Kaiko / Kaiho / Kaikho


< Discovery 11 > Kaiko is passion. Kaiko is deep and meaningful. Kaiko is almost explosive. And what so many of you didn't discover this year, in spite of all the wonderful things you might, is Kaiko. Kaiko is that passion that is within you, but you cemented it over. You've sealed it up. You put steel doors on it. You've hidden it. You've suppressed it. You put it down and then you thought too much so that it seemed to vanish.Kaiko is that deep underlying, that passion that goes so very deep that you're afraid to let out. Kaiko – deep inner truth. It's a lion that's roaring, but you've learned how to suppress it. You learned how to put it down, turn it into a kitty cat at best. And then say that you're spiritual, say that you want enlightenment, when all the time, because you've suppressed Kaiko, you end up focusing on things like abundance and partners and your damn health and everything else.

< Discovery 11 > You have hidden this Kaiko, this deep feeling, because if you hadn't, you wouldn't be sitting here. You'd be out dancing in the parking lot while the rest of everybody sat in here. You would have so much fire and passion and enthusiasm that you couldn't contain it, hardly contain it in that body. The Kaiko would drive those demons out of your mind, those aspects way from you; that deep passion. But instead you've settled for complacency, mediocrity in enlightenment. “We'll take a few steps each month along the way. We'll learn a little bit more. We'll discover a little bit more,” and I say hell no. It's about letting that passion out, letting it come forth.

< Discovery 11 > Kaiko is a passion that will have nothing else other than its own fulfillment. Kaiko or Kaiho means deep longing – deep longing, soulful longing – a longing so deep and so strong. It's desire and passion. It's not the greed of human nature. It's not simply wanting a better life. It's wanting this freedom or not to live at all. Not to live.

< Discovery 11 > And how many of you have been so bold and courageous to say, “I do not care about living another moment if it's not in freedom. I don't care if I die.” And you shouldn't. You shouldn't. The freedom should be more important than all of these rules and regulations and complacencies and thinking and what if. “I would rather die in this moment than live another moment in limitation.” That's how it should be, but none of you that I can see are there yet. You think about it. You think you've made a decision and a choice about enlightenment and freedom, and my dear friends, it is so thin. It is so without passion. It is so into thoughts and thinking, into pondering things and into plodding, into compromising, into complacency.

< Discovery 11 > With Kaiko, if I challenge you, you'd get back up and you'd say, “Fuck you Adamus,” and I would feel it, and then I would stop pestering you. With true Kaiko, you would be dancing. You would be shining. You would be shining. You would be roaring. You would be up here right in front of me saying, “Adamus, let's move forward. I'm tired of all this talk. I'm tired …”

< Discovery 11 > Oh! And by the way, it is not a … it's actually an old Lemurian term. It's not necessarily an Asian term or Japanese. Do you know where it comes from? What country of origin? Finnish.

< Kharisma 1> What you're feeling at a very deep level, and this is why I spoke of Kaiko, the inner passion, that burning fire within. Why I spoke of it last month was because it's that Kaiko, that passion, that unexplained, the unknown knowingness that's actually bringing up the light body.

< Kharisma 1> This flame of Kaiko, like I said, if you're in it, if you're allowing it, it's a cool fire; 'cool' as it won't burn you up. It's a fire of transmutation and the true fire of transformation or alchemy is a cool flame. But if you're standing on the outside and you're trying to manipulate it and you're trying to hone it into your current personality, it will burn like hell. I mean like hell, real hell. It'll burn a lot. So it's about getting into that passion and allowing it.

< Kharisma 1> Mental has little or no Kaikho, fire, passion. It's not authentic. Every time you think a thought, most of it really isn't yours. Ninety-five percent of it, when you think about something, it's not even yours. But yet you pretend it is. You act like it is. You act out like it is. It's not. So we're going to strip all that and get down to what is yours. Your Kharisma doesn't mean you need to go out and be an extrovert. It doesn't mean you need to go walk down the street shaking everybody's hand, telling jokes in the grocery store. No, you'll look like an idiot if you do that. (some chuckles) Kharisma is a natural attractant. It attracts energy naturally. It attracts people.