UFO / starship


< Ascension 2 > Sometimes we ask, "What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for?" And then we see you are waiting for a grand being to appear. There are others, not in this room, but there are others who are waiting for these little metal ships (UFO's), and waiting for green people (alians) to get out. And we say to ourselves, "They will wait a long time. (audience laughter) They are still giving away their power to something on the outside." And it amuses us, because we can see your divinity directly within you. We can see how powerful you are, what beings of light you are.

< DivineHuman 1 > He found himself being distracted by his confusion, and his frustration, and his weariness. He grew somewhat disappointed in himself, and therefore with the others around him, and even with the Crimson Circle. He found himself, dear friends, sneaking off to UFO classes! (audience laughter) He found himself going to conspiracy seminars. He found himself going to classes where they taught you to go back to your guides for the answers. He knew he was slipping. (more laughter)

< DivineHuman 6 > Dear Shaumbra, you are different. That is why we are here. That is why St. Germaine comes back to the Earth realms much stronger than ever. He has been away for a while. He comes back now to work with those who are ready to be divine and express their divinity. No excuses. No more grid changes. No more planet alignments. No more waiting for the UFO’s to land. (audience laughter) Nothing. Nothing.

< NewEnergy 6 > Remember years ago, when you went through numerous - what you call - UFO sightings that occurred particularly back in the period of your late '50s and '60s? And, there was a proliferation of these. That was because so many aspects of who you were were projecting into a potential, into the future, to see how things were going, particularly when the Earth had the probability of destroying itself.

< NewEnergy 6 > Now, there will be a whole new flurry of what you call sightings, but they will be different from the sightings of "grays," or the sightings of disincarnate humans who have left their bodies but not left Earth. This will be a different type of sighting. It will be - how to say - generally seen by other humans as a circle of colored lights that are highly condensed, highly packed together. It will almost seem like there is a door or opening surrounding this circle of lights. That's how most humans will perceive when a being from the New Earth comes back to the Old Earth.

< Embodiment 4 > We have talked before about the aliens, about the UFO's. And, indeed they are out there. Indeed, there are - how to say - there are these entities from other dimensional realms. They are not material. They are not in matter like what you are. But, they are out there. They are either aspects of you from the past, or they are your lineage from your family. And, they also know that if they come too close to the energies of Earth, they will get pulled in as well. It is hell for an alien to begin going through incarnations when they have never done so before… very, very difficult.

< Embodiment 6 > Let us talk for a moment about this year, this year of 2005. And, we would like to make a prediction here for this year. And, we ask you to remember our prediction. Our prediction is that whatever is predicted will probably not happen this year (audience laughter). There are many who make predictions, and they draw the attention and the fascination of humans. And, they talk about things happening, and certain people getting killed, and certain grand - how to say - dramatic catastrophes on Earth. And, they talk about UFO's coming, and they've been talking about this for 50-plus years. They talk about the mass landings. "Oh, it will be this year." And, it sells their services, and it sells the paper.

< Embodiment 11QA > Indeed… the energies of what you would call the starships or the alien beings are absolutely out there. But, we are going to ask you to understand them for what they are. These are, again, aspects of yourself from the past, projecting into potential futures of theirs - not of yours - but potential futures, probing and analyzing to see if the answers are found, to see if resolution has come to this whole thing called "the impasse."

Those aspects, which are really parts of you, they exist in another time, in another space. They exist in a type of energetic impasse, "impasse" meaning energy cannot expand. It only circles within itself; it cannot expand. In true creation energy always expands.

So, that part of you and others is stuck. It is probing forth. That is what you and this psychic - and that is what so many Shaumbra and so many new agers - are perceiving at times when you think you are getting alien downloads. It is really you.

And, we're going to ask you over and over, and we're going to be very emphatic, and say, "Please understand: all of this is you." The aliens, so many of the experiences - like the dear woman who was just up here - it is you. Default always to you. It is you that is in your dreams. Default to the you because it is all about trying to understand and process.

These alien beings are from the past. They are not in your Now. They're from your past. They are not smarter or wiser or more technologically advanced. They are far less spiritually advanced than you. And, don't ever believe anything otherwise, especially when they tell you how they've come to save you. It is a lie… "alien," as we have said before… it is a lie. There is tremendous information contained in that. You can tap into it, but realize it is taking place a long, long time ago, in a place far, far away (audience laughter, as Tobias repeats the introduction to the Star Wars movie series).

< Returning 3QA > I, Saint-Germain, will answer one last time and I will no longer take questions about aliens from Shaumbra. When will any of you who are thinking along these lines understand that you are the grandest beings in all of the dimensions? There are types of life forms, some in a type of biology and many not, in the other realms. There are your spiritual families in the other realms. But Earth comes first. There are not more intelligent civilizations. There are more deceptive civilizations. There are civilizations that have learned how to lie, steal and cheat better than you, and that's all they're doing. They're feeding on you. I think it was Tobias who said look at the word alien - a lie. That is all it is.

Now, alien drama, people living inside a mountain drama, Jesus drama, and any of these dramas really rise to the surface in times of change like this and times when there is fear. Even this drama about 2012 that so many people are attached to, they're going to be so disappointed when 2013 comes around and they're still in their same shabby clothes and their shabby car. (Saint-Germain chuckles) So I'm going to ask you right now to let it go. I don't want to see you disappointed on October 15th.

There are things happening, indeed, but it's not the mothership coming down. It's not the aliens coming in to rescue. As I mentioned during my discussion before, there are energies coming in and there are things that would appear to be visible to the human eye. There's going to be an increase in sightings, but it is you that is coming in. The veil is thinner than ever, so the perception of seeing things coming in is going to be greater than ever. Some people will go into fear. Some people will be wishing, wanting some aliens to come in and save them, but it's not going to happen. You are the ones you've been waiting for. Period. End of questions about aliens.