New Energy potential / potential of I Am

All of your aspect has been working out the other potentials in the other dimensions;
(Your divinty has been working out other potentials in the cocoon;) Now J'encore;

< QLCeleb 3 > Feel the energy that you have created in this room. It is sweet. It is thick. It is new. It contains the entire potentia (many potentials) of all that you are, all that you can be. It is the potentia of your healing, of your joy. It is the potentia of your passion - what brings you into this life, what makes you feel whole and complete. It is here in this moment right now. So allow me to be the first one to work with you, to feel this New Energy potentia right here, right now. Now, how do you do that? You just choose. Choose to let yourself expand into this greatness of New Energy potentials.

< QLCeleb 3 > Take a deep breath. Close your eyes for a moment. Allow your imagination to tap into all of this potentia that's right here, right now. It is present. Maybe your mind doesn't know it. Maybe you're telling yourself, "I can't imagine, I can't visualize," but it is here. It is real. You have created it. Now allow yourself to expand into it. Open up beyond any barriers you might have had. Open up beyond any limitations, any constrictions, and just let yourself feel all of the potentials. And don't try to define them. Don't try to grab onto them. Don't try to control them. You don't need to, because they are yours.

< QLCeleb 3 > Imagine letting yourself soar now into all of these potentials. Feel what is in them and understand that every one of these potentials is yours. Not created by another human; not created by any of the angelic beings; not created by some unknown and distant god, but by you. Take a moment to feel and then breathe that into your reality right now. You don't even have to define it, you see. We've talked about this before - no definition. In this New Energy the potentials are so much greater than what the mind could have imagined. In due time your mind will understand what it is coming in. Your mind will expand to meet the new potentials of New Energy. But right now it is about accepting these things that you have created for yourself that are so New Energy, that are so beyond.

< QLCeleb 3 > When a person transcends the Old Energy space and gets into their New Energy expression, it is about trust. It is about letting you trust you to be here in this moment, to be in this New Energy. The New Energy is different than the Old. There are not the demons of the Old that we have talked about recently. There is not the duality of the Old. Now, it may be in people around you, but it is not necessarily in you. It is about trust, as Adamus Saint-Germain says so eloquently. It is about trusting that right now, together, individually, we are soaring into the New Energy potential.

< QLCeleb 3 > If somebody says, "What is this New Energy?" it is very difficult to describe. It is not like anything of the Old. It cannot necessarily be measured. It can't be quantified. Certainly, it is very difficult to put into human words, so it comes down to trust. Can you trust yourself to be in this New Energy right now? Can you trust that you have already created the answers - and the answers are many, not just one. There is a field, a whole potential of answers out there. And the answers will come to you, quite easily. We are in this whole field of potentia right now, all these different answers.

< QLCeleb 3 > Nothing, at least in the way of your Old Energy expectations, happens. It is very clear out here in this potentia - this big soup of all that you have to choose from. It is very clear out here. You're expecting reaction. You're expecting some force, some movement, some words, some music, some dancing. You're expecting something. But out here in New Energy potentia it's quiet. Oh it doesn't mean there's no answers. It means things are very clear out here, and you're not used to clear. You're used to things that are foggy. You're used to things that are rough and difficult. You're used to receiving that information in through an old circuit - your brain, your past. But out here in this potentia, it is clear.

< QLCeleb 3 > Out here in New Energy potentia it is also easy. It's been a long time since things have been easy (with gnost). It has been a long time since things were clear and things were easy and you come to expect that in order to get answers, it is going to be difficult and it's going to be confusing. But this is the New Energy. Out here it is so clear but yet it is filled with answers, filled with potential, filled with exactly what you are looking for.

< QLCeleb 3 > Our challenge is, can you perceive and receive from this field of clear and easy potentials? Part of you is so used to defining things by the resistance, the force that it puts upon you. That is Old Energy vibrational physics. Out here in clear, in New Energy, there is no resistance so there's nothing necessarily to attract you or attract your attention. So you say, "But then how do I know what's out here? It's so clear. It's like outer space. Nothing out here. No gravitational pull, no air, no nothing." That is when you take that deep breath again. You remember the words of Tobias, the Yo-ham, the I Am, and you allow your answer, in this field of potentials now, to come to you. You won't necessarily feel a force or a pressure or words. It just moves in.

< QLCeleb 3 > Now as that answer to your question moves in, it is a bit different than the way that you've perceived and received before. Because within that bubble of potential, that answer that's moving in, are many, many layers of answers to the same question. If you remember watching the fireworks last night. They would go off, then there would be one burst, and then an expansion and another burst, and an expansion and another burst - all from a single firework. It is much the same with New Energy potentials, New Energy answers. They come to you and there's many, many layers.

< QLCeleb 3 > Take the deep breath and ask yourself that question in this field of clear and easy potentials. If you feel that you're struggling with your mind right now, arm wrestling with your own head, just let it go. You don't need to do that anymore. That was from the Old. There is this thing called whatever you want - Divine Intelligence, the I Am, Yo-ham - it is the answer. Not here (pointing to head), not from the brain, but it is the answer. It is the gnost, the solution. But now we do it in the New Energy. Now be patient, after you ask the question. Be patient. Be in the moment.

< QLCeleb 3 > By the very physics of New Energy, and more so by the very nature of who you are, that answer comes in. The solution comes in. It is there now. It is now within you, in this moment, in this reality. And over a period of minutes, hours, weeks, whatever it takes, your answer will unfold in your life. The perfect answer, the New Energy answer. Not given to you by anybody else, but yours. As you work with this, as you continue to do this in your life without the mental struggle, you will truly be amazed at how easy and how clear this is. And as Tobias says, you're going to find that it is extremely efficient. You're going to realize how much energy you have been expending in the past - struggling through issues, trying to find the answers.

< QLCeleb 3 > One of the things we're finding out already is New Energy is highly responsive. Some of you have felt that Old Energy was very slow, very sluggish. New Energy becomes very responsive, but in very unusual and difficult ways ... different ways, sorry. (laughter) New Energy is very playful, very - what you would say - happy, very responsive. So play with it. See how it works. And then, once you have experienced it, understand that tomorrow, next week, it's not necessarily going to act the same way. Very different, very dynamic all the time. It may be confusing at first to the Old Energy mind, but as we said, the mind catches up. The mind learns to expand also.

< (Next) 1 > What happens now, and what's going to be such a factor for you, is suddenly you realize that you couldn't have experienced all of the potentials for all that would be, because you would get to a point - let's just say it's the point of I Am and New Energy merging together - where there is potentials that could have never been imagined by you or by God, ever. Brand new potentials that were never there before. You had to destructure yourself to make room for some of these potentials that were never imagined, even in the heart of hearts of God.

< (Next) 1 > Take a deep breath and feel and imagine the potentials of your I Am - every potential that was written and every potential from this moment on - for you. Not in some far off place, but right here. Right here in this amazing creation called you. In this amazing creation of the human and the divine, the thing that ETs and aliens would love to have, but it's yours; the thing that they're drooling at the mouth, if they had one, to have - to be human, to be divine, to be so very real, to have a mind, to really understand the existence of the I Am. Imagine every potential. Just feel into it.

< (Next) 5 > When you consider potentials within yourself, as you have been doing for years now, when you consider choices you would like to make in your life, it's not just about you. It's affecting the planet. It's putting energies into the strata. It's putting potentials into the dynamics of Earth for true change. The reason why we're asking you this is there are actually more people now than ever before that really want change; actually, more than three percent that want change. It's about four. (laughter) But there are enough that are saying, "We choose change in our lives." That affects everything, particularly for those still connected into mass consciousness. It literally shifts the balance of mass consciousness.

< (Next) 6 > There'll be more potentials than ever - or let me say it a different way - you're going to be aware of more potentials. That's the good news. The bad news is the potentials that are coming your way, that you're going to start being aware of, they're going to look different than other potentials. They're not going to have characteristics of duality in them. Duality - the old fight between light and dark. The new potentials don't contain duality. They don't need to. They're integrated together. So it's going to appear a little bit perhaps foreign to you, a little frightening. You're going to want to hang onto your old ways.

< (Next) 6 > How do you attract potentials? A lot of it's done through desire for change, because you're tired of the old way. How else? Imagination. Imagination is the ability to go out of your mind, to go beyond your mind. Imagination is not necessarily even understandable by the mind. When you truly imagine, you go so far beyond the mind that it can no longer interpret, comprehend or analyze. That's pretty scary, because you're letting go. You're letting go. But you're not, because you can feel into those energies and those potentials.

< (Next) 6 > You feel into their essence and understand that it's just an experience. Now you're ready to grasp it. You're ready to ride with it. So you attract potentials through desire for change or by imagining farther than you've ever imagined, beyond the spectrum of color, beyond physical attributes. You imagine into what we call the crystalline realms. That makes you more aware of potentials and it attracts.

< (Next) 6 > Very important point, "What if I miss a potential?" It comes back around. You never lose it. The potential might have temporarily gone into a different dimension, gone out of existence. By the way, it's very much like physics. There are particles that go in and out of awareness or out of what would seem to be the physical reality, but then they come back. They all come back. You can't miss a potential. That potential will absolutely come back. Potentials cannot be destroyed.

< (Next) 6 > Can new potentials be created? Until recently I would have had to say no you cannot create new potentials, but you had so many to choose from it didn't really matter. They're underutilized. But recently you actually began a process of creating new potentials. There was one potential, one little soap bubble in there that was called New Energy, and it's always been with you. For the history of your soul it's been there, but it didn't come around until recently. That potential for New Energy has now basically given you the potential for more potentials. It's [like] the genie, you get three wishes, but this one you get as many as you want. You create them.

< (Next) 6 > You can actually experience multiple potentials simultaneously. You don't necessarily do them all here in this physical reality, but you start experiencing them. You realize right now you're also dreaming. While you're standing here very wide awake there's also other parts of you in other dimensions that are very active. Through you they can also start experiencing the potentials.