Theo means the Eternal Oneness of Self.

New EarthNibiru;  Planet X; 
The name “Theos” is derived from Adamus’ acronym for what he calls Spirit: The Eternal One, or THEO. Theos is a portion of New Earth that is now available to Shaumbra, and can be accessed by what Adamus calls a Dream-Bridge. Then, when the attributes and capabilities of Theos become familiar and embodied, you can use the Dream-Bridge to affect your human life here on Old Earth. Rather than having to choose between the two, Theos opens the potential of living in the AND, being in the physical body on Old Earth AND living in Theos simultaneously.

Adamus talks at length about Planet 9, also referred to as Planet X and Nibiru. He says that scientists now acknowledge the existence of this planet but have not yet seen it. He says that the scientific community knows something is there because of the gravitation motion of other matter in the region, but says that the gravity is actually not caused by physical matter. Instead, the motion is caused by the gravity of New Earth and Theos. He notes that while gravity is generally regarded as the result of matter moving through TimeSpace, it is also caused when TimeSpace moves through non-matter like thought, emotion, passion and beliefs.

< Transhuman 6 > New Earth and the Old Earth are not going to meld ever, ever, ever. It's good news and bad news, I guess. For those of you who love this planet, who really helped create this planet, it's kind of sad. And it's like, “Ooh! We thought we'd pull it together.” It's not going to happen. The good news is that you are now free to roam about the universe (laughter). You are now free of the responsibility, of the weight and the burden of having to try to bring this together. You're now free to create your own place. You're now free to be in Theos and be here at the same time. But if you have the consciousness that, well, this life has got to be hard, if you cannot get off of that, it's going to be very hard to be on Theos and Earth at the same time, to be human and divine at the same time. That's why I say, “I Am Here. I am the Master in my easy life and coexisting all around me with those in their hard life.” And it can be done.

< Transhuman 6 > In ProGnost, I talked about how this New Earth and Old Earth are not going to come together. I talked about the fact that there is a New Earth. It is not a physical place, but some will perceive it as being physical. They look out into the solar system and they see a gravitational force. They don't see a planet, but a gravitational force. So, being smart mental beings they say, “Then there must be a planet there. We just can't see it because it's hiding behind Ur-anus or the sun or whatever.” (a few chuckles and Linda gives him a look about the pronunciation of Uranus.) I didn't name the planets.

< Transhuman 6 > Gravity is simply the response to consciousness. Time and space generally moving through consciousness and it creates what appears to be matter. But it doesn't matter. It doesn't … (a few chuckles) It doesn't have to be matter. So they're calling all of this Planet X, Planet 9, Nibiru and all the rest of these things. No. What they're seeing out there is the gravity of New Earth. And that gravity is actually stronger than the gravity of this planet. But gravity doesn't have to pull things down or compress things in. Gravity can be an attractant for anything. Gravity can attract energies. Gravity is kind of the stream on which energies flow in and create realities. What they're seeing is New Earth, not Planet X or 9 or anything like that. So I talked in ProGnost about Theos, and basically to summarize I said, “Old Earth and New Earth are not going to come together,” and that's a tough one for a lot of people. But it's also the good news, because Theos, this place on the New Earth, which is very real and – and – right here.

< Transhuman 6 > It's not safe enough, because the next level of love, which you so desire to experience, so desire to have in your life is simply not safe here. It is too sensitive. Sensitive, meaning like sensitive, but sense-itive. That sense. The energies here are so harsh that actually, if we didn't have the counterbalance of Theos, they would attack you. They, not people necessarily – well, they might too – but the energies would attack you. The harshness of life with the sensual beauty and design of real love, I mean real love – not the one that you felt when you were a teenager, that was big love, but I mean the pure love – the juxtaposition between the two, the imbalance between the two would cause the harshness of human life to literally attack the sensitivity of real love. So, therefore, Theos was created for those who desire that next level of love.

< Transhuman 6 > Humans aren't experiencing it right now. How can you experience love so deep and consuming and encompassing and in beauty, how can you experience that in a world that still buys into hard life? That's why the two didn't come together. That's why there is Theos, the place of experiencing love, and Earth and you here on Earth, and that's why, in a way, they really are together, but they're not. They're two different levels of being able to sense life and sense the beauty of life. They're both here, but they're not together.

< Transhuman 6 > And then recently, after that and only after that, could we do Wound of Adam.* The Wound of Adam talks about love. It's a story of love between the characters Isis and Adam, which are simply the feminine and masculine aspects within you. And in Wound of Adam it talked about this great love. It talked about Isis' shame, but then the great love that they eventually discovered together here on Earth.
I won't go into too much of the story on that, but, needless to say, the two tie in so beautifully. In Isis', the feminine pursuit of love, her desire … let me put it this way. Isis, the feminine aspect, is the one that's going to insist on the experience of true love, while Adam, in love to Isis, holds down the fort. Adam will maintain the place, the balance on this Earth where you still live, where you still have your body, while Isis comes to find true love on a place called Theos.

< Transhuman 6 > That's why you created Theos, to make it possible when there was that agonizing realization that love, the type you really seek, that love was not possible just on the Old Earth. It would take far too long – far too long – for the two to integrate. That's why the Old Earth and the New Earth don't come together. That's why Theos becomes your safe space. It is also here right now. That's why Theos was created as the safest of the safe spaces – so you could allow that love.

< Wings 5 > And then we struggle to define it and we try to put words to it, and the trick here was that there are no words that can be put on it. Anything that a human does to define God is going to fall almost infinitely short of what that is, whether you call it God, Spirit. I call it Theo, the Eternal One, and I don't try to define it from there. I don't say where it resides, how big it is or anything like that, but it's simply The Eternal Oneness of Self, actually. To try to define God is an injustice. You can't. I think it was Tobias again that said it a while back, don't even try. Spirit, God, Theo is an experience and that's it. It can never be defined. The Jewish religion understood that. They came out with the name Yahweh, meaning that which should not ever be defined, ever. Yahweh. And then everybody used that word instead of God, and then it defeated the purpose of it.