new children

< Creator 6QA > There is, at the deepest levels within them, a knowingness and understanding that this was a potential to occur. If you look at your individual situation, you will also see they are part of the impetus for this. They are influencing the plan, and if you were not following your path, they would be the ones to put you back on it! There is learning that they are receiving also. The love that you ultimately give back to them will be what keeps them from having the deep scars and the wounds from this emotional process.

< Creator 8QA > Through your news, you are seeing the two energies, the two earths - the old and the new - at conflict with each other. You are seeing them trying to find resolution and balance. There are also some cases here where the students are trying to resolve old karmic matters in a very quick manner. They do not want to go through lifetime after lifetime balancing karma. So they are attempting to do it very quickly. In other cases it is the frustration of human mass consciousness wanting to break out of the old energy ways. The students are rebelling against abuse: being picked on, being degraded, about not being accepted for who they are. This is raising anger within them and they are expressing it in these ways.

We have no judgment on these things. We know it is natural and appropriate. We know also that you view these as very negative situations. But dear friends, stand behind the short wall for a moment. Look at what is really happening here. Look at the attention it is bringing to the old ways. It is bringing attention to old ways that need to change now. To you this may appear to be radical, to be violent, but dear friends, we can tell you that these acts have been done in love and they are received in love. It is up to you and the others who see these events, who listen to your news, to take the wisdom from them.

We see these clashes continuing to intensify. They will go beyond your schools. They will intensify until there is an acknowledgement that the old ways, the old institutions and the old hierarchies need to come down. Stand behind the short wall and understand these things are all part of the process of moving from the old energy. Love all of those who are involved in these things.

< Creator 12QA > There are children now coming in that have very special and unique attributes, but they are looking to you to be their teachers. That is why we say the work you are doing is so important. They are looking to you. Yes, it will be easier for them to cross through this void, to take that dark and difficult and lonely walk that you have taken. It will be easier, for they will have a human guide on the other side. They will have somebody who encourages them and lets them know they can do it. And it will be you. We continue to tell you over and over. You are the ones riding that wave. You are the ones who will be the teachers. That is why we have asked you - and we ask you again tonight - to stay here on this Earth in your physical body, to stay here, for we need the teachers. The new children coming in will need the teachers. We need you.

< Embodiment 6QA > If you take a look at the energy of schools all over the world right now, what they are truly lacking is imagination and creativity. The schools - because of the budget problems, which are really just energy problems - they have limited the studying to the more left brain - as you would call it - the more logical or the brainier things. They have removed the creativity and the imagination from the schools.

And, this is why they are suffering. This, Shaumbra, is why there is violence in the schools and killings in the schools. This is why students are having so many emotional problems and physical problems. And, then the doctors give them drugs. And, they don't know how to handle it. There are being deprived of something that is so very important in their lives, the ability to openly imagine, the ability to be creative without all of the burden of structure.

< Embodiment 6QA > The children who have had these concentration problems - these things that you call ADD, or HDDH, or whatever these things are - these are misdiagnosed problems. These children are highly sensitive, highly sensitive. It is said that they can't focus. They don't want to focus. They want to allow their energies to expand. And, it is very difficult for them to live in some of the energetic environments around the world right now. They need an outlet. They need the ability to use the imagination. Then, their human focus will work out just fine. The worst thing to do is to put them on drugs. This is killing their spirit. This is very, very difficult on them.

< Embodiment 6QA > For the most part children are getting out of balance because they don't have enough outlet for their creative energies. Now, they play these games. They play their electronic games. But, again that is - how to say - defining where their imagination can go. Someone else has set the parameters. They just play within it. They need to be able to imagine, like you did today, where you are right now and in my cottage. Is it real? Absolutely! Is it physical? Not! No, but it is the same for children. They are angry and agitated. And, hopefully, Shaumbra, you will help the rest of the world understand that it is time for the creative imagination energies to come in because all it is is Divine Intelligence.

< (Next) 4 > And part of you says "I can't, because I have to take care of my kids." Really?! Your kids?! They're yours? You own them? You made them? Well, kind of. But they're not yours. And believe it, they really don't need you. I hate to tell you, they really don't. I mean, love you, yes. Need you like you think, like you want them to need you, like you're sometimes desperate for? No, no, no, no. They really don't.