Yahweh / Jehovah / YHWH

Yahweh means that which should not ever be defined.

< Ascension 6 > Metatron has been depicted as the one who sits closest to Yahweh, the one who sits next to God, indeed, the one that sits next to you. Metatron is one who holds the balance between human and divine, but could not do it directly because of the immense responsibility and energy behind this. He had to use others.

< NewEnergy 8 > Spirit, Jehovah, looks at you now and loves every part of you, even those parts that you are shameful of, even those parts that you feel have caused you to fall out of grace with Spirit and with yourself. Spirit loves every part, every part unconditionally.

< Returning 11 > There was time not so long ago, and many of you will remember the lifetimes, including perhaps this lifetime, where the name of Yahweh could not be spoken aloud, where it had to be disguised, where it had to be called initials - YHWH. You couldn't even say the word God, not because God would get mad and throw down lightning bolts; not because it was supposed to be so mysterious. But there was a time not so long ago that the human self couldn't even acknowledge and say the word "God." They had to think of all these other words. Couldn't say the word "Spirit." Couldn't say "Eternal One."

< Returning 11 > And now here is a group of humans that doesn't have to hide behind four letters (YHWH) that form a cloak or a disguise, doesn't have to use the word Yahweh. Now we're at the point where you can say, "I am God also. I am God For Real. I Am that I Am."

< freedom 6 > I Am the Eternal YHWH of myself, a name that cannot be spoken. Not that it is so holy or sacred, but a name that is truly a vibration, a resonance, the heart. It cannot be put into human words or even human tones. I Am this YHWH, the words that cannot be spoken but can be felt.

< freedom 6 > And then, in this globe, if you look at its entirety, that is the Eternal YHWH, the I Am that cannot be spoken, but that is always present. And this is you also. This is beautiful you, and right now there is an aspect that is shining, a beam of light illuminating an aspect, the name that you wear on your name badge or have on your lost driver's license. Shining the light on there, but did you know that there is another name that you have? It's the culmination of all of your earthly lifetimes that's yet another aspect.

< freedom 6 > Now, I use the terms 'aspect' and 'facets' different. I say that I am a facet. Adamus is a facet of the Eternal YHWH of my soul. But when I refer to you I say 'aspect.' I say that this human expression that you're in right now, this human expression that is here to awaken and to integrate all of the past experiences of your lifetimes; that human aspect – I call it an aspect, because and until it is integrated into the wholeness, into the soul, it is but an aspect. Once integrated it is a facet. It is complete.

< freedom 7 > Yahweh. That's true. The ancient Hebrew name for God was “What could not be spoken.”

< Wings 5 > And then we struggle to define it and we try to put words to it, and the trick here was that there are no words that can be put on it. Anything that a human does to define God is going to fall almost infinitely short of what that is, whether you call it God, Spirit. I call it Theo, the Eternal One, and I don't try to define it from there. I don't say where it resides, how big it is or anything like that, but it's simply The Eternal Oneness of Self, actually. To try to define God is an injustice. You can't. I think it was Tobias again that said it a while back, don't even try. Spirit, God, Theo is an experience and that's it. It can never be defined. The Jewish religion understood that. They came out with the name Yahweh, meaning that which should not ever be defined, ever. Yahweh. And then everybody used that word instead of God, and then it defeated the purpose of it.