new children / new energy children

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< New Earth 13QA > Now there are new entities coming to the Earth at this time. They are being born as humans for the first time. They are using the same gateway, this indigo pathway. So there will be a new breed of child, unlike what you already call the "indigo children." The "indigo children" in your reference are ones who have generally had many incarnations on this Earth. There is yet a new type of human that is soon ready to be born that has not had previous Earth experience. There are many complexities to this question that would be difficult to answer in a short period here. But we will continue to work with you in your understanding even after this day.

< Creator 4QA > This is a very detailed and complex question for there are many, many aspects to this question. We will talk of one group that is coming in now that will favor many of those in shaumbra, in the Crimson Circle. These are the ones who have not come to earth ever before. They have not had a series of incarnations as you have. Metaphorically, they are building the pathways, and building the tunnels for their energy to come in. These are angels who have not been to earth before.

It is difficult for them to transition from the first creation to what you would call a holding zone or adjustment zone, and then going to physical bodies. This is very difficult. So what they do is to create energy pathways into your energy of earth. In other words, they move very close in without actually taking on a physical body.

And in some cases, the child is born but then will experience a crib death as you call it, for they are not ready, these new angels, they are not ready to yet accept the harshness of your physical reality. They will come close to it. They will come back later, within months or a year or so to be born into a physical body.

Now these new angels, these new humans, have had no previous experience on earth, but yet they have watched and studied carefully. They are the ones who are helping to bring in a new type of energy that will become important, for it is clean; it has not gone through the rigors of many, many lifetimes. These are "fresh angels." These are ones who bring in a new vibration level that is appropriate at this time.

They will be extraordinarily sensitive to your earth, they will be extraordinarily sensitive to thoughts, and vibrations. They will have a tendency for allergies because they will not find it so easy to be in this human form, but they will have a light that shines within that is unmistakable.

Now, there are many other types of children coming in at the time, ones who have been called the indigos, who have taken the indigo pathways to get here. There are many, many others coming in that would require a long discussion. But, to have you know, you who are shaumbra, you who have been here for many, many, many lifetimes, these new angels, when they see you there will be an instant connection, and they will honor you. They may literally drop to their knees in thanks for you. They understand what you have done to enable a whole new group to be able to come through now. After they come through the tunnels that have been built into the new creation, then others will follow. (emotionally) And one day, one day, I, Tobias, will return and I will hopefully be the son of the one who channels this information.

< Creator 12QA > There are children now coming in that have very special and unique attributes, but they are looking to you to be their teachers. That is why we say the work you are doing is so important. They are looking to you. Yes, it will be easier for them to cross through this void, to take that dark and difficult and lonely walk that you have taken. It will be easier, for they will have a human guide on the other side. They will have somebody who encourages them and lets them know they can do it. And it will be you. We continue to tell you over and over. You are the ones riding that wave. You are the ones who will be the teachers. That is why we have asked you - and we ask you again tonight - to stay here on this Earth in your physical body, to stay here, for we need the teachers. The new children coming in will need the teachers. We need you.

< Ascension 1QA > As you come into Earth… you move in cycles. You tend to move in cycles. The timing is now ready for nearly all of those being born to carry what you would call the attributes of Indigo with them. It is not a select group. There are those who go through first, and then there are those who come through en masse. The Indigo period was and is a relatively brief one. We have talked before of the next level, the next generation that comes in. These would be - we have put the name on these - the "crystal" children, for they carry almost none of the old patterns, almost none of the old attributes. Many humans coming in now are Indigos. All carry those energetic attributes. They will stop coming through within the next six to seven years to allow yet the next group of "crystals" to move through.

< DivineHuman 7 > This is a place where the children will come. They will be taught by you in a different way. They will be taught to use all of their resources, not just the mind, not just studying the math and the science and the computers, but learning how to feel once again. There has been all this talk of different types and categories of children - indigoes, and clears, and crystals, and God knows what. But, what will come from the Shaumbra University are children who are divine and filled with creativity. This is the New Energy.

< DivineHuman 7QA > Indeed, so many of the enlightened ones who come in now at this time - who choose you as parents - come in with no base of karma. They come in so open and clear. But yet they are so sensitive, and they are profoundly affected by all of the vibrations around them. They are so sensitive that it throws them out of balance at times, and they cannot hold their focus in this world as a human. So many of them have chosen you as parents, and guides, and teachers. They know your energy. Your energy, will nurture them, will protect them.

They are so open, and they are feeling. But, yet they are having difficulty in adjusting to everything around them. It is important that they feel safe. This will help to ground them more than anything. Talk to them. Talk to them about the safe space that you are creating together with them.

Talk to them about grounding themselves in the love of Gaia… Gaia, such a precious, precious spirit in herself, such a nurturing and loving spirit. Have them ground themselves in Gaia. Have them imagine themselves as a tree of life with the roots going firmly into Gaia and the branches opening up to the energies from the heavens. Yes, this combination of grounding and bringing in the divine energy will help with this.

They knew that they chose a difficult role when they came back into this world as opened and clear humans. And, they do need your constant reassurance… oh, especially when they are acting out. They want to know, in a sense, that you will always be there for them no matter what type of feelings they go to.

< DivineHuman 10QA > For the youth that you addressed, they are coming in with so many New Energy attributes. They do not have to go through the type of transition or many of the struggles that you have had to go through. Yet, the young ones coming in, they do need the teachers. They do need the human guides. They are coming in with New Energy attributes into still what is very much an Old Energy world. And, they will be confounded, and they will be perplexed if they do not have teachers. That comes to the very essence of the Crimson Circle, and why you are here. We are encouraging all of you to be the teachers and the guides, encouraging you to use those creative forces that are wanting to come through you now, to begin developing the New ways.

< NewEnergy 1 > With your children look at where their blockages are, where the imbalances in their Seven Seals are. Most of them, dear friends, as a clue, will have the imbalance in the Salvation Seal right now. That is where they are having a difficult time. The New Energy children have gotten through the struggling, but they are having difficulty with the Salvation.

That is why they are looking to you, in a way, for the answers and getting frustrated with you beyond belief, because they want to know that you have accepted also that you are God. Then, they go looking in other places and do not find humans who have come to the understanding. And, they get frustrated… and they rebel… or they withdraw… or, dear friends, they get disoriented. They cannot focus anymore.

Look to the Seal of Salvation when you are working with them to help rebalance them. Help them to understand that it begins within them. And, they do have this enlightenment within them already. Help them to bring this out, to come to a new sense of self (sense of "I Am") in the New Energy. It is that simple.

< Embodiment 6QA > If you take a look at the energy of schools all over the world right now, what they are truly lacking is imagination and creativity. The schools - because of the budget problems, which are really just energy problems - they have limited the studying to the more left brain - as you would call it - the more logical or the brainier things. They have removed the creativity and the imagination from the schools.

And, this is why they are suffering. This, Shaumbra, is why there is violence in the schools and killings in the schools. This is why students are having so many emotional problems and physical problems. And, then the doctors give them drugs. And, they don't know how to handle it. There are being deprived of something that is so very important in their lives, the ability to openly imagine, the ability to be creative without all of the burden of structure.

< Embodiment 6QA > The children who have had these concentration problems - these things that you call ADD, or HDDH, or whatever these things are - these are misdiagnosed problems. These children are highly sensitive, highly sensitive. It is said that they can't focus. They don't want to focus. They want to allow their energies to expand. And, it is very difficult for them to live in some of the energetic environments around the world right now. They need an outlet. They need the ability to use the imagination. Then, their human focus will work out just fine. The worst thing to do is to put them on drugs. This is killing their spirit. This is very, very difficult on them.

< Embodiment 6QA > For the most part children are getting out of balance because they don't have enough outlet for their creative energies. Now, they play these games. They play their electronic games. But, again that is - how to say - defining where their imagination can go. Someone else has set the parameters. They just play within it. They need to be able to imagine, like you did today, where you are right now and in my cottage. Is it real? Absolutely! Is it physical? Not! No, but it is the same for children. They are angry and agitated. And, hopefully, Shaumbra, you will help the rest of the world understand that it is time for the creative imagination energies to come in because all it is is Divine Intelligence.

< Clarity 10 > There are legions of Beings - angelic beings on our side - who are preparing for the next influx of humans to come to Earth. But these humans are different. These souls who will be incarnating have never been on Earth before so they require great training - you would say - great understanding. The ones who are training them are the ones who generally have been on Earth. They've experienced what it is like to be in a physical body in a physical place. They are trying to help these new incarnates to understand what it is like to be here, what it is like to potentially forget about who you are, what it is like to work in mass and biology.

< Teacher 4QA > The young people - young ones - are so very sensitive and open right now and they are feeling all of the energies of conflict, energies of battle, energies of this sexual energy virus - all of these things they are feeling particularly when they are sleeping at night. Just as we have shared with Shaumbra today saying that you make the decisions, you can decide whether to let these outside energies affect you or not affect you. You are sovereign. In your same way in your own words, share this with the children. Share that they are God also. Share with them that they can create what they choose. As you encourage this activity, you're going to find that their dream state becomes much more peaceful and you're going to see a very rapid growth and expansion in everything about them. For a human to know that they are God also is divine.

< QuantumLeap 3 > Their problem on Earth right now is how to deal with the knowledge and the consciousness that they are bringing back (from dreams) with them each morning, because there seems to be another wall, another barrier - the human consciousness, the human world - that doesn't allow them to speak what they're really feeling. That doesn't allow them to try to explain - even when words are very difficult - to explain who they know they really are.

So they tend - like Sam tends to do - to be very quiet, to be introverted. They tend to have things like asthma, allergies, colds, different types of what you would call imbalances that the doctors can't seem to diagnose. But it's really a way of allowing them to stay in their world, to feel themselves. They're not ready yet to get fully embodied into this world because of the fear of forgetting (who they really are). As I said, Sam deliberately has physical imbalances because he doesn't want to get heavy into things like sports. It's not right for his energy in this lifetime. He doesn't need all that male testosterone energy. So there's things that are not accidents, they are not things that are what you would call a soul plan type of thing. It's just a knowingness that he doesn't want to go that far into it right now.