emotion drama

emotions and dramas;

< (Next) 8 > There's another level called emotion, and I'll call it Emotion Drama, a lot more potent than the mind thought. It's what is at work in most everybody's life. That's how their reality is being created - from Emotion Drama.

< (Next) 8 > Emotion is the mind's cheap attempt, artificial attempt, to feel. The mind itself absolutely cannot feel. It cannot have feelings, which means sensory perceptions, so it created this little thing called emotions to make it feel like it could, to make it feel like it was the boss. The emotions are not from your heart. They're not from your spirit at all. They're from here (head). But there's this weird trick. You think that the mind is one thing and you think emotions are another; they're really actually quite the same.

< (Next) 8 > But the artificial consciousness that comes out of Emotion Drama has a way of really attracting energy. Therefore, the mind, with its artificial subset of emotions, thinks, "See? Emotions are real, and I'm very emotional," because it can attract huge quantities of energy. Emotions attract energy. Drama, which are emotions in high gear, really attract energy. That's why so many people drop drama bombs, because it brings in a rush of energy. A rush of energy, and they can't live without it.

< (Next) 8 > That energy then comes in … energy, remember, is in a neutral state. It's all around. It's tingling in the air right around us right now. It's in neutral. The energy is basically in a form that has positive and minus - positive and negative - potential capabilities and it's ready to attach itself to consciousness and then create reality. It sits in this neutral form until it's called up.

< (Next) 8 > Drama and emotion can call up a huge quantity of this and come rushing into your life. And it starts creating in your reality. But so does a car traveling at 150 kilometers per hour about to hit a wall. It's moving, but what's going to happen next, you see. Crash. So there is a tremendous amount of energy that is attracted into drama. And most people are literally stuck in this creator capability. They're not conscious of it. They go from one emotional encounter to another, one drama situation to another, and at some strange level they are feeling like things are happening. Well, they are, but it's not conscious. And then how many people say, "Well, I don't know how all this works, so I acquiesce to destiny and fate."

< (Next) 9 > The emotions and the drama call forth more energy. Well, drama and emotion have more of a charge than the mind. That's why humans tend to use a lot of drama and emotion - it gets some of the particles activated out of neutral into their life. Then it comes sometimes roaring into their life, sometimes with painful, uncomfortable, unpredictable to the mind - results, and then they don't like it. They shut it off. They go into a battle with their mind and say, "I don't like all of this emotional stuff. Let's shut it off."

They shut it off and the energy dries up, comes to kind of a standstill again, and then they're like, "No, I need something. I need to feel something," so they turn on the emotion again, and you all know what that's like. You've had very emotional times, and then when it gets quiet, when things start stabilizing, you turn on the emotions again. You call out the energy to satisfy emotions, and then you complain about it.

< e2012 1> If you're a victim, you're going to be an abuser. Period. If somebody has taken your energy, you're going to sooner or later go out and take theirs, even if you're not conscious of it. It's the way feeding works. Some of you had drama this last week in your lives. There is that kind of a boost for a brief moment. Even though it was drama, it gave you a little feeding, and you're starting to become more aware of it and maybe even feeling a little bit guilty about it. But it reminded you you're alive. It actually revitalized your body and every other part of you for a little bit.

< freedom 10 > Years ago with Tobias you gave up your regular guides. And the beauty of that is that you get to make your own choices. It brings you beyond your typical drama analysis, which is oftentimes used when you're facing a situation, trying to make a choice and you feel, from a drama standpoint, you feel into the projected outcomes of the certain potentials or scenarios. It's an intellectual emotion that you put into making those choices, and you feel, then, the outcome. When you are without the guidance, you have to go beyond just the drama or the fear. Oftentimes, choices are made simply in fear, simply which is the least fearful of all the scenarios in front of you.

< freedom 10 > When making these drama or these emotional decisions, the fear of death used to be the thing that you ran from the most. You avoid it. It's interesting to note that for many of you now, death isn't really even a factor. It's, in a way, because you've gone through the darkest dark night of the soul. And some of you even not sure you want to be here anymore. You're taking a deeper dive into your own truth. You're doing it from the perspective of this thing you call enlightenment or freedom. What's going to free you? What's going to allow the greatest level of awareness? What's going to allow the integration of the I Am into your life?

< Kharisma 1> Kharisma is the true attractant. The true attractant. There are books that have been written about Law of Attraction. Interesting, going in the right direction, but they tend to be very mental. Everybody starts thinking about what they want – jzzz, jzzz, jzzz, jzzz – it doesn't work. It's not very effective. And then they get all depressed and then they feel bad about themselves and then they identify with themselves – “I'm not very effective at attracting things. Nobody likes me and that's why, and I can't attract anything.” No. You're just not being very genuine about it. You're being very mental about it.

< Kharisma 1> Mental has little or no Kaikho, fire, passion. It's not authentic. Every time you think a thought, most of it really isn't yours. Ninety-five percent of it, when you think about something, it's not even yours. But yet you pretend it is. You act like it is. You act out like it is. It's not. So we're going to strip all that and get down to what is yours. Your Kharisma doesn't mean you need to go out and be an extrovert. It doesn't mean you need to go walk down the street shaking everybody's hand, telling jokes in the grocery store. No, you'll look like an idiot if you do that. (some chuckles) Kharisma is a natural attractant. It attracts energy naturally. It attracts people.