lights in the sky


< Returning 3 > Speaking of happenings, you're going to see what many will term visitations - lights in the sky - very unusual patterns, the likes of which have not been seen before. These are not the aliens. These are the new consciousnesses of humanity coming in. They will be perceived as lights in the sky, not just at night, but during the day. They'll be perceived as very interesting shifts, mostly as light energy, but as other types of energy as well. Some will interpret this through the mind and the eyes as alien beings, but it's your New Energy, your divinity and the new consciousness of humanity coming in. Don't go back to the old power ways of giving yourself just to the aliens.

< Returning 3QA > There are things happening, indeed, but it's not the mothership coming down. It's not the aliens coming in to rescue. As I mentioned during my discussion before, there are energies coming in and there are things that would appear to be visible to the human eye. There's going to be an increase in sightings, but it is you that is coming in. The veil is thinner than ever, so the perception of seeing things coming in is going to be greater than ever. Some people will go into fear. Some people will be wishing, wanting some aliens to come in and save them, but it's not going to happen. You are the ones you've been waiting for. Period. End of questions about aliens.

< Master 4 > Oslo - light in the sky. What was that about? It was about consciousness. Seeing consciousness. That's all it was. Seeing consciousness. A brilliant beautiful portal, illuminated, manifested. Now, the interesting thing is that portal was there anyway. I mean it just came in as a result of some of the work that's being done in that area and all over the Earth. So that portal was there. But the interesting thing was is that until recently humans wouldn't have been able to see it much less photograph it. It was always there, but it wasn't perceived. Just like energies around you right now are there, but you're not perceiving them.

So this brilliant thing finally came into consciousness. It came into awareness. That was the significant thing - that we saw it, you saw it. It was photographed. It's there. It was because of the intense activities that were taking place in Norway at the time and that you all tapped into long before the Nobel ceremony. So the energies were created by all of you, an opening, a sign - your sign to yourself. Not from the aliens, not from necessarily another dimension, although you opened the way into another dimension.