holding zone / adjustment zone

reception room; transition room;

< Creator 4QA > This is a very detailed and complex question for there are many, many aspects to this question. We will talk of one group that is coming in now that will favor many of those in shaumbra, in the Crimson Circle. These are the ones who have not come to earth ever before. They have not had a series of incarnations as you have. Metaphorically, they are building the pathways, and building the tunnels for their energy to come in. These are angels who have not been to earth before.

It is difficult for them to transition from the first creation to what you would call a holding zone or adjustment zone, and then going to physical bodies. This is very difficult. So what they do is to create energy pathways into your energy of earth. In other words, they move very close in without actually taking on a physical body.

And in some cases, the child is born but then will experience a crib death as you call it, for they are not ready, these new angels, they are not ready to yet accept the harshness of your physical reality. They will come close to it. They will come back later, within months or a year or so to be born into a physical body.

Now these new angels, these new humans, have had no previous experience on earth, but yet they have watched and studied carefully. They are the ones who are helping to bring in a new type of energy that will become important, for it is clean; it has not gone through the rigors of many, many lifetimes. These are "fresh angels." These are ones who bring in a new vibration level that is appropriate at this time.

They will be extraordinarily sensitive to your earth, they will be extraordinarily sensitive to thoughts, and vibrations. They will have a tendency for allergies because they will not find it so easy to be in this human form, but they will have a light that shines within that is unmistakable.

Now, there are many other types of children coming in at the time, ones who have been called the indigos, who have taken the indigo pathways to get here. There are many, many others coming in that would require a long discussion. But, to have you know, you who are shaumbra, you who have been here for many, many, many lifetimes, these new angels, when they see you there will be an instant connection, and they will honor you. They may literally drop to their knees in thanks for you. They understand what you have done to enable a whole new group to be able to come through now. After they come through the tunnels that have been built into the new creation, then others will follow. (emotionally) And one day, one day, I, Tobias, will return and I will hopefully be the son of the one who channels this information.

< Creator 6 > The ones who join us tonight are the ones who have never come to Earth before. They are the ones who have never crossed through the wall of fire, but are anxiously awaiting the proper time. They are the ones that will begin coming in within the next five years of your time. They will be the ones crossing through the wall of fire. They will go to a type of reception room, or transition room, before they can take on a physical body, before they can come into the consciousness of Earth.