nhahyu / feeling into / diving into

the old Lemurian word for feeling and awareness, perception, sensitivity;
putting your consciousness into things of Earth, allowing yourself to become so immersed in consciousness, in reality, that you allowed yourself then to exist within it;

< QuantumLeap 7 > We've been talking about feelings ... feelings. Now, perhaps that's not quite the right word, because there is a different word, an old Lemurian word that basically combines the words "feeling" and "consciousness" and "awareness" and "sensitivity." Consciousness. Awareness. Sensitivity. Feelings. Feel the essence of those words - consciousness, awareness, sensitivity and feelings - and that's basically what you are. The old Lemurian word for this was "yu." And actually perhaps a more accurate description when using this word to refer to this particular element of consciousness and feeling was "nhahyu." Nhahyu. Perhaps to some of you that sounds familiar. Nhahyu. It basically combines these English words together. It means feelings and awareness, perception, sensitivity.

< QuantumLeap 7 > We've been talking to you about this lately because it is a very, very important subject. You are nhahyu - feelings - and you are receiving, you are getting all these feelings right now, all this nhahyu in your life. You've been resisting the nhahyu, resisting the feeling and the awareness of consciousness all around you. You've been holding it off because basically the human aspect of you is afraid that if you dive deep into outside feelings - other people's feelings, feelings around the world or feelings of Gaia - that you will lose your identity when you take that deep dive.

< QuantumLeap 7 > I have to say this nhahyu is what you would perhaps call the new psychic ability. I never liked the word "psychic" but you relate to it. You understand it. I never much cared for psychics at all. But here's the ability to feel and perceive and be aware of things, to dive into them, to be a part of them and not worry about ever losing who you are. Nhahyu ... awareness.

< QuantumLeap 7 > As you learn this miracle of nhahyu, learn to embody yourself and your presence into anything, into any consciousness, as simply as choosing it and allowing yourself to go there, whether it happened 2,000 years ago, whether it's on the other side of the world, and allow yourself to dive into anyone, anything else, you're going to start truly, truly understanding the grand artistic nature of humans and of divinity. You're going to understand now how you can create things for yourself very effortlessly, very easily, have their energy - your choices - serve you any way you choose. That, dear Shaumbra, is a Master ... is a Master.

< QuantumLeap 7QA > I'm going to ask you to pay particular attention to your feelings. That's what this Shoud was about - consciousness, awareness, sensitivity, feelings - something we called nhahyu, an old Lemurian term that was applied to literally putting your consciousness into things of Earth, allowing yourself to become so immersed in consciousness, in reality, that you allowed yourself then to exist within it.

< QuantumLeap 7QA > In these New Energy contemporary terms, it means that you can fearlessly allow your consciousness to go into anything else and feel it fully. Not just in the mind, but in every part of you, so much so that your consciousness becomes totally immersed in the consciousness of what you are choosing to put it in. So you can feel it in every cell of your body, in every part of your mind, in every part of your spirit. So you're not standing off from it, you're not holding back. You're allowing yourself to immerse within anything else.

< QuantumLeap 7QA > As you understand this very fundamental principle of New Energy, it's going to allow you to understand what's going on in the world all around you. It's the new form of what you would call being psychic. It is about being aware. It's going to allow you to discern between what is yours, what is coming from somebody else, what is coming from a nonphysical being on the other side. It's going to allow you to discern between group consciousness and individual consciousness, and ultimately, all of that is going to sharpen your own ability to understand what is your consciousness - who you are.

< QuantumLeap 9 > Feelings are so important, because they are the - how do you say - the pathway or the conduit to truly intuitive, what you would call sacred divine wisdom and knowledge. You can't go from the human mind knowledge to divine knowledge, just by that one step. The process of transcending the capabilities of the mind start with feeling. Saint-Germain talked about feelings two months ago in the Shoud. He talked about diving in, allowing yourself to feel. He gave several examples, some that felt good, others that didn't feel so good. He was trying to get you to go beyond the mind and go beyond the barriers into feeling.

< Returning 8QA > As you allow yourself to absolutely absorb all of these feelings, understanding they're not yours, you also read into and tap into all of the different potentials, all the different realities that exist, and all of the different facets. This provides a tremendous inspiration to you and a totally different way of looking at life. Rather than on a very linear path based on history and linear future, you now see that it is so much more encompassing and actually a lot more fun.

< Master 9 > We're in the "X" zone here, and you say, "What next?" Where do we go from here?" Where we go from here is we start going into potentials. Potentials are actually not in the future. It sounds like they would be. It sounds like they'd be off on some linear line down there, but they're not. The potential for anything outside of this immediate experience is already right here. Very, very few people actually imagine potentials. So part of the problem has been a lack of imagination. When certain of you have gone into the potentials of the future, you get analytical. You want to make it very orderly, or you do it with a very limited human perspective. In other words, you're imagining small. You're missing most of the potentials, almost all the potentials. You're not allowing yourself to feel into them.

< (Next) 6 > How do you attract potentials? A lot of it's done through desire for change, because you're tired of the old way. How else? Imagination. Imagination is the ability to go out of your mind, to go beyond your mind. Imagination is not necessarily even understandable by the mind. When you truly imagine, you go so far beyond the mind that it can no longer interpret, comprehend or analyze. That's pretty scary, because you're letting go. You're letting go. But you're not, because you can feel into those energies and those potentials.

< (Next) 6 > You feel into their essence and understand that it's just an experience. Now you're ready to grasp it. You're ready to ride with it. So you attract potentials through desire for change or by imagining farther than you've ever imagined, beyond the spectrum of color, beyond physical attributes. You imagine into what we call the crystalline realms. That makes you more aware of potentials and it attracts.

< freedom 8 > Energy exists outside of consciousness, and it does exist in all sorts of dimensions. (he draws a circumpunct with energy around it) Any dimension that consciousness ever visited or imagined. Energy exists everywhere that the consciousness ever felt into or imagined into; suddenly, energy is there. Energy was breathed in by the passion of consciousness. The passion of consciousness is having the sensory experience of feeling its existence. That's the passion of consciousness – feeling that sensory, that experiential – “Hey, I exist!” That's the passion right there.