balance between the old and the new

the battle between the old and the new;

< Creator 9QA > Indeed what you are seeing in your headlines is the conflict and dichotomy between the old energy and the new. There are energies that have been suppressed for a long time that are choosing to be free now. There are also old karmas that have been unresolved that are seeking a balance. In these next few years of time, dear friends, you will see much turmoil around you, but it does not have to be within you. This is the lesson of standing behind the short wall.

As we mentioned many months ago, you will see your stock markets go up and down without apparent logic. This is the attempt to find a balance between the old and the new. These will be the adjustments that are necessary to go on. As we mentioned before, you will continue to see your earthquakes. You will see the shatterings that take place, for even within the Earth is the attempt to transition from the old to the new. As each one of you here, each one of you reading this knows, it is not so easy to release the old and go into the new. There are energies that cry out for attention. There are other elements and energies that do not want to be released. There is even your human ego, as you would call it, which is not so sure it is ready to give up this control.

Each time you look at your headlines and see the shootings in the schools and in your public places, and yes, even of the airports… these are difficult things. They tear at your heart. We know. Understand the appropriateness of this and understand that this is simply part of the process. It is, in a way, about understanding the dark side, in answer to the question.

Most humans have been taught that there is right and wrong. It is the old duality, the old energy. In the new energies you are finding that there is the ALL. It is no longer about left, right, or center. It is no longer about the white marble and the dark marble. It is about the "four" that work together.

These will be difficult months to go through if you read your newspaper. You will see much drama and much trauma. Again, dear friends, each of you now is beginning to live in your new house. It is not that you are isolated from these things, but you have deeper understanding. We will continue to talk of these things that happen on your Earth, but each time you see this, understand this is part of the transition into the new energy. This is the very reason why teachers will be needed, teachers like you. This is why we continue to encourage you on your path. There will be a need for those who have learned to integrate their divinity, those who have walked in the new energy. There will be a need for hundreds, and then thousands, and then tens of thousands of teachers of the new energy of Earth.

< DivineHuman 3 > The vibration of Earth is going through many changes and adjustments right now. You can see it when you read the headlines in your papers. There is an old struggle taking place, the battle between the old and the new. You will continue to see these for a period of time, dear friends. It is not that when your calendar rolls over to the year 2003 that all of the problems will go away. In a way, things will be more intense than ever.