destiny / fate / soul destiny


< Master 3 > Today, let's go into the future … into the future. It raises an interesting question before we go out. Is the future destined? No. Taking a survey of humans on Earth, for about 99.7 percent of them it absolutely is. They're allowing it. They're choosing it. So if you look from our perspective they are following a pattern of destiny. Now, the destiny is self-destiny in a way, because at some point they chose it. But they've allowed other people to run their lives. They've allowed their aspects to run their lives. They've given up. They didn't just let go of control of themselves - they're highly controlling beings of themselves - but to everything else, they've given up. They've surrendered. So, they are destined. They're following their karmic path, and they allow that to happen. They say, "It's my karma," even if they don't use the words karma.

< Master 3 > They believe in the linear progression of the soul, and they follow it. Stupidly, going down the aisle, like they have to do it, like God is making them do it, like they have no choice. They also believe in the destiny of mass consciousness, which is very, very thick, very, very heavy; hard to get out of that matrix, that grid - or not. It could be as easy as making a choice, but then your life's going to change. Most humans really don't want that.

< Master 3 > So they live a life of destiny, also, if they have very strong belief systems, particularly religious, spiritual belief systems. That creates destiny. They believe that here is the path to go to heaven and hell and those are two directions. That's destiny. It's destiny with two choices, but that's all the choices they give themselves.

< Master 3 > So most humans do live in destiny and actually, most humans believe in destiny. They believe in an all-crappy God who chooses their destiny for them and tells them what's going to happen. And they haven't bothered … you know, as sometimes as limited as the mind is, it doesn't take a very strong mind to stop and think, "Well, what does Spirit care anyway. Why would Spirit have me doing all this stuff? What, to prove myself to who? To what?" As much as logic is changing, that is not logical. That doesn't make sense at all. But programming, hypnosis, overlays are so strong, they take otherwise brilliant men and women and make them go stupid, very stupid.

< Master 3 > So … most humans live by the hand of destiny, but they don't have to. They don't have to. They're like a fish out of water. Oh, you know what's that's like - without destiny. You've gone through the experience in the past of saying, "Your guides are gone. There are no more rules. Your contracts have ended." Isn't that destiny? Wasn't it kind of fun for a short period of time, but then it got old? It's a self-imposed destiny. But ultimately, there really isn't any. But if you've been living under the roof of destiny, it actually gets a little comfortable after a while. It gets easy after a while and you feel naked, exposed and vulnerable, very vulnerable, when there's no destiny. But there is none. There truly is none.

< (Next) 4 > The whole belief in destiny, that's a tough one to let go because the moment that you do, you have to take responsibility. It's actually, I would say, easier for a human to believe in and to give up to a higher authority, whether you call the higher authority your soul … that's a bunch of makyo at times. You know, like your soul has this plan and it's making you go through it in a painful, miserable unconscious way? Really? Or you think destiny comes down from God. Really? God has no destiny. Spirit, All That Was, doesn't really care, doesn't need to care, has no plan for you.

< (Next) 8 > Drama and emotion can call up a huge quantity of this and come rushing into your life. And it starts creating in your reality. But so does a car traveling at 150 kilometers per hour about to hit a wall. It's moving, but what's going to happen next, you see. Crash. So there is a tremendous amount of energy that is attracted into drama. And most people are literally stuck in this creator capability. They're not conscious of it. They go from one emotional encounter to another, one drama situation to another, and at some strange level they are feeling like things are happening. Well, they are, but it's not conscious. And then how many people say, "Well, I don't know how all this works, so I acquiesce to destiny and fate."

< (Next) 8 > destiny and fate are some of the worst lies of all! And you know who really buys into destiny and fate? Spiritual, new age, church people. Religions promote the hell out of destiny and fate because it's so illusive and it's just like, "We'll have faith in something that doesn't really exist," and it's easy to get people hooked into fate and destiny. They do not exist, unless you want them to. There is no prewritten plan. There is no hand of God up there who is … That would be sick, and I don't want to be around a sick God like that, if there was some plan that you weren't told about and you were just a puppet. So, most people's lives are created from here.

< Kharisma 4 > A miracle occurs when you’re willing to get out of old limitations, when you’re willing to go out of your mind, when you’re willing to go out of character, that character that you identify with so much. Suddenly, the miracles happen because you’re more available to the energies that were just waiting for you. Just waiting for you. It’s all there. That’s why I say it’s easy. I use this term “Kasama,” which some would translate to the word “Kismet,” which means destiny, but not the regular linear destiny. Kasama is the destiny of the soul.

< Kharisma 4 > Now, I've said many times there is no destiny. There is no fate. Not in linear terms. There is nothing out there. There's not the higher hand guiding your life and making things happen. There's no angelic council or alien beings or beings under the ground or even government beings that are manipulating your life. There is no outside destiny, but there is the soul destiny. There is what is already within you, Edith. Already done. The money – and money is just the tip of iceberg – but the realization. The realization. We've done an effective job in these past five years of weeding out, letting go, pushing away those who weren't committed. There's no room in Crimson Circle for those who are not absolutely committed to their enlightenment. It's more than entertainment. This is it. This is it.

< Emergence-3 > You've never had destiny before, however, in this whole time from awakening into mastery, there is a destiny. There's a destiny. The destiny comes in several different ways, but first the moment you say, “I'm done. Human, hear me! Master, I Am, the human is done with all this.” The moment you say that, you are actualized. Actualized, meaning it is done – all the integration, all the enlightenment, all the Realization. You are actualized, meaning that the moment you say that, there occurs in what I would call the potential – you would probably call it the future – but it is already done. It's there. So you are done with all of your lifetimes. You are actualized at that point. You are actually enlightened. Tobias said it way back, I think in your second or third series with him. He said, “You've already ascended. Now you just find out what it's like to get there.” To many it's still an intellectual concept, but it's very, very true. You're already ascended.

< Emergence-3 > There's a certain destiny that takes place though – and I really didn't want to talk about it till now, because you'd have gotten really upset with me about it or misunderstood it – but this beautiful destiny that takes place the moment you say, “I'm done, last lifetime,” and you go from awakening into mastery. The destiny now is that the Master starts to come in, and the Master, of course – I call it the Master – but it's really wisdom. That's all it is. Wisdom of all the lifetimes and this. The Master comes in and, in a sense, guides your life, in a way. The Master comes in and will not allow things in your life that the human might have done.

< Emergence-3 > You see, the human, so often their life is based on needs and wants. The human life is based on ego and identity. The human life is based on things like, “I've got to get a better paying job. I've got to look younger. I've got to, well, do human things,” and the Master doesn't care right now. The Master is blind. The Master doesn't care. But the Master comes in now, in a way, to form your destiny. You are going to make it into Realization, because you've opened. You've said, “Done with human lives,” allowing, to a degree, of the Master and the Master comes in.

< Emergence-3 > And the Master just plays interference and keeps that human from distracting itself during this time of going into mastery. That's why sometimes the things that the human wants don't work out. That's why the human gets very frustrated, “Why isn't this working? I thought I was a creator?” Not right now. I mean, you are, but right now. You put it out there. You made a choice to go into Realization and in a way, you could say, you've signed an agreement with the Master, with your wisdom saying that you're going to let that Master keep you from just going totally human right now. It's a time where just a little bit of makyo can throw you way off the path. The Master is not going to let you get distracted right now in a bad relationship or a bad job or any of that. So, there is a destiny.

< Emergence-3 > So, there is a destiny that's occurring right now in a very beautiful way. There is that magnetic, something like is just drawing you, it's just moving you through things. Some of you have had the experience lately that, in a way, you're trying to plan all this stuff and do all this stuff and it keeps falling apart and not working and then when you just let go, something is guiding you along and sometimes you want to say it's spirit guides and it's UFOs or whatever (a few giggles). It is truly the destiny of the soul, it's the Master guiding you, making sure you don't get too distracted and also that you don't kill yourself right now, that you don't do something so hazardous as to jeopardize this beautiful new life that is coming into being.

< Emergence-3 > The only other time you've had this sort of destiny in all of your lifetimes on Earth was when you first got here. First couple of lifetimes, there was kind of a destiny that you were going to integrate with matter. It was because you agreed to it, so there were some things that overrode what would be your human choices. This is the only other time that there is that soul destiny. And I say that because you're frustrated right now to some degree, “Why isn't this working different? Why doesn't this work out when I try it?” Stop for a moment. Commune with the I Am, with the Master. They're helping guide you into the Realization of what has actually already been actualized in what you would call the future, your Realization.

< Emergence-3 > As you bring in the wisdom, you also bring in the maturity, and with the maturity, you start releasing the soul destiny. In other words, it doesn't need to keep you from going errant, falling off the road or whatever you want to call it. Suddenly, that destiny is replaced by pure wisdom, pure beautiful wisdom. Then you break free of that soul destiny or you let it go. It doesn't need to be there anymore. And suddenly, you start to bring in this whole, well, maturity into your life – wisdom and human experience combined together, a whole new maturity – and that is what's happening right now.

< Emergence-3 > And it will be perfectly balanced, perfectly balanced to the level of the soul destiny, this thing that's your assurance that you're not going to get terribly distracted. As you bring in the wisdom, that level of that destiny is released. It's peeled away. It falls away. That's another thing that you're feeling right now in this falling away and the changes, and it's replaced by your wisdom now. I mean 'your' meaning 'the Master in you.' It's replaced by the wisdom, and in that, again, you cannot make mistakes. You cannot go wrong. It's an old human fear, “I'm going to do the wrong thing.” Right now, you cannot. Ehh, you've got a history of doing the wrong things, but right now you can't. You're in the protection mode, the assurance mode. And one of the first wisdoms that you really start to feel into is just Allowing. Allowing. That's what allows in more wisdom. That's it. It's really quite simple.