< New Earth 13QA > This "indigo gateway" that you see in your dreams does not relate so much to what you would call the "indigo children." It has another reference instead. This has to do with places - either dimensional places or physical places - that many entities have come through to get here. All who are in this room have experienced many other times in other "cosmic" places before coming to Earth. There were certain conduits or gateways that were used when you came here. The "indigo gateway" was one that helped to bring entities from a place that would be difficult at this moment to explain in channel. This was the gateway that we see and we understand here.

< New Earth 13QA > Now there are new entities coming to the Earth at this time. They are being born as humans for the first time. They are using the same gateway, this indigo pathway. So there will be a new breed of child, unlike what you already call the "indigo children." The "indigo children" in your reference are ones who have generally had many incarnations on this Earth. There is yet a new type of human that is soon ready to be born that has not had previous Earth experience. There are many complexities to this question that would be difficult to answer in a short period here. But we will continue to work with you in your understanding even after this day.

< New Earth 13QA > The indigo children, as you would call them, are having very difficult times right now handling the energy, but it was known by them prior to coming in that this would take place. You are more concerned about it at your soul level than they are concerned about it. They are learning to work with both the energies of the old Earth and the new Earth. This causes an appearance of imbalance. In the period of the next few years, those indigo children, particularly those who have been labeled with your names such as ADD and other things, will begin utilizing the energy of their new house. They will come on board, so to speak, very quickly, very quickly indeed. Then you will see that all things were appropriate all the way along.

< Creator 4QA > Now, there are many other types of children coming in at the time, ones who have been called the indigos, who have taken the indigo pathways to get here. There are many, many others coming in that would require a long discussion. But, to have you know, you who are shaumbra, you who have been here for many, many, many lifetimes, these new angels, when they see you there will be an instant connection, and they will honor you. They may literally drop to their knees in thanks for you. They understand what you have done to enable a whole new group to be able to come through now. After they come through the tunnels that have been built into the new creation, then others will follow. (emotionally)

< Creator 6 > They will come to Earth in approximately five years of your time. They will be born into biology. They will take on the human condition. They are not what you would call the Indigos, for that is a different type. The indigo children are the ones who have gone through a number of lifetimes and have come to a new point of evolution and empowerment within their being. The indigos are old Earth souls. There are others that are being called the "crystal children."

< Ascension 1QA > As you come into Earth… you move in cycles. You tend to move in cycles. The timing is now ready for nearly all of those being born to carry what you would call the attributes of Indigo with them. It is not a select group. There are those who go through first, and then there are those who come through en masse. The Indigo period was and is a relatively brief one. We have talked before of the next level, the next generation that comes in. These would be - we have put the name on these - the "crystal" children, for they carry almost none of the old patterns, almost none of the old attributes. Many humans coming in now are Indigos. All carry those energetic attributes. They will stop coming through within the next six to seven years to allow yet the next group of "crystals" to move through.

Indigos carry a conflicting energy within them. They have come to Earth many, many times for the most part. Yet they come in now bearing a new and unique attribute, an attribute of the new energy. However, this is causing conflict within their being. Again they will need books to read. They will need courses to attend. Their parents will need these same things to help them understand.

< DivineHuman 7 > This is a place where the children will come. They will be taught by you in a different way. They will be taught to use all of their resources, not just the mind, not just studying the math and the science and the computers, but learning how to feel once again. There has been all this talk of different types and categories of children - indigoes, and clears, and crystals, and God knows what. But, what will come from the Shaumbra University are children who are divine and filled with creativity. This is the New Energy.