< New Earth 11QA > The sleep patterns that Lightworkers are experiencing right now are one of the most noticeable things. They will change from person to person. Some will feel the need for more sleep, and, yes, still be tired because, as we mentioned at the beginning of our session tonight, you are not experiencing typical sleep for there is so much construction activity going on at night. There is so much going on within the deeper levels of self that you will sleep much and still feel tired. This too will change within the next 6 weeks of your time.

There are others who are sleeping very little and also feeling very tired. They would like to get more sleep but based on the construction plan, it is not appropriate right now. The end result of this will, for most here but not for all, be that you require less sleep and you will feel more energized during your activities.

But also you will find the need after your month of May to take several break periods during the day. You will find that you can recharge very quickly in a matter of five or ten minutes of your time, but you will need to remove yourself from activities and other people. You will need several of these break periods in addition to your regular sleep. Your methods of recharging and rejuvenating your biology will change quite a bit after this current time period.

< NewEnergy 3QA > The answer is - probably not. (audience laughter) There are reasons here why you are no longer required to get what… you have been taught that you need eight hours of sleep. The best sleep pattern for most of Shaumbra - for you in particular right now - is about four to five hours of sleep during the night, followed by several hours of getting up, and either working… or listening to music, which is good for you… or simply breathing - but sometimes that gets a bit boring by itself - or doing something, something for yourself. This is the time for you and for all. This is the time to do something for yourself - the treat time - when you wake up.

Then, you might want to go back to sleep for a little bit to allow what you have just given yourself in terms of a treat to soak into your body. And, then it is good generally to have a "power nap" in midday, somewhere approximately 2:00 in the afternoon. It is difficult for most of you to do this at your jobs. But, we know you are finding ways to do it anyway. (audience laughter)

The sleep patterns will most likely not return to the old eight-hour pattern, or seven-hour pattern. It will be different now. Just try to accept that. It is difficult having these when you are trying to blend into everyone else's sleep pattern.

But if you accept this - and your body will go through a bit of a transition getting used to a changing sleep pattern - but if you accept this, you will find that the energies during these waking hours are so much more clear because everyone else is asleep. You won't have all the noise that - how to say - the vibrations that affect you and sometimes force you out of balance. Simply try to accept this. You will also find out there are times when you simply need to sleep 10 or 12 hours. So, you don't expect any particular sleep patterns at this point.

< NewEnergy 3QA > Most of you will be coming to a point here in the next few years that you will need very, very little sleep. The reason is quite simple. You have needed to sleep so that you could come back to our side to re-energize, to rejuvenate. You also needed the sleep so that you wouldn't get lost in Earth, so you wouldn't get lost in this illusion that you live in. You see… if you didn't have sleep and you didn't have death, you'd have gotten lost and immersed in this illusion a long time ago. These are two wonderful gifts that you have given yourself. As you're integrating the divinity, you don't need the sleep because you are rejuvenating and re-energizing all of the time. You won't need the sleep because there is not the concern anymore at your soul level that you get lost in the energies of Earth. You will simply have your sleep because it is enjoyable to come back and talk to all of us.

< Embodiment 4QA > This is something, once again, that so many Shaumbra are going through. And, there are a variety of reasons for it. There are some of the - how to say - some of the basic reasons are that your biological body and its rhythms and movements are very much tied into the movements of Gaia. And, for so long the body would sleep and be in a waking state as it had to do with Gaia, and indeed the sun and the moon and all of these things. Now, you are coming to a point where you are changing your inner being. And, as you do, you are not connecting to Gaia biologically as you once did. So, this throws all of the sleep patterns off, and it makes it very, very frustrating.

Shaumbra is finding that they sometimes sleep better in the middle of the day. This is very difficult if you have a day job. But, some of you are finding how to sleep on the job (audience laughter). Many of you are finding that you wake during the middle of the night. And, as we have said for years, it is best not to toss and turn, but to actually get up. This could be one of the most creative portions of your day, even though it is difficult to get out of bed in the middle of the night. But, you will find yourself highly creative. And, you will find yourself developing new ideas and projects at this time.

There are also other elements coming in. There are… the sleep patterns are being disturbed by the dream states that you are going into because you are pulling in so many other energies right now. As we mentioned today, the Atlantean energies have been very, very present in the dreams, and this causes quite a bit of fear at times, quite a bit of sadness at times. But, these energies are coming back. And, also some of the pre-Earth energies are coming back in right now, visiting. And, you are also trying to work out things that happened a long, long time ago. So, essentially all of this destroys what was once the most peaceful time of the day, during the sleep.

We are finding that ultimately Shaumbra will come to the point where much less sleep is needed, where you can have what you call your - how to say - "power sleeping." And, you can have… condense it all in a very short period of time. And, your body, although it is tired right now, won't need nearly the amount of rejuvenation time or sleep time that it needed before. Again, it can be done very, very quickly.

So, this whole tiredness thing will pass. You have to understand your body and all of your energy. They absolutely know the proper amount of sleep. And, it might be difficult for you to keep up with it, but you will never… you won't die from not getting enough sleep. You will just be uncomfortable for a while.

< Embodiment 6QA > There are many factors here. Partly it is because you are still plugged into an Old part of "the field." "The field" is the source of energies that lies in a neutral state that you are all connected to. This is how you bring energies back to you.

You are going through a process right now within yourself to basically reconnect yourself to the grid to bring in a New and higher level of energy. But, this process is still underway. You know that this work is being done because of the very nature of your sleep patterns and your dreams. But, it takes a while to go through this process. It can be very harsh on the physical body.

So, your energies are at a very low state primarily because much of you has been disconnected from "the field." There are very few connectors that are still in place, preparing to reconnect or to re-establish at different levels of "the field." So, what you are going through is natural. It will be changing here. We don't want to give a specific time period, but certainly in the next few months.

And, while you are at a low energy point here the outside world is affecting you more than normal. Certainly this recent Earth change with the tsunamis has affected you, and it's tiring you out even more. But, you have given permission to go through this process, as have all Shaumbra in one form or the other. And, it is just a matter of allowing yourself to go through it.

< Clarity 4 > Sleeping… it feeds you. It's not just about resting. There is an energy associated with sleep and with dreams that is feeding you. So often in your dreams you do go out into the other realms. You go out harvesting or shopping. You go out picking basically celestial fruit from the tree and allow that to come back with you into your reality here when you wake up. What happens when you are sleeping?

< Clarity 8 > Symptoms like unexpected tiredness. It happens because, as you are disconnecting from the old way you were feeding yourself, it has to bring up something new from within you. You're in transition from the old way of getting your energy to the new. So, from time to time you're going to have very unexpected tiredness, when you'd least expect it. You're going to have different sleeping patterns, because as your new crystalline self comes on-line, so to speak, within you, you're not going to need the old patterns of sleeping for eight hours. Everything begins changing. The food that you eat changes because you're fueling yourself in a different way.

< Teacher 3 > You see at night, as probably many of you realize, oh you don't just go to sleep. This is when energy transfers are made.

Tremendous amounts of information... they are not packets at all, they are bubbles of consciousness... are transferred back and forth between the levels or the realms of consciousness. Back and forth between you here on Earth and between those in the Crimson Council. Back from you here on Earth to the new library. Every experience, every thought, every choice, every observation that you made that day is basically downloaded - or uploaded, as you would - to the New Earth. Everything you're doing, every experience that you have is uploaded at night to your angelic families who are waiting for you.

< Teacher 3 > It is difficult to realize, in the general or the regular human consciousness, how much work is going on behind the scenes in the other realms and levels, but it is an absolute necessity in order to maintain a sense of balance, a sense of sanity here on Earth. When humans shut off these corresponding energies, the angelic beings... when they shut off all of these energies, they go crazy. They're not maintaining the proper balance between the angelic levels and the human levels.

< Teacher 3 > One of the whole reasons for sleep was to provide that balance so you weren't just totally focused on your human life. You would get so lost in it if it wasn't for sleep. When humans shut off all of this, all of these beings who help work with them on the other levels, they tend to go crazy. They tend to not know how to work with their own energy anymore. Things that you've experienced in the news, at least here in this part of the world in these last few weeks, is indicative of that: a being going crazy.

< Teacher 3 > So how does that practically work for you? You're going to be more efficient in your physical energy level. And again, this doesn't happen overnight. It's an evolving - but a very beautiful - unfolding. You're going to need less sleep, less food to sustain yourself, or if you overindulge - as you would say - in food, your body is going to be that much more efficient. It will know how to expel rather than store. That is efficiency.

< Teacher 4QA > The young people - young ones - are so very sensitive and open right now and they are feeling all of the energies of conflict, energies of battle, energies of this sexual energy virus - all of these things they are feeling particularly when they are sleeping at night. Just as we have shared with Shaumbra today saying that you make the decisions, you can decide whether to let these outside energies affect you or not affect you. You are sovereign. In your same way in your own words, share this with the children. Share that they are God also. Share with them that they can create what they choose. As you encourage this activity, you're going to find that their dream state becomes much more peaceful and you're going to see a very rapid growth and expansion in everything about them. For a human to know that they are God also is divine.

< Teacher 5 > All the time remember it (New Energy) is you. It is just a different you, a new experience of you. It starts making its way into your life and at first it may appear to be a little clumsy to work with. It doesn't respond like the old energies responded, so it may be a little frustrating at first. But as you continue to allow this New Energy in, you'll begin to notice little things in your life. Synchronicities start to occur more frequently. Things seem to just get a little easier. Old things seem to dissolve away faster. Even down to simple things like requiring less time for sleep, requiring less food for your body. This is all part of the way the New Energy works.

< QuantumLeap 2QA > Your mind is the one that needs to sleep, not your body. Your mind is changing greatly right now and you are much less dependent on your mind. You feel uncomfortable because, well, it's not in your mind, but you know something else is happening out there - a divine intelligence, the fullness of you - where you're not taxing your mind. So you do not need to sleep nearly what you needed before. Actually, now it is more your body that needs some sleep, but your mind doesn't need the excessive amount it needed before. You're learning to balance this, but part of you is still believing that you have to have a certain regime of sleep. And you don't.

There is an initial changeover. For instance, if you have only slept two or three hours in a night, there's still the body/mind/spirit record that makes you believe that you're going to be tired the next day, so you will be. But soon that goes away and you realize that your requirements for sleep are very different. Now, there may be other points where you sleep for days on end and that is why we say it is important eventually for you to work for yourself! (laughter) ... or an employer who truly understands that the flexibility is important. But your sleep patterns are definitely going to change.

< QuantumLeap 3 > You still do it at night. You transition. You leave behind the human characteristics and you come back to remembrance on the nonphysical side of the veil. It doesn't take very long each night to get back into your angelic patterns where you can connect with so much of who you are, but it's such a mystery to all of us - all of us - of why that forgetfulness happens when you start to wake up, and when you go back into the physical body, back into the 3D consciousness. We don't have the answer.

< QuantumLeap 3 > We do know that the young ones are remembering more and more. They don't have the heaviness of the veil that even so many of you have. We do know that when you make the conscious choice on both sides of the veil - in other words, when you are in your human consciousness and when you are in the angelic consciousness at night, and sometimes when you're in an altered state - that that veil tends to start disappearing. But it's still there. It's very frustrating.

< Returning 1QA > It is - we'll simplify it - it is a matter of choice, conscious choice, that you can give your physical body and your mind permission to truly rest and rejuvenate while you can give yourself, this aspect - actually it is, this aspect of you that goes off and teaches at night - to do its thing. You don't have to be so singular or monotype in this, it can be doing both at once. It's surprising, you actually do have a choice but you need to express that choice to yourself.

Not duality, but it is to be able to multitask or be multidimensional, and what you'll all find out is that as you make this choice of allowing a full night's sleep for the physical body and the mind but yet doing your other adventures at night, that the body will get a better sleep. What's happening right now is it's still too much of a bond or connection between the physical body-mind and the spirit where the spirit is still on a very tight tether at night and this wears out both the physical body and the spirit. So you're really not accomplishing what you're capable of.

< (Next) 8 > Sleeping actually is very important, because it's a quiet time where you reconnect with your spirit self. You also go through dream sequences all night long on multiple levels. You're not just having one dream for a half hour. You're dreaming all night - all night - and on multiple levels. You could have 30, 100 dreams going on at the same time, but that's your real nature. That's who you really are. And when you're going through dream sequences, you're actually refreshing your spirit. You're refreshing yourself.

< e2012 6 > "I'm really getting sick of not being able to sleep." Part of that is a good thing, because when you get real tired, your defenses, your barriers come down and you can actually learn more. And part of it is, by design – not my design, yours, for all Shaumbra – you do this thing with sleep deprivation so that you're a little bit more open to some higher concepts. The mind thinks it needs sleep. Your body doesn't need much. Your spirit self doesn't need much.

< e2012 6 > You don't need eight hours of sleep. That's mass consciousness overlay. You really need about a good couple of hours of deep, uninterrupted, non-mental sleep, and the problem is so much of your sleep right now, for all of you, is very mental; very mental. You wake up exhausted. You're trying to figure things out in these other realms. Part of the problem is even if you did, you're having a hard time bringing that wisdom back here. So it's really a matter of let's just figure it out here, rather than out there. Use that time at night for really sleeping or for some new adventures, rather than just trying to work out all the mental details.

< e2012 6 > In this human reality, you do need sleep, and it's more again of quality rather than quantity. And if you can allow yourself in sleep state not to be having a lot of dreams. And there's nothing wrong with dreams. The fact is at any given point, like even right now, you're having dozens of dreams that you're not even aware of. When you go to sleep, oftentimes you go into very deep dream state. That's different than sleep state. So you still might be having some dreams, but the concentration is on the sleep – physical rejuvenation, mental quiet for a little while.

< e2012 6 > So often when you're sleeping, you're not really sleeping. You're doing active dreaming. You're kind of in a nonphysical state of being in the tube. You're trying to figure everything out, and you're trying to, like, figure your aspects. You're trying to figure out your day-to-day concerns, your relationships with other humans, and it can be very tiring, because you're still kind of in here but just while you're asleep. True sleep, you go into this expanded state, and it can be for five minutes; it can be for a few hours. And in the true sleep state, there's not all this activity. True sleep state does not focus on the dreams. You're not trying to resolve things.

< e2012 11 > Sleep is natural. It was designed that way. You designed it that way. Dreams are very, very natural. Right now you're really existing in about a dozen or more dreams. You just think you're just here, but there's all of these dream states going on, which you will have access to soon. Sleep state is a little thing to keep you from getting totally lost. You nod off to sleep and you really allow the natural reconnections to come back into place. The natural what you would call journeying or experiencing into the other realms. The natural interface with your past life and your future potential. The natural interaction – silent interaction – with your soul all takes place.

< freedom 8 > The reason you sleep is to get out of your mind, and if you're not so much trapped in this mind, you're not going to need to sleep. The body actually really doesn't need sleep. No, because you can sit here, as Sart is doing, rejuvenating right now. The body doesn't need to sleep; the mind does.

< Discovery 7 > Your body, when it was in its old ancestral DNA, could not have handled that rapid of a transition, transformation. Could not have handled that quick of a change, and it would have caused such an energetic imbalance that it could have led to things like – and very specifically – things like diabetes. If the body tries to change too quickly, the energy inputs and throughputs would cause diabetes. Secondly, cancer. It would, again, send stray signals throughout the body and cause cancer in certain parts of your body. So you're bringing it in, this new level of light energy, as you're making your changeover from your ancestral biology to your own true light body. And it's happening most of the time while you're sleeping, but sometimes in your waking state. Sometimes you feel that your body is going to hell, but it's not. It's reorienting. It's changing.