searching / seeking


< Master 5 > I'm speaking to all humans right now, because humans have focused up here - for a variety of reasons. One we talked about last week - massive hypnosis. Massive hypnosis. It's been going on as long as I can remember to one degree or the other. It's origins truly go back to the time of Atlantis with the tampering with the mind, with the trying to standardize the mind, but it got into a lot of other negative areas.

It allowed the human mind, which actually at one point was what you would say was a servant to the soul - and service is a very good thing, by the way - but the mind was in service to the divine within. With this tampering with the mind, it basically separated mind and divine. Before there actually wasn't really a separation. But it caused the separation and it caused the ability to ignore the divine, even though it's right there; to see yourself as human only, although your divine is right here. But this work in Atlantis backfired and it created the illusion of the mind versus the spirit. It actually created this weird, strange phenomenon called the Search.

< Master 5 > Now, this didn't happen all in one day; this happened over hundreds of thousands of years in Atlantis - but in the work on the mind, it created something called "Let's search for Spirit. Let's search for God or the answer or whatever," and that search has been programmed into the mind, programmed in just like you'd program a computer to do certain things. It's been programmed in to constantly search, even though it's right there. Always has been, always will be.

< Master 5 > You dream about it, a seductive dream. But if you really wanted it you would have it. And for those of you who say you want enlightenment, I have a bit of sympathy with you for you enlightenment searchers, because you're so vulnerable to the programming. The searching. How long have you been searching for enlightenment and how long has it been right in front of you? But you're searching. So, no, you really don't want it; you like to dream about it. You like to seduce yourself. You like to be seduced. You're playing a game, Deb, and all the rest of you.

< (Next) 4 > There are patterns in your life that you're actually not willing or ready to let go of. You're really not, because what if you didn't have this financial issue? What if … big pattern here, search for God or truth or the answer, whatever makyo you want to call it, the search. That's a big pattern. That's a huge pattern. What if you got into enlightenment in this moment? What's going to happen? You'll vanish off the face of the Earth? Probably. And part of you says "I can't, because I have to take care of my kids." Really?! Your kids?! They're yours? You own them? You made them? Well, kind of. But they're not yours. And believe it, they really don't need you. I hate to tell you, they really don't. I mean, love you, yes. Need you like you think, like you want them to need you, like you're sometimes desperate for? No, no, no, no. They really don't.

< (Next) 9 > Searching and seeking implies that there's something that you don't get, there's something out there. You've been duped into thinking that there is secrets and mysteries. First thing we do at the Mystery School is say there are no mysteries other than you! You're the mystery sometimes. If you seek and search, it gives the impression there's something that you don't know, and it's usually an outer activity. There are no mysteries, absolutely none, other than the forgetfulness, yes, that occurs. There is almost a temptation in the seeking. It becomes addictive. It becomes a passion, a reason for living, and every one of you here know, because you've gone through that. Seeking and searching also is related to a limited view of the past.

< (Next) 9 > First of all, it's not going to be accurate. It really is not. Secondly, it's part of past searching. You know, there's past searching and there's future searching, and neither one of them will really get you anywhere. They won't give you the full experience of living right now. So they go up and try to figure out what happened 2,000 years ago, or back in Atlantis, and they get all caught up in it. It doesn't matter, because history is false. History is absolutely false, because it's limited. It's generally one person's perception of it. And they're not looking … it's the pink hat seen only from the front. They're not looking at what really happened.

< e2012 8 > They let go of this need to try to define themselves, to find themselves, to know themselves, to improve and perfect themselves. They came to a point of exhaustion – anybody feel a little connected to that? – a point of exhaustion, of saying, “This search, this desperate search, is exhausting. I'm just going to give up. To hell with this whole spiritual path and all of its books and all of its workshops and all of its accoutrements and everything else – to hell with that! I'm done! I'm done!”

In that moment of acceptance, then it came together. Then they had a good laugh, every one of them. And then it didn't matter. It didn't matter that they weren't perfect, because they were never going to be. It mattered that they accepted. It mattered that they loved themselves, quirks and all. Bad bank accounts, overweight, stupid little tics or strange things you do, your bad temper, your impatience, your lack of real understanding of the spiritual being that you are. You get over all that. You go into a place of acceptance. You could say it's surrender, but it's only surrendering to you.

< Discovery 4 > The new age movement, for instance. There's not a central office. There's not a hierarchy. It's pretty loose. Really loose. But in spirituality, it's a lot of searching and seeking. It's a lot of putting your toes in the water to test the temperature, and it can lead to a lot of makyo. Not that it always does, but it can lead to that, because you can forget about the true desires, the knowingness that I talked about last month. You can forget about that and get all caught up in, let's say, an essential oil, and you spend years and years going through all of the essential oils. The only essential oil that's really worth a damn is your own sweat. You can quote me on that!

< Discovery 4 > Again, they're wonderful, but easy to get caught up in certain rituals of the spiritual group, of the new age, certain books, classes or anything else; can lead to a lot of makyo. Generally, those on the spiritual path are still searching. They haven't made that commitment. Not in all cases. Please don't send emails to Cauldre – he's telling me to say that – but there's a marked difference between if I was standing here with you versus standing here with a crowd of just spiritual new age types. A tremendous difference.

< Discovery 4 > He was searching for answers. He was desperate, aching so much in his heart. But what was really happening, my friends, is that in his search, theoretically thinking that he was searching for some relief just from the anxiety of losing his community and his wife – he was on a bigger journey. His real journey was about himself. Your real journey back then was about yourself. It wasn't about finding some philosophical answers. It wasn't finding yourself even just in a Mystery School or a monastery, although he ended up going there. But the original journey of your own divine seed was eventually about coming to you. The story of Yeshua is your story. Some of you have gone through it a couple of times. Some of you have gone through it many, many times. But it was your story of life, of learning, sometimes of heartbreak and ultimately of discovery.

< Discovery 5 > Please, please for this year, for the rest of your life, remember it's already there. You're not going to hear a voice. Stop asking for signs!! And stop using pendulums. Stop using anything outside of yourself. How much more clear can I say it's already there. It's not in your gall bladder. It's not in your eyeball. It's all around you and it's all inside you. It's already there. As long as humans keep trying to find answers outside of them, they'll continue searching and seeking and being limited. The minute a Master says, “It's already there. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! It's already there,” then it is. It's that simple.