new energy efficiency


< Teacher 3 > It is gnost. It is beyond mind thought into new levels of consciousness that will serve you in many different ways. The way that you're going to notice immediately... two things you'll notice immediately... Cauldre has to jump in and ask us for - how to say - to clarify the situation. Two things you're going to notice as we go into this - as you go into it: Efficiency. We talked about efficiency with a group, the first group of Teachers who we sat with on the beach on the lake of many energies (referring to Lake Tahoe). And we said "You're going to notice an efficiency coming into your life. A new efficiency in everything as a result of gnosting into higher consciousness."

< Teacher 3 > So, what's going to happen as you do this (gnosting into higher consciousness), and as we used the little example today of Standard Consciousness Technology, and if you begin to continue to use this, bring in the standard - the new standard of consciousness into your life - you're going to get much more efficient. Everything. Higher levels of consciousness are inherently more efficient. Lower levels or stuck levels are very cumbersome, very clumsy. That's what you've been working with. That's what you've agreed to work with. These new levels of consciousness are going to involve efficiency on a scale that's difficult for the mind to comprehend. The mind works at its own cycles and patterns and limitations.

< Teacher 3 > So how does that practically work for you? You're going to be more efficient in your physical energy level. And again, this doesn't happen overnight. It's an evolving - but a very beautiful - unfolding. You're going to need less sleep, less food to sustain yourself, or if you overindulge - as you would say - in food, your body is going to be that much more efficient. It will know how to expel rather than store. That is efficiency.

< Teacher 3 > Now you figured out what six plus six is. It's twelve. But to get to that answer of six plus six, many tentacles of energy had to go out and analyze and review, judge and then bring back in - and that's an easy one! Now, a New Energy efficiency for mind thought is that it doesn't have to put out all of these tentacles or all of these energy arms to try to go find the answer. The answer is already there. Already there, and the answer just comes up. A search and probe mission doesn't have to take place for the mind to work.

< Teacher 3 > You become more efficient emotionally. Tremendous amounts of your energy are expended on emotions. Emotions are nothing more than energy movements. Huge movements. Some of the movements are very difficult, some are wonderful. You're going to find your emotions don't need to have the cumbersome movements that they have had before in order for you to experience something. A tremendous amount of energy was expended on crying, on laughing, on eliciting any emotion to come through.

< Teacher 3 > These emotions sometimes... to use an analogy, have you ever tried lifting a king-size mattress on your own? It is difficult. And then moving it down stairways and through doorways and passageways. That is difficult. It's not necessarily that heavy. It's nice and soft, of course, but it's cumbersome. Your emotions are much like that - very difficult. They are lumbering. They are difficult to handle. Can you imagine an efficiency in your emotions and a clarity about them? Where you don't need to expend tremendous amounts of energy on emotions.

< Teacher 3 > Your intellect. Your intellect, as we said, takes a tremendous amount of energy to operate. It's tired of doing that now. There's a better, more efficient system for intellectual processing that's taking place. As you allow the Standard Technology of high consciousness to come in... without force, without expectation, but realizing that it's you in the highest form of your being... that's going to change every system, That's the good news. The bad news? It's going to change every part of your system.

< Teacher 3 > As you move into a new energy efficiency in every part of your being, stand behind the short wall and note how these changes come through. Note the differences. Note how you used to do it one way, but now it is just naturally happening another way. And we're going to underline that. It just naturally starts to happen in a new way. You don't have to redesign the processes. You don't have to re-engineer yourself, it just starts happening. It starts happening because you've allowed the Standard to come in. In this case, the Standard of Consciousness. In the case of your body, the Standard of Biology.

< Teacher 5 > The New Energy, it works totally different, totally different. First, it is much more efficient - much more efficient than the Old Energy. The New Energy doesn't need duality. It doesn't need conflict and it doesn't need its mirror image in order to understand itself. This New Energy that is you, already knows. This New Energy can't be controlled like you're used to doing with Old Energy. It can't be manipulated because that was just you manipulating or controlling yourself. This New Energy has a purity to it. This New Energy is very difficult to measure in any terms, any terms that you've been used to measuring energy or consciousness in the past.