< Discovery 4 > Again, they're wonderful, but easy to get caught up in certain rituals of the spiritual group, of the new age, certain books, classes or anything else; can lead to a lot of makyo. Generally, those on the spiritual path are still searching. They haven't made that commitment. Not in all cases. Please don't send emails to Cauldre – he's telling me to say that – but there's a marked difference between if I was standing here with you versus standing here with a crowd of just spiritual new age types. A tremendous difference.

< Discovery 4 > You, my dear friends, have made a commitment, and it's about enlightenment. It's not about … in spirituality, so much of it is about trying to make human life a little bit more comfortable. A little bit more comfortable or sometimes even just justifying some of the harsh things about life. But you've made a commitment. It goes back to that knowingness that we talked about, something that you felt deep within you. It wasn't anything that was practiced. It wasn't anything that you even prepared for. It happened first. Probably because of some sort of adversity, probably because of even just getting tired of just going through the birth-death cycle. But something inside you triggered that knowingness.

< Discovery 4 > It's enlightenment and the commitment to it. And, as you probably know, it is harder than the spiritual path. Much harder. The spiritual path, I would say, is often designed around making life a little bit more comfortable. The Shaumbra path is basically redefining life entirely, with your body, with your mind, with your spirit, the relationship of you with yourself. Oftentimes, it involves absolutely smashing and shattering any concepts that you had about life, about yourself, about comfort, about happiness. Eventually, you realize those words really have very little or no meaning.

< Kharisma 4 > My dear friends, to my point: Commitment. Every one of you has made a commitment in this lifetime that this is it. Nothing else. Nothing else. You made a commitment before this lifetime. You made a commitment in a previous lifetime, in between lifetimes. When you were a little baby, you had that commitment – “This is it, all or nothing.” That fire that rages in your heart and in your very being is what brought you here, that commitment that this is the lifetime – the lifetime; commitment that you're not going to squander it, that you're not going to let yourself get distracted; the commitment that this is it – all or nothing – so deep in your veins. So much a part of everything you've done in this lifetime. It's the only thing.

< Kharisma 4 > And, my dear friends, it's here. It's done. There is nothing that you have to work at anymore. There is nothing that you have to study. It's the time of the realization, what already is. I used this term “Kasama” with Keahak recently. We're going to be experiencing that, all of us, in a variety of different ways. It's what has already been done, already there. Whether it's enlightenment, whether it's a few extra dollars in your pocket, whether it's your health or your light body or any of that, it's done. It came through a vision, through a desire. It's there. Not out there. That song didn't need to stay out in the future somewhere. That wild expression of creativity or abundance or knowingness or simplicity doesn't need to be out there, out in the distance. Nothing to strive for. It's here. Kasama is the destiny of the soul.

< Kharisma 4 > Now, I've said many times there is no destiny. There is no fate. Not in linear terms. There is nothing out there. There's not the higher hand guiding your life and making things happen. There's no angelic council or alien beings or beings under the ground or even government beings that are manipulating your life. There is no outside destiny, but there is the soul destiny. There is what is already within you, Edith. Already done. The money – and money is just the tip of iceberg – but the realization. The realization. We've done an effective job in these past five years of weeding out, letting go, pushing away those who weren't committed. There's no room in Crimson Circle for those who are not absolutely committed to their enlightenment. It's more than entertainment. This is it. This is it.