; ascension;

< New Earth 3 > Indeed, we will not have to go through all of the difficulties and the separations that you have, for you have done this in sacrifice for us. We will go through a type of metamorphosis after you are complete and after this place of earth comes into its ascension status. Then the rest of us will follow you. You will be the ones watching over us as we make this change. It is very difficult to explain this entire scenario, but my friends we honor you dearly, for you have no idea what you have done.

< New Earth 6 > Now we will have you know, that as you move the energies through this tunnel, as you go through this integration and ascension process, you open the way for all other things - literally all other things - to then ascend. It is not just your Earth that is ascending. It is not just your universe that is ascending. All of creation is going through a metamorphosis process. It is so grand, my friends, perhaps that it even takes you by surprise. It is the grandest of the grand! You wonder why we honor you for what you have gone through here on Earth!

< Creator 10 > Dear friends has it ever occurred to you when you, as you are out in the world among other humans, that they are not doing the extent of internal work you are doing? It does not matter to them so much, for they are still outward looking. Honor them for this, it is appropriate. But has it not occurred to you the tremendous amount of internal work that you are doing, and how much time and energy it occupies? It is because you are going through a metamorphosis. You are going through a divine process. And you are going through changes.

< Ascension 10 > Now, indeed, you are not truly disappearing. You are not evaporating. You are simply going through a change, much like the caterpillar goes through the change before it transforms into the butterfly. What a wonderful analogy! What a wonderful example you placed in nature to remind youself of the ascension metamorphosis you would go through.

< NewEnergy 3 > Don't be surprised when you start seeing things and feeling things that appear alien. Indeed, they are. And, indeed, it is you from the past. And, indeed, some of these alien-type energies will still try to scare you, or scare others. But, more than anything - we can tell you this - more than anything, they want to transform right now. That's why they are appearing to you. That's why they're making their face known to you. They understand it is time for a change. They understand that the New Energy is here. And, the New Energy and the concept that "You Are God Also" far surpasses any of the Old agendas.

< NewEnergy 9QA > Indeed… as all of you expand your energies, and you go beyond the limitations of what you would call the human condition, there are times that you will feel that part of you is not here. In a sense, you are looking for an Old balance that you would rely on. And, it is going away. As your energy expands, your balance - or your focal point, your center point - changes, so it feels like aspects of you are in other places.

And, you are also going through a metamorphosis where indeed those Old aspects are changing. And, again - how to say - you try to reconnect with them, what they used to be, but they have changed. So, they are different.

All of this is part of this whole awakening process. It is a wonderful Shaumbra symptom that you are experiencing. And, all of the pieces eventually come back together, but in a New place, in a different place. So, release your expectations. Understand this is part of the process. And, understand that it is helping give birth to a New you.

< NewEnergy 11QA > Your greatest service is to allow yourself to go through the process (metamorphosis) and to give thanks to yourself as you do. This is the greatest thing you can do. And, simply embrace life. Along those lines, Shaumbra, there are not enough of you who allow yourself to even partake in the pleasures of life because you think you will get addicted to them or sucked into them, or not be able to get out. That is Old Energy thinking. You have denied yourself so much. It is time to give yourself love in every way… and, yes, absolutely to enjoy the pleasures of life. Embrace life in every way.

< Embodiment 2 > So, what happens in the world right now as these changes are taking place, as the metamorphosis is taking place, the distractions come in. The changes come in. So, Shaumbra, the first TION is stay the course. Don't let the distractions get you down. Be the observer. Be aware that they are there, but stay the course.