this lifetime of yours / THE lifetime / last lifetime on earth

the lifetime that your oversoul-being itself is incarnating;
culmination of all of your earthly lifetimes:
the lifetime to become sovereign creator;  the lifetime of ascension;

< Creator 1 > Now let us talk for a moment about this lifetime of yours. You have come in to this lifetime to complete the last chapters of your book of life here on Earth. You have come in to clear the last portions of karma and to fulfill your contract. You have spent much of the early years of your lives doing this. You met others who you had karmic conditions with that you were choosing to get over. You had family relationships that provided the conduit to resolve karma that had accumulated, that had brought experiences for lifetime after lifetime. You spent much of your early years working with these matters.

< Creator 1 > And then, as we have talked of before, something happened to you, whether it was twenty years ago or ten or just two. There came an awakening in your life. Perhaps it was a book that fell from the shelf. Perhaps it was a message from a friend, or an insight that you had in a dream or while you were dazing. But in this experience you came to an awakening point. You came to an awakening point that led you here. It has led you to a journey of understandings of Spirit, of your relationship to Spirit.

< Creator 1 > During this time period there were many difficult experiences for you and what you would call lessons, although we choose not to use that word. There was much final clearing, for in a sense what you were doing was completing the book of your life, and the book that contained the stories of many, many lifetimes. You have been working on completing those final chapters. And then, my friends, as this was done, you came to a point of feeling perhaps lost, confused, or disempassioned. You had completed your main contract in life, and your main goals in life.

< Creator 1 > Now there came a point to choose whether to move forward, to continue in human form and human consciousness, or to return back to this circle, to the circle that we exist in. Each of you knows of that moment in your life that we speak of, that moment when you were faced with the choice to stay on Earth or to return to this circle that we exist in (Home). Now obviously you chose to stay! You chose to move forward. There is one reason for that. It is an inner commitment that you made. Each of you has chosen to be a teacher of the new energy. You will do whatever it takes. You will sacrifice whatever it takes. You will release whatever it takes from your life to be one who is at the forefront, one who will be a teacher. You are the ones who work with other humans to help guide them through their transitional experiences.

< Creator 1 > First you needed to release the karma of old, which you did quite well by setting up very intense experiences in the earlier parts of your life. And then, as difficult as it has been in the last year or so, you released all those things that you held dearly, things of relationships, jobs that you thought were important, of belief systems that were your foundation.

< Clarity 8 > This lifetime is not just another lifetime. It is not like any of the other lifetimes that you've ever had. This lifetime is very, very special. You chose this lifetime, this time period... both in terms of earthly time but also the space or the energy of your own evolution... you chose this to be the lifetime of ascension. To be the lifetime of realizing what it is like to have gone through this whole process of becoming human and then transforming through just being human into a divine human angel.

< Clarity 8 > This lifetime is not one about just giving yourself an experience. This lifetime is one about consolidating and releasing all of the other energies from past lifetimes that you've ever had. Clearing, as you would call it. Releasing. Letting it go. This lifetime is very special, because it is the time you have chosen to move to your next level. It is going faster than any other lifetime you have ever experienced. Actually, you are more aware in this lifetime than any other lifetime you have ever experienced. Sometimes there is a tendency to go back and think that the ancient civilizations or societies had the answers, but if they did, why would you be still here? They were part of a progression, an evolution of your soul, but this lifetime is different.

< Clarity 8 > We say that to you because it should be treated with great awe. YOU should be treated with great awe and respect and admiration. This lifetime is the culmination of all the other lifetimes that you have ever lived. For so many of you here, by your own choosing, it will be the last lifetime on Earth that you ever live. It is very, very special. This lifetime is where you let go of the blocked or pent up energies of past lifetimes. As we always say to you, the future is the past healed, so in this lifetime you are healing or releasing so much of the past.

< Clarity 8 > This lifetime is precious. You have spent hundreds or thousands of other lifetimes getting here. It is not a lifetime that you would want to waste. It is not a lifetime to take with any degree of - how to say... some of you take a lifetime and say, "But if this one doesn't work out, I'll just have another one." And that is true, but Shaumbra you designated this lifetime to be special. It's a lifetime where you have clarity. It's a lifetime where you transcend so many of the human overlays.

< Clarity 8 > This lifetime is sacred and blessed. Very special. It's a lifetime you agreed to come back together and be with - meet - other Shaumbra... whether they are from your local area, whether you connect with them through the internet, whether you travel to other places to meet them... a time of bringing back together the energies of Shaumbra.

< Clarity 8 > It is also the lifetime that you chose, not only to have your own learning but also you chose to be the teacher to others. That is written right at the top of desires for this lifetime - to be the teachers. Obviously, the teacher will have to go through the learning process themselves. You gave yourself that, by the way. You said, "Before I go out and teach it, I want to experience it for myself. I want to experience what this embodied ascension (new ascension status) is like." In other words, to be in a physical body and go through the total ascension, which means also the disconnecting.

< Clarity 8 > So one of the things that is very, very special about this lifetime is the teaching. Teaching in a new way, of course. Not just standing in front of a group and getting them into a mental process, but teaching through example. Teaching through taking your life and doing what you choose to do with it. What a wonderful example - doing what you choose to do with your life. That is teaching!

< Clarity 8 > We said to Shaumbra all over the world that sooner or later you're going to leave your jobs where you are employed by other people or corporations. You're going to disconnect from those. What a wonderful example to show someone: You don't have to work for something else, you just be for yourself. Do what you choose to do. You can break out of some of the patterns of working a certain number of hours, going to a certain number of meetings, performing certain routine or mundane tasks. You can break out of that. It is not always easy to do because there's great comfort and security in staying in those jobs. At least you know what to expect each day. When you break out of that, you're into the unknown but also into the true joy. It's also where you're the true example, the teacher to others.

< Clarity 8 > This lifetime is so important especially for those of you who are going to be going off to the New Earth. What you clear here and what you realize here will have such an impact and such a significance, then, on what you do in the New Earth. Some of you are going to go on to become teachers in the classrooms of the New Earth, teaching those angelic beings who have never been to Earth before - never embodied in physical matter - teaching them what it is like. Helping them to understand before they get there.

< Clarity 8 > Some of you are going to go to the New Earth, you're going to work with new energies, helping to understand what they truly are, what they mean, how they can be applied back on old Earth - if humans are interested in doing that. Some of you are going to go to the New Earth for a while and then choose to go beyond into what we call the Third Circle. This is a realm that is very difficult to describe because this is where you go from being a god in training to a full God, full rights. Full rights. It is hard to even imagine because it is so expansive. Some of you are going to go there after this lifetime.

< Clarity 8 > This lifetime is so very precious. It has its own resonance, its own identity. It has its own very sacred energy that's based on the other lifetimes but whose energies have been released. You see, in a typical lifetime for a human, that lifetime is relatively independent. It's by itself, supporting only itself. If you take a particular lifetime, perhaps 500 years ago, that aspect or story of you was just trying to express something within that story. And you could say that you, as an Oversoul being, allowed yourself to do that. But that lifetime was fairly much just about that lifetime, about a particular story.

< Clarity 8 > This lifetime is different. Instead of being unto itself or just a single story, this lifetime now becomes the collection, the integration of all of the stories, you see. It's almost like you in this lifetime are in the center. All of the other lifetimes that you have spent now become part of it. They all reintegrate back together through you in this lifetime. That is why we say, when you release those energies, they come flow back into you. You release them, you let the energies of those stories go so the energies can circulate and come back and serve you again. But this time without the limitations of a story. This lifetime is the culmination. It is the graduation, you see, of yourself. Treat it with great compassion and love and respect for what it is.

< Clarity 11 > You are who you are in this lifetime. This lifetime, this time you are experiencing right now, is very unique and very special. It is not the culmination (growth) of the past. Although there are elements that you have learned from the past, but you are no longer guided by the past. The concept of reincarnation as it's popularly known is quite deceiving and quite distracting. You are THIS lifetime - and this lifetime is special, as we said recently. It is a very, very special lifetime. It is a very special time that your soul energy (oversoul being) has brought itself down into human form (you) and then the rest of it (other parts of your soul) comes down and enters into your human lifetime.

< Clarity 11 > Any other theoretical lifetime that you have had was not the same. There is not that relationship between the soul and the human. The soul essentially created an energy in a past life and then let it go and released it, gave it its own freedom, it's own ability to go off and do things. But the connection was generally very loose and it wasn't as - what you would say - real or spiritual. This lifetime, this time you are embodied in, is VERY special. The relationship between spirit and human has always been there. The links are very strong, the connection. In a sense it is ubiquitous, it is all the same. It is just the illusion that the divine, the spirit self is not here right now.

< Clarity 11 > It is that your soul (oversoul being) is embodied right now in this physical experience that you are going through and it will never have that experience again. It will never have another lifetime again like this. This is very, very special and we will get into more details of that in our next gathering. We're going to ask you to let go of the concept of reincarnation. It's just being incarnate. It's not over and over and over again. It's not a series of cycles. It's not a trap or a merry-go-round. The past from a hundred years ago, a thousand years ago, is really not you - is really not you.

< (Next) 4 > How many of you have money issues? So it's a pattern you've got into. Somewhere along the line you developed a pattern of not ever having quite enough or, as Tobias would say, you bought into the 'just barely enough' consciousness - just barely enough to fill the gas tank to get here, just barely enough to pay the rent - but not enough to absolutely enjoy life.

It has its origin - I'm speaking generally here - it has its origins in some of your early church work, you know, the vows of poverty are still hanging around. And I would say, actually, for most of you now it's more of a matter of thinking that if you suddenly got a lot of money that it was going to overpower you, that it would affect you, corrupt you, make you do something bad. You would get off of this disciplined - crap - path that you've been on, and it would somehow keep you stuck here on Earth. Part of you is thinking, "You know, this is going to be probably my last lifetime - maybe second to the last - and if I get a lot of money, I'll probably want to stay, because I'll be rich and I can do all these things. And you know what? I really don't want to stay, so I'm not going to have any money."

< (Next) 12 > It could be argued - has been argued in some of the Mystery Schools - that the previous incarnations were rather linear up until this incarnation. But this incarnation, as Tobias pointed out, is different. It is THE lifetime. You are the aspect, the being who's going to do the integration of the lifetimes, bring the aspects of the soul back, be the soul, be the soul in this lifetime. No longer distant. No longer elusive. No longer hidden in some dark recess of your past. It's here. It's right now.

< e2012 2 > When I say it's probably your last lifetime, and I would say most every one of you here, some of you will choose to be aware of your ascension that's already occurred. Some of you are going to go off to these new Earths. There's a calling for you. They want you there. They want you there, and it's going to be pretty easy. You get to be the big cheese. You get to talk about how you built Earth, how you create it. You get to feel pretty good. A lot of you are going to go there. You're going to choose not to recognize your ascension quite yet. Why? You want another shot at it. You want to do something still, and it's going to be very, very tempting on New Earth. Very tempting.

< e2012 4 > This life is not just an extension of your past lives, not just another progression of your past lives. Your past lives are not you. Get over it. None of them are important. Half of them are fabricated. Half of them are makyo crap. They really are. The other half you just relate to the archetypical energies of Yeshua or Moses or Cleopatra or Mary Magdalene or whatever. They’re real, but they’re not real. In other words, they’re an active part of this whole experience that you’re having. Yes, you were part of Mary Magdalene, a little part along with a lot of others, but you weren’t Mary Magdalene.

< e2012 4 > You’re not your past lives. They’re your brothers or sisters or cousins, but they’re not you. And the sooner you can let that go, the sooner you’re going to free yourself, unburden yourself, get over their crap. Some of them are still out there, these past lives, traumatized, active, looking for a new residence, looking for a new house – you. They haven’t freed themselves, and the soul, in its brilliance, is allowing them to do that. You say, “Why doesn’t the soul call them back, make them come back?” Well, you can’t. A creator cannot force his or her creations to come back. You can only invite them back.

< e2012 4 > Up until this lifetime there was a definite link between lifetimes. There was a type of progression. But then, in the brilliance of the life plan and the life design of the soul, it says, “I’m going to create an expression of myself that’s different, that’s not just another lifetime.” Why? Because it got tired of doing the other lives, and realized it needed something to set itself free. The soul, you realized that you’re the Standard for all those other past lives, for all the other humans, for yourself. You’re the [focal] point of integration of [all of] yourself. You’re the point of enlightenment for yourself, not those other lifetimes. Even if you were a Buddha – not that lifetime. This lifetime, right here.

< e2012 4 > You are the point of integration. You are, as Tobias said years ago, the designated ascendee of yourself, of your soul, and in order to do so, your soul comes in here to join you. Your wisdom arrives. It comes in from the other realms – and it’s not even the other realms, it’s just an imaginary block – but absorbs in to your Body of Consciousness.

It arrives, and in doing so, something interesting happens. You become the Standard for these other past lives of that soul. You become the example. You, by example, help set them free. Not that you’re going to go around with a knife, cutting their chains or their ropes that bind them, but your example will release those ropes.

You release, you could say, some energy of your soul – your wisdom. You release yourself of that burden thinking you were your past lives, and in doing so, you integrate all of that energy, all of the consciousness. It is squished and distilled into wisdom, which arrives. Wisdom arrives for you.

< e2012 7 > Why am I (Adamus) here? I'm here because you asked me to be. I'm here because you have brought tremendous consciousness. You brought tremendous the Christ Seed consciousness to this planet. You seeded it a long time ago in the ground, in the air, in mass consciousness. You gave it to yourself before you ever got here. You – most of you – were around in the time of Yeshua. You were part of that whole liberation that took place at the time. You were here to bring about what you have commonly called the New Age, and here we're in it.

I'm here because you said this is going to be the lifetime. Tobias was here for the same reason. You said, “This is going to be the lifetime.” You knew in your absolute brilliance, that there was a potential to get stuck; there was potential, definitely, to go mental; the effects of mass consciousness, like a heavy smog, a thick blanket, were going to keep you suppressed. So I'm here to help move you through that.

I'm here because we just haven't graduated many humans. In the course of all humanity, in the millions of years humans have been on this planet – 9,000 (graduates). That's a low, low number. I'm here to graduate a few, hopefully more than a few, hopefully, all of you. But, ultimately, it's up to you.

< e2012 7 > Here you are on this amazing spiritual journey. You get caught up in the details, but it's fascinating how it works, fascinating how you're bringing in new levels of you into this reality. But you get distracted. And I'm amazed. You're so close. You have chosen this as the lifetime, as the lifetime of integration. It's all you wanted. It's all you cared about. It was the reason you came here. It's the reason why you're here – to let it happen. Actually, you really didn't have to do anything to make it happen, and you knew that before you got here. You said, “I'm just going to come down here and let it happen.”

< e2012 9 > I assume that if you’re here, if you are watching or if you are reading this, it is because you are ready for enlightenment. But I do assume that if you’re here, if you’re watching or you’re listening, it is because this is going to be your last lifetime on this planet. I assume that if you are here you are absolutely serious about your enlightenment. Absolutely, to the point that it’s the only thing. It is the thing. Why? because you spent many, many lifetimes in this rabbit chase. You’ve studied so much, sacrificed so much, suffered so much, and now you’ve said, “This is it. This is it.”

I make this point as we start – serious point as we start – because then assume yourself that everything that’s happening in your life right now – everything – is all being directed towards this. You made a conscious choice. You made a very clear choice. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. You would have left a while back.

I assume that with your conscious choice for enlightenment that everything now that’s happening in your life is focusing on that. Every event is about the enlightenment. Everything that happens – you may not like everything, because a lot of the things that are happening are about clearing and changes – but everything that’s happening is all funneling into this enlightenment.

< freedom 6 > And then, in this globe, if you look at its entirety, that is the Eternal YHWH, the I Am that cannot be spoken, but that is always present. And this is you also. This is beautiful you, and right now there is an aspect that is shining, a beam of light illuminating an aspect, the name that you wear on your name badge or have on your lost driver's license. Shining the light on there, but did you know that there is another name that you have? It's the culmination of all of your earthly lifetimes that's yet another aspect.

< Discovery 1 > You came here for embodied enlightenment saying, “If this doesn't work, I'm out of here. If it's not this lifetime there is nothing. So it's all or nothing.” You put all of the chips on the table. Everything. Double or nothing, saying, “This is it.” And a bit crazy, but that's the way you are. Now, the real truth is you already know, but now you're going for the experience of it. You do know the answers; now it's the experience. You came into this lifetime saying, “This has to be it,” and like I said it can be considered a bit desperate or very bold and courageous, very amazing, breaking out of so many things – the mind, the past, mass consciousness – and still enduring. Still sitting here. Still existing. Amazing.

< Discovery 9 > But you, my friends, you're far wiser than that, and indeed, you did have a time of contemplation before you came in for this lifetime. You weren't necessarily surrounded by a lot of other angels. You had talks with some of the beings, some of the entities. But then you kind of went off by yourself in your own beautiful dimension, knowing that you were going to return to Earth. You were conscious and aware of it. You went off by yourself, away from all the other entities. Oh, you'd been to Earth so many times. Nothing – nothing truly was going to be new for you. You went off by yourself, preparing for your lifetime, this lifetime. It was almost like it was yesterday.

< Discovery 9 > And you had a very deep and passionate reason for coming back. Now that deep and passionate reason sometimes has been lost on you while you've actually been here. Sometimes you've even fooled yourself into believing that you came back to better humanity. That wasn't the reason whatsoever. It wasn't even to find a lost soul mate, because you knew, you already knew that a lot of your journey was going to be alone, by yourself. You already knew. You had a deep passion for coming back. Somewhat of a knowingness that this was probably going to be the last lifetime. You knew there were certain things that you wanted to complete.

< Discovery 9 > In this contemplative time with yourself, you were going through an interesting metamorphosis. Dissolving through your past lifetime and that identity, dissolving into fragments of your soul Self, dissolving at the same time into this new identity that you were going to become in this lifetime. It was like all of these images, identities blurring together, dissolving through each other. Transforming out of your old identity… Dissolving or kind of going into parts of the I Am… Feeling the potentials of this lifetime… What was that passion … for coming back? 

< Discovery 9 > I can tell you right now, it wasn't to make amends. It was not to justify anything or resolve anything outside of yourself. That might have been a peripheral reason, but it wasn't the deep passion. This deep passion wasn't anything that the entities told you you had to do. This wasn't anything you were doing on behalf of your spiritual family or the Order of the Arc. Your service to the Order of the Arc had expired. There was a deep passion that transcended anything having to do with resolve the past or save humanity. It was something within you, a burning desire, a heart's desire.

< Discovery 9 > I ask you to feel into that right now. It goes beyond the memory of past lives. It goes beyond the draw from other people, that attraction, the other people that might have brought you here. This was yours. Yours. Now, I'll tell you, let's go beyond the thoughts right now and trying to define it in words, because it's a feeling. Thoughts would only limit it. So I invite you to go into the feeling, without words, without pictures. I invite you to go into the feeling of that passion, because that's it, almost undefinable. Amazing that you allowed yourself to go beyond the thought or the word or the definition. That, my friends, is breaking free.

< Kharisma 4 > My dear friends, to my point: Commitment. Every one of you has made a commitment in this lifetime that this is it. Nothing else. Nothing else. You made a commitment before this lifetime. You made a commitment in a previous lifetime, in between lifetimes. When you were a little baby, you had that commitment – “This is it, all or nothing.” That fire that rages in your heart and in your very being is what brought you here, that commitment that this is the lifetime – the lifetime; commitment that you're not going to squander it, that you're not going to let yourself get distracted; the commitment that this is it – all or nothing – so deep in your veins. So much a part of everything you've done in this lifetime. It's the only thing.

< Wings 4 > There is no mistake about this life. I know so many of you have wondered, “Well, how come I haven't done more in this lifetime?” or “How come I haven't accomplished more? How come I haven't written bestselling books or started a big business?” You didn't come here for that. I mean, you can also do that if you want, but most of you have chosen not to. You came here in this lifetime for one thing. It's your last lifetime on Earth, on this Earth, and you came here to embody the Spirit, the Master. You came here to bring together the human and the Master in this lifetime.