energy of salvation / seal of salvation

the sixth of the Seven Seals; the sixth chakra;
the salvation by opening of the Seven Seals by yourself;

< DivineHuman 12 > Behind the Sixth Seal - an interesting element - an element that has so much energy behind it today… energies that are literally trying to attack you… energies that were present in our meeting last month and come in again, particularly on this day. Behind the Sixth Seal is Salvation, Salvation.

You knew that some day, in the crossroads of your journey, there would be salvation. There would be release. It's not the UFO's that come down to pick you up. (audience laughter) It's not a guru. It's not another human. It's not even Jesus, Yeshua.

Salvation is you. Salvation is the release of all of the illusions. The opening of the Seven Seals IS the salvation. Within the acceptance in your heart of four simple words - I AM GOD ALSO - is salvation.

Your (Christian) churches today are telling everyone there is salvation through Jesus Christ, his only son. And I, Tobias, will make a bold statement here - that is a lie! There is not one chosen son. There are angels from Home and millions and billions of them. And, I am sitting here talking to 238 of them right now, plus all of you who gather online. I am addressing all of you.

Let no church tell you that you have to follow the path of any other, including Yeshua. Indeed, he set an example. But, he did not want others to follow after him. You know, he made some mistakes. He suffered more than he should have! (some laughter)

So, dear friends, with the love in your heart and the tears in your eyes, open the Sixth Seal of Salvation. Transmute the Old Energy of salvation from one who comes to save if you happen to be judged appropriately. Release that from within you. Understand that you are your own salvation. No one else is your salvation, simply you.

Salvation was always there. It was the acceptance of yourself and your journey. Understand that Yeshua loves you. Yeshua has walked with you. Yeshua did not need to save you from anything. You never needed to be saved. You only needed to be reminded.

< NewEnergy 1 > With your children look at where their blockages are, where the imbalances in their Seven Seals are. Most of them, dear friends, as a clue, will have the imbalance in the Salvation Seal right now. That is where they are having a difficult time. The New Energy children have gotten through the struggling, but they are having difficulty with the Salvation.

That is why they are looking to you, in a way, for the answers and getting frustrated with you beyond belief, because they want to know that you have accepted also that you are God. Then, they go looking in other places and do not find humans who have come to the understanding. And, they get frustrated… and they rebel… or they withdraw… or, dear friends, they get disoriented. They cannot focus anymore.

Look to the Seal of Salvation when you are working with them to help rebalance them. Help them to understand that it begins within them. And, they do have this enlightenment within them already. Help them to bring this out, to come to a new sense of self (sense of "I Am") in the New Energy. It is that simple.