job or sitting in a cubicle, but you learned how to do that really well. And you'll see as we go through here that each layer and each level, you kind of get a little bit more and more stuck and a little bit more and more noise. You know, Family/Community level, there wasn't a lot of noise, but you start getting into Society/Productivity, and if we had more room here, but we could actually do /Education.


ADAMUS: Education. You don't have to write it in. But you start educating, because that's how you fit into society and productivity. You get your education, so you damn well learn to fit into society and you become a productive member of it. It's really noisy. Really noisy.

Now, most people are still in these. Most people are at this level right here. They're in society and productivity. Not a lot of tribespeople left anymore. Then there's a big leap, a huge leap, and that leap is into what I'm going to call God/Universe.

At some point those who have gone through these steps start saying, “You know, there's got to be something more to this.” And the contemplation of God, the universe, whether you look out at the stars at night and say, “Oh, there's a lot out there. We must just be a speck” or “God has a hand in all this.” It's a contemplation. It's externalized. And it's debatable how many people are conscious of this within their lives. A lot of them are told that, as a productive member of society, you have to believe in God or go to church. Most of the churchgoers don't really believe in God. They don't not believe; they're afraid not to believe, but they've never really felt it. You know, it's a funny thing. They've never really felt it. They think about it, but they haven't had the God experience.

There are some who kind of graduate into that God/Universe. They might have some amazing feelings or experience, but suddenly they're contemplating there is more. But it's external. It's out there. It's certainly not in here, in that phase. Not a lot of humans in this phase. I mean, percentage-wise, numbers-wise, but enough.

That phase is actually one of the stickiest. Most noise. And it's that thing we did before, the wind at your face, but it's really the gravity that's pulling you from behind, and they get stuck in here. There's a lot of fear in here and it makes the noise noisier, and then they pray to God for some sort of peace and the noise just gets bigger.

Then the next step, which there aren't a lot that go here – there are quite a few that talk about it, but very few that go here – I'm going to call it mindfulness.

LINDA: Mindfulness.

ADAMUS: Mindfulness, and I use that word specifically. Suddenly, you go inside. It's not just contemplating God out there. And it's about you, it's about your Self. It's about taking care of you. You become more mindful of Self, and most of you were in this or are in it. You've gone through that or you're currently in a portion of it. Mindfulness. You've gone from external to internal. But I call it mindfulness for a reason, because you think about it or they think about it. It's in the mind. It's trying to figure it out. It is trying to say, “Who am I? How do I take care of myself? I'm an independent being, but how do I relate to God?” But it's very mental. Very mental and a lot get stuck in mindfulness. It becomes yet another practice, another habit. It becomes old pretty quick.

And then, in our final, at the top of the pyramid – ready for this?

LINDA: No (some chuckles).

ADAMUS: But I want you to spell it right.

LINDA: Egh! (more chuckles) Is it a big word?

ADAMUS: Yes. New! (laughter) N-e-w. That's why I said spell it right. N-e-w. New. New, and that's where we're going. We're now just taking that step into new.

It's getting out of all of these (other layers). It's honoring, recognizing them, but it's saying “We're going to go new here,” and that's huge. That changes everything. And it's frightening and it's scary and you don't know what the hell's happening, and the only way you can get into new is to get out of your way. You cannot get into new from mindfulness, from thinking about it. So very few will ever, ever, ever get here, because they're going to try to think their way into it. New means allowing. You can use those words now interchangeably – 'new' and 'allowing.' Same thing. New. And that's where we're going. New.

And new is the “and.” It's allowing yourself to have short walls, tall walls. It's allowing yourself to be incompetent, to smell bad and all the rest of that and saying it's okay and – and no more “buts,” “and.” Okay.

So, with that, my dear friends. Let's take a good deep breath. What was the one thing I asked you to remember? And don't go back to that sheet or whatever, that thing (on the iPad). Don't go back there. What did I ask you the most important thing of today? (audience says “Energy does not have force”) Energy does not need force to be real. And you can shorten that: Energy is not forceful, unless you want it to be. Energy is graceful without the noise. Let it serve you.

And, with that, it has been my pleasure to be here with you as part of Act Two. We will take a ten second intermission before we begin Act Three.

I Am that I Am, Adamus, in service you. Thank you.

And the crowd breaks out in applause (audience applause and cheering).



Good deep breath, as we begin Act Three. The curtain raises and once again there's huge applause from everyone (audience applause). The houselights go down. The houselights go down. All of the lights go down, because now we're going to do a DreamWalk. Not a merabh. A merabh is that thing you do when we're shifting consciousness. But now it's our three-act experience today, so we're going to do a DreamWalk.

(music begins)

Put up the music (music gets louder).


A DreamWalk into New

A DreamWalk is an experience. And we're going to do this DreamWalk a little bit different than we've ever done before. A little less on the music. Yeah (music gets a little softer).

You've all gone with me before on DreamWalks out into the other realms – the astral realms at Halloween; gone out with me to the crystal caves. You've gone with me on these DreamWalks to the Near Earth realms, out in the lands of the death. And we'll never do a DreamWalk like that again, because every DreamWalk right now will be about having it come to you.

Every DreamWalk now will simply be letting it come to you.

It's time and space that are moving.

It's energy that's moving to come to you.

Our DreamWalk today is into new. New. You don't have to lift a finger. You don't have to hold on to the back of a chair.

You don't have to do anything. Just let it come to you. You don't have to work for new.

You don't have to work for new; it comes to you.

There's not all the noise, all the commotion. You don't even have to know what new is. You don't have to beg for it or try for it, sit a certain way or breathe a certain way.

New comes to you. You don't have to know what you're going to do with it, how big it is.

It comes to you.

That's new in itself. It's a different way of doing it.


It's new. It comes to you.

I asked Cauldre to put very special music to this, music with flutes, because the flute is such a beautiful instrument. Listen for a moment.

(long pause)

There's a longing in the flute. A longing.


Sometimes you wonder is a longing to go back – memories, ancient places, ancient times?

Or is that longing to be back in a natural state, a state of “and”? A longing to be back as the divine multidimensional person, being that you are.

I loved playing the flute in my lifetime as St. Germain – the piano and the flute – because there's such a longing, but is it coming from the past? Or is it coming from what is new?


Such a loneliness and quiet.


So much depth in that flute.


Is the sadness about leaving behind so many things in your life?

Or is it the longing for that new relationship that's with the divine and the human?

Is it for the dream?

Or is it both?


Is it the sadness and the longing?

Is it a farewell to singularity, to noise, to effort?

Is that the old house that you're leaving behind – working hard, a lot of noise?


Is it that flute that's calling out to you? It's actually always been there, but you couldn't hear it through all the noise.

The flute, the soul, the I Am … waiting, just waiting for the allowing from you. The flute that's always been calling out, “Come to me.”


That soulful flute – “Here I am, whenever you're ready” – like a lone bird just waiting, crying out from a branch in a tree. That lonesome dove.

The soul just waiting till the human's ready.


I loved playing the flute because, to me, it was both. Kind of the melancholy of leaving, departing from the old ways, the old house, the old energies, reminiscing about what it was like, about the ancient times, about the old times.


The flute that was the bidding of farewell …


Knowing that it was time to go. Wanting to go, but still feeling a bit of sadness.

(longer pause)

I loved playing the flute because, in a way, so lonely, so quiet. Such a longing.


At the same time the flute being the new coming in.


“I Am Here. No longer battling, no longer efforting, no longer trying to figure it out. I allow. I let go and allow.”


And in doing so, you hear that flute. It's coming from the soul. It's been waiting for you, waiting for this moment.


And here we are on our DreamWalk. Not like the other ones, but here we are. We have flute music all around representing the past, representing that waiting of the soul, and here we are, just letting new come to us. It's that easy.

Energy doesn't need force. Energy doesn't need to be harsh. Energy doesn't need to be wind in your face, whether it's your everyday life, whether it's enlightenment.

And now new comes.


In the DreamWalks in the past we went out there. We journeyed. But never again shall we do a DreamWalk like that. From now on, it comes to us.

Energy flows in peaceful, without force, without tension, without rough edges, without its polarity. Most people would never recognize it, because they think it has to be forceful, big, dynamic, crazy. No.

The energy flows in right now. It flows in from the flute.

See how easy it is? You don't have to work at it. It's just there. It flows into you. And what's flowing in today is the energy of new.

The energy of new.

It's a very graceful energy. It has no noise in it, like that drone noise. It's sweet. It has no agenda, other than to serve you.

It doesn't have to be rough. It doesn't have to be forceful. It doesn't have to have resistance. It doesn't have to hurt.

You don't have to go chasing after it. You don't have to think your way into it. You don't have to work your way into it.

I know all those things got you here. I know you think you're still going to have to use it, but I'll tell you right now, that's not new. This is, right here.


Oh, how hard you've worked, or thought.

It's no wonder the words “thought” and “fought” rhyme. They're so similar. How hard you've fought, and how hard you've thought. Why? Why?

Here in our DreamWalk, new comes to you. Feel it.

You don't even have to breathe it in; it's just there.

Let's take a good deep breath everyone. Take a good deep breath.


Take a good deep breath, and we're going to keep the lights down here. The music will come down.

Take a good deep breath in this beautiful day.

Energy doesn't have to have force to be real. It can be so still, so quiet.

Let's take a deep breath and we're going to bring our session to an end. But I am going to ask that, as we end this day, as I make my departure on this day, that we're going to play this music video again. It's so appropriate. The wording, the song, the music, the pictures, and we'll use that to end our day.

Linda will have a few words here before we start the music video, but we'll keep everything quiet, and very quietly end this portion of this act by reminding everyone that all is well in all of creation.

And so it is.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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