potentiating / potentiation

imagining the potentials; actively being aware of potentials;
adding a touch of transmutation / waves of love;

< (Next) 1 > So I'm going to talk a lot of about potentiating. It's a term. It means that you're actively aware of potentials. And if you don't like the potentials that come into view, that you start feeling, potentiating allows you to create any new potentials you want - any new potentials you want for yourself.

< (Next) 1 > We potentiated. What we did is, you could say, we sprinkled a little fairy dust on all the potentials of transformation and transmutation of alchemy. We sprinkled alchemy dust onto the potentials that just weren't being seen by some of the closed-eyed mental beings. When we sprinkled it, it helped to bring them to light. Now, we didn't have to choose anything. We just brought it into focus, into consciousness, and then we walked away. We left it be. We imagined.

< (Next) 1 > A potential that didn't inflict your agenda on anybody, but a potential that said, "Hello! All the resources of humanity, all the resources of Earth, there's a brilliant new way to do this." You don't even have to know what that scientific or chemical or mathematical way is. Imagining potentials doesn't get into mental details, doesn't get into that level. You don't have to. It's so tiring, so boring. You just imagine it. You just potentiate it, and therefore, it will be.

< (Next) 1 > Right now there's a need to understand how energy and particles move in and out of supposed reality. They're always real; it's just that you can't always see them. But right now it would help complete a lot of very big scientific and cosmological questions. Particle physics. You see, a particle can move in and out of reality. It can actually travel great, what you would call, distances in moments, in an instant. Even the discussion came up recently, is there a beyond speed of light? Yes there is, by the way.

< (Next) 1 > It's there. Just hasn't been recognized. It's almost like some of these new advanced answers have been just sitting in limbo waiting for somebody to acknowledge that it's really amazing, really brilliant the way energy moves and flows and the way then particle move in and out of different dimensions, different states of realities or different pods of potentials.

< (Next) 1 > Take a deep breath and feel and imagine the potentials of your I Am - every potential that was written and every potential from this moment on - for you. Not in some far off place, but right here. Right here in this amazing creation called you. In this amazing creation of the human and the divine, the thing that ETs and aliens would love to have, but it's yours; the thing that they're drooling at the mouth, if they had one, to have - to be human, to be divine, to be so very real, to have a mind, to really understand the existence of the I Am. Imagine every potential. Just feel into it.