gray energy / reptillian energy / lizard energy


< NewEnergy 3 > You are seeing through people, in particular those who have brought in what you call the "gray energy," and reptilian energy, and lizard energy. These are your terms, not ours. But, you're seeing it in their faces. You're saying, "That person looks like an alien from another place." What is happening right now with the very fast and very drastic energy changes on Earth is not only is your human sense of seeing becoming so much broader and so much more open, but in a sense, some of the - how to say - some of the Old agendas are coming out right now. They will continue to do so.

< NewEnergy 3 > When the Order of the Arc created this place called Earth, this was a method to help come to a new understanding of the energies in all parts of the cosmos. Earth was created as a neutral place where you could re-experience things from before - "before" meaning before you were ever human, before you were ever on this planet. On Earth you could walk through Old experiences in a very slowed down fashion… you could walk in matter in these human bodies… you could forget who you were and where you came from. Earth was designed this way on purpose so you could re-experience things that happened to you eons of time ago, so that you could come to points of choice and points of understanding, so that the past could be healed. The future IS the past healed.

< NewEnergy 3 > When this place of Earth was created and the call went out to the angels, it wasn't just what you would consider the good angels. It wasn't just the light angels. There had to be an exact balance of energy on Earth as it was in the universe. So, a wide variety of angels came to Earth. What you call the reptilians, the grays, the lizards - these again are your terms, but there are certain attributes that are amusingly correct about this - they came also. They were part of the seed of Earth. Now all of these angels who came to Earth to help resolve an interesting situation, to come to new understandings for all of the universe… they came to Earth neutral. It had to be that way.

< NewEnergy 3 > But… but, some of the angels from certain celestial families had implanted into them… what has been called the "alien agenda." They had an agenda that was imbedded deep within them, representing the agenda of their celestial families. Let's say they came from the "grays." They didn't know that they had this implant placed within them. In a sense, there was a hypnotic suggestion placed within them that would carry the gray agenda to Earth. It wasn't supposed to be this way. But they did it anyway. And we all knew about it. They weren't hiding anything.

< NewEnergy 3 > Now is their agenda coming forth on the Earth. That is why you, Shaumbra, can start seeing it physically manifest in front of you. That is why sometimes you can be with certain humans and feel nauseous or feel that something is trying to consume you, or sometimes feel that something is trying to take all of your energy away. So, with all of the energies now moving intensely, headed towards a point of quantum leap in consciousness, which is four years away, and with your new insights and understandings, you can begin to see these "hidden" agendas.

< NewEnergy 3 > Now, we have to clarify a point here. Some of you listening and reading this now are thinking, "Oh my God, there is an alien agenda implanted within me!" (audience laughter) No, no, you got rid of those… the ones who had them. You got rid of them a long time ago. When you did, there was an incredible transformation that occurred. Most of this took place in other lifetimes. For a few it took place in this lifetime. You released yourself from the bonds of the past. It was difficult and painful because it was so much a part of who you were. You released the energies so that you could be free, so that you could help others move into the New Energy.

< NewEnergy 3 > Some of this (alien agenda) is manifesting in what you would call conspiracies, but ultimately there truly is no conspiracy. There are attempts by others to either stop the changes that are going on right now, or there are attempts by others to hold control. But, it is nothing that any of you need to worry about. You are far beyond that. From our perspective, there are no huge conspiracies that have all of you mesmerized. There are no mass conspiracies that are trying to kill all of you. As Cauldre likes to say, the greatest conspiracy there is, is right in front you. It is called your IRS (Internal Revenue Service). You're all aware of it. You all go along with it. A few of you don't. But, it's not a conspiracy unless you allow it to be.

< NewEnergy 3 > You talk about this thing called the Illimunati. The Illuminati was indeed a conspiracy. There was a group who used energies to try to control the world. But, you know what they found out? It was no fun trying to control world. It created more headaches than they wanted. They had all the money they needed. They didn't need to try to control. Actually, they began letting up control about ten, twelve years ago of time. They realized it wasn't that much fun. There was also an energy that was coming into Earth at the time that was birthing through you, through others who were going on the spiritual journey, that said that this was not part of the New Energy. It had no place in the New Energy.

< NewEnergy 3 > Don't be surprised when you start seeing things and feeling things that appear alien. Indeed, they are. And, indeed, it is you from the past. And, indeed, some of these alien-type energies will still try to scare you, or scare others. But, more than anything - we can tell you this - more than anything, they want to transform right now. That's why they are appearing to you. That's why they're making their face known to you. They understand it is time for a change. They understand that the New Energy is here. And, the New Energy and the concept that "You Are God Also" far surpasses any of the Old agendas.

< NewEnergy 3 > They'll (aliens) make themselves known to you so that they can feel your energy… so that they can begin to release some of the Old imbedded energies within them… so they can be God also. It is amusing from our side because we see that none of these Old agendas have any power over you… unless you want to play their game. You know, there are - how to say - disincarnate spirits, ghosts, that come by you every night. They gather around because they see a light and they feel a vibration that is so different. But, they don't do anything to you. They cannot harm you. They cannot. They are simply attracted to your light. They cannot take anything away from you. They cannot come into your body and take over.

< NewEnergy 3 > The reptilians, the grays, these alien agendas that we talked about… they know it's (quantum leap) coming also. Up until recently there has been doubt about when and even if. But they know it's coming. They are going to make their presence known. They will be the ones trying to scare others and trying to say there is some great conspiracy. The ones who shout the loudest about the conspiracies are the conspirators! Indeed, they are going to be writing the books under the guise of - how to say - spiritual and religious clothings. They are going to write the books that bring the fear about these events.

They are the ones who are going to try to make all sorts of correlations between other events, other things that have happened before, perhaps even celestial alignments, and say, "This is the day of reckoning and judgment." They are going to try to scare humanity. This is not a day of judgment of any kind. It is a day of celebration and transition. The judgment of any human is released on this day, if they allow it to be. That is what we are all moving towards. That is why you feel the energies intensifying around you right now.

< NewEnergy 3QA > You are correct in your perception within this family. There are some very Old energies, but it is not a gray energy. It is an Old alien type of energy that is affecting everyone right now. There are changes that many are trying to make, but they feel inhibited because of this. Your presence with them has been important because they needed to see someone who can say, "I am God also." In a sense, there is - it is difficult to define - but they are battling back and forth still in a time long, long ago, but it is also present. They are still battling with each other, even as we speak right now, but it is an Old battle, you see. It is happening on a different dimensional level. They are trying to come to resolution. But they cannot find a balance within themselves. Parts of them are still here on Earth now, going through a lot of conflict, and a lot of drama, and dilemma.

< Teacher 4 > Many of them have been on Earth before and were so traumatized by events. Some of them just linger around the near realms, but it is a gray energy. It is a lifeless energy. They are lost, they are wandering and they are confused. They are part of this whole energy right now. They don't want to see anything change. They don't want to see any evolution in energy because they are so much into being lost. And their energy has a direct influence on you as well.

< Returning 8QA > In your case, dear one, there are … now I don't want you to all go into crisis over this, but there are these reptilian type of interdimensional energies. They sometimes … (Tobias chuckles). They don't live under the Earth though … and sometimes they come and probe. They're very interesting. They're very mental - that should tell you something. They don't really have a way of having emotions or feelings of their own. They've actually gotten so trapped in the mind - and that should be a warning to all of you - that they've lost feeling and emotion. So therefore they have to go feed on it.

They actually don't look like reptiles, but because they're not really desirable creatures, you manifest them or you envision them as being reptilian in nature. And they come to feed off of feeling and emotion because they don't have their own. They would like to steal yours, but every time - not just yours, but everybody - every time they steal emotion, primarily based on fear, anxiety and those more active emotions, they do take it in. They try to feed off of it, but they turn it mental right away. So they have a hunger that's never actually satisfied.

There's going to come a point, as we all know, that they go through their own transformation. These are not physical beings, by the way, but they go through their own evolution of their type of planet, whatever you want to call it, where they go beyond. But it's going to be very difficult for them. It's going to be hell for them. For the first ones that are making a conscious choice to go beyond mind, it's going be overwhelming to really own emotion and feeling. They're going to feel like they're going through hell. They're going to feel like they're being ripped down, torn apart and spit out into the void, because it's tearing down their old structures and their old patterns of mental processing.

Can you imagine how overwhelming it is to a being who has programmed themselves out of feelings and has been only mental, logical, intellectual or analytical, who now tastes of feeling and emotion once again? It's overwhelming. They're going to think they're dying a thousand deaths.

But after they get over it, they're going to realize that they are now completing or evolving themselves, and they will become the teacher in their dimensions and realities for how to once again get back to feeling. If it sounds only slightly familiar, it is.

< e2012 4 > Stand behind the short wall this year and watch what happens, because now you have these Occupy groups who start out with good intent. They're feeling the need for change, things have to come up, and now what happens? Let's assume that their pure intent is there, but suddenly, that SES (sexual energy virus), those other energies – the reptilians and all the rest of that – they come in and start using it.

So actually, within these Occupy movements, within themselves, if you would go spend some time with them, there are more rapes than in the general society right now. There is more stealing, there's more drugs, there's more abuse. They'll blame it on the police or bad parents or whatever they can, but it's really … let's say they start out with pure intent, but this energy moves in, and they're not aware enough or enlightened enough to know what's happening. And suddenly, they're infected. And suddenly the very pure cause that they came forward for is getting infected. And then things get really ugly, and then there's violence.