< New Earth 9 > We ask you to open your hearts to the energy, to the melding. You do not need to be psychic. You do not need to be "gifted." It is simply there. It is the energy of Spirit. Allow yourself to meld with All That You Are. Allow yourself, my friends, the honor for the work that you have done.

< Creator 1 > There are times when you try to create something for yourself. There are times when you try to create or change the outcome of a situation that may affect you or others. It is like you are running straight into a brick wall. You are trying to use an ESP or psychic power. You are trying to push from your brain or perhaps even from your heart. You are struggling energetically with situations, and you find it generally does not work.

< Creator 3 > After working with this concept of living in the divine moment, go out to one who reads the energies, to those who are psychic, those who see auras. Go to them. You will scare them! (chuckling) They will tell you that you do not exist anymore. They will not be able to see an aura around you, for it will have changed. They will not be able to see your chakras because they will have turned into one chakra. They may be afraid of you! (chuckling) They will wonder what is going on. Sit in your divine moment with them. Sit in a place of love with them. Do not brag of what you have done or who you have become. But let them know energetically that they too can move to those new levels.

< Creator 3QA > It indeed will be, not only to those who read your energy, but also to those who look at it under a microscope, although their observations will come later. They will be somewhat shocked. They will ask many of you to undergo further testing. This is a good point to bring up here, for there is the potential for this to bring up fear within you that there is something wrong, that there is illness. We remind you to simply live in the divine present moment to let them test, if you so choose. They will see subtle differences begin in the areas where they can more readily observe them, particularly in cellular structure and alignment. They will see changes in those outward elements of your biology, including your skin and your eyes and your hair. And yes, indeed they will notice differences in your blood, in the balance of red and white cells, and also in the way the blood cells now attract new types of cells, particularly those that provide healing and prevent illness.

< Creator 6QA > Much of what you do in your current emotional and spirit state will baffle even the psychics who look at the old energy ways. When they look at your aura, they will not see one and they will think you are dead!

< Ascension 4QA > Now, we do have to say this language that we speak of  Ethe divine language  Eit is new. It has not been used so much in the past. It has not been studied and used by other groups of humans. Unbeknownst to Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe), when we came in and started working with him, this was the language that we began with with him. This is how we talked. He is not so much a psychic! (chuckling) He is not so much a sensitive at all. Even when I knew him in physical form, he had a difficult time getting through the day on his own! (audience laughter) So, he does not possess a special gift. And, this was part of our agreement with him. We would come in and communicate at a different level. That is why it took several years for him to integrate this.

< NewEnergy 10 > Being psychic, by the way, is very Old Energy. It is spiritual guessing. All you are doing is hoping that you have enough - how to say - percentages of luck to make a few claims that you are psychic. We go beyond psychic. We don't need to play that game. We are going to a place now where we can explore multiple potentials through the imagination simultaneously, not linearly, but together all at once.