stock market


< Creator 7 > The measurements are changing faster than ever. The vibrations are going up and down. They are not following the old patterns at all. And yes, for the one who asked in your mind, we do also watch your stock market, for this is an interesting indicator of certain aspects of human vibration.

< Creator 9QA > As we mentioned many months ago, you will see your stock markets go up and down without apparent logic. This is the attempt to find a balance between the old and the new. These will be the adjustments that are necessary to go on. As we mentioned before, you will continue to see your earthquakes. You will see the shatterings that take place, for even within the Earth is the attempt to transition from the old to the new. As each one of you here, each one of you reading this knows, it is not so easy to release the old and go into the new. There are energies that cry out for attention. There are other elements and energies that do not want to be released. There is even your human ego, as you would call it, which is not so sure it is ready to give up this control.

< DivineHuman 1QA > The world around you will continue to have these ups and downs, and the highs and lows. Well over a year ago of your time, we told you that the stock market would be on roller coasters. We are not predictors of the future; however, we can see that right now things will be going back and forth, up and down. That is the natural course. In a sense, it is designed that way by you, because it builds momentum, and it builds energy. If it were always going up, there would be no corresponding energy to provide the momentum or the fuel. So, you experience highs and lows. You, Shaumbra, are getting used to this. You are learning how to stay in a place of balance, even when the world around you might be going through storms.

< NewEnergy 5 > As you get off the Old journey, and you come into experience, you will find that it's so easy, dear friends, to manifest financial abundance into your life. You think right now because you don't understand the stock market, or because there is only a small group of people who really understands money flow, because you're not an accountant or financial expert that therefore you're not in the stream of abundance. When you stop the journey, and you allow yourself to be in full experience and expression of human life, it will just come to you. Opportunities within the current structure, within the current financial structure, will come to you, the knowingness of how energy - which is all money is - how energy flows will come to you.

< QuantumLeap 5> What a great barometer of human consciousness! You know, stock markets all around the world, you ever notice how sensitive they are? If a butterfly flaps its wings in China, the stock market goes up or down in the United States. If one little word is spoken by a world leader that doesn't seem to fit what should have been said, the markets react. Oh, it is a ... watch the markets. And then watch the individual sectors within the market. Watch how technology differs, for instance, from things like the biochemical, differs from agriculture. Feel the essence in each one of those submarkets. What is technology? What is that energy? What is the feeling of technology? What is the feeling of agriculture?

< QuantumLeap 5> The stock market is a wonderful barometer. Look what is happening to what you call green companies, those who are environmentally conscious. Their stock values are far exceeding the actual worth of the company because there is a hope, there is a dream and there's a consciousness that's being put into those companies, because humans are starting to realize. They are becoming the stewards of Earth. Gaia is leaving, humans are taking over. That'll cause the market to crash right away! (Tobias chuckles) But there are enough humans who are accepting that responsibility, that's having an impact.