< QLCeleb 3 > Out here in New Energy potentia it is also easy. It's been a long time since things have been easy (with gnost). It has been a long time since things were clear and things were easy and you come to expect that in order to get answers, it is going to be difficult and it's going to be confusing. But this is the New Energy. Out here it is so clear but yet it is filled with answers, filled with potential, filled with exactly what you are looking for.

< Returning 4 > If you're finding that there's a lot of struggles in your life, you're finding that everything is difficult and challenging, you're doing it wrong. You really are.

What is with all of these ailments you're suddenly getting? Body aches and pains this month, more than ever. This is because you're making it difficult. It's challenging. Your self is trying to tell you it should be with ease. If it's not, stop, take a deep breath and do it differently.

< Returning 7 > But here in this new consciousness, you are being asked to trust yourself, to trust this leap that you're taking into New Energy, which is almost undefinable; to take the leap into New Energy that doesn't work anything like the Old Energy; to take this leap into a different way of experiencing life, experiencing yourself outside of the old illusion. Now there are quite a few Shaumbra who have allowed this to some degree and they will be the first to tell you, "Just do it." Just take that trust. Just take that leap. You have nothing to lose except the illusion of what you had before.

They're amazed, and they would tell you as I am telling you, "It is so infinitely simple, so delightfully easy, that it's hard." Part of the old duality conditioning makes things hard. That's part of your illusion - make it hard to make it real - you see. The New Energy, it is so easy that that old part of you is going to deny that it can be done that way. It's going to resist it because it wants to make it difficult. But remember, you are the sovereign being. You can choose easy. You can choose to take that leap. You can choose to trust yourself.

< Master 2 > When New Energy truly becomes a part of your life, it works very, very, very fast, very quickly. And the honoring that you have for others and yourself will also equate to the ease … the ease of how you work with New Energy in your manifestations, in your life. Honoring is very, very important.