< Emergence-3 > You've never had destiny before, however, in this whole time from awakening into mastery, there is a destiny. There's a destiny. The destiny comes in several different ways, but first the moment you say, “I'm done. Human, hear me! Master, I Am, the human is done with all this.” The moment you say that, you are actualized. Actualized, meaning it is done – all the integration, all the enlightenment, all the Realization. You are actualized, meaning that the moment you say that, there occurs in what I would call the potential – you would probably call it the future – but it is already done. It's there. So you are done with all of your lifetimes. You are actualized at that point. You are actually enlightened. Tobias said it way back, I think in your second or third series with him. He said, “You've already ascended. Now you just find out what it's like to get there.” To many it's still an intellectual concept, but it's very, very true. You're already ascended.