awakening process


< Master 10 > You have already awoken, ascended, whatever you want to call it. You've already become enlightened. You're already on the other side of the "X" spot. You've done it. You've accomplished it. And now you're looking back at how you experienced it. It is a natural process that unfolds in spite of you. Sometimes it unfolds even with you. The doubt, the resistance, in spite of that, you've awakened. You're already there.

< Master 10 > We've talked about this "X" zone over our last few discussions. Now, I'm zooming in on a beautiful process that's been taking place since the beginning of time and experience. We've been having these dances of the waveforms. So you've been having this dance of the waveforms - the divine and the human. At some point they come together, which is what's happening right now. So we're zooming in on the process. You see in the past they've always ebbed and flowed like this, but never come together. Now they're coming together and you are in this place right here.

< Master 10 > I'm going to simplify the process. The first step is what I'm going to call the Fruit of the Rose. Step one, Fruit of the Rose. And let's call it also the starting point. So in this awakening, there are a lot of things that occur before this point of the Fruit of the Rose. By the way, the Fruit of the Rose is a term Tobias invented, and it was the reminder that's in your reality landscape, a reminder somewhere in your consciousness that you can go Home when you want. You pretend that it's not there, you frolic through lifetime after lifetime, even ignoring it when you stumble across it. But one day you realize the key to get back Home has always been there. That's where people start.

< Master 10 > Sooner or later everybody is going to come this way. It might be a lot later for some. You just happen to be on the leading edge of things. Yes, there are some Ascended Masters who came before you, but not many. You're actually what I would consider, truly, the first group to be going through this. A lot of individuals up until now, but you're the first group. So, if you recall your experiences at this point, for most of you, exhilarating; overwhelming; made you reconsider everything; made you just filled with anticipation, joy.

< Master 10 > And then a really interesting thing happens. You go into phase two. "Ouch." That's what I'm going to call it, "Ouch." Ouch! The other one, "What's That For?" Or, as I like to call it, "Destructuring." Destructuring. Ouch, ouch, ouch. You've all been there, done that, and you're still feeling the side-effects from it. You're ready to go Home, whatever that means. You are now becoming a wise spiritual person. You even start talking different to other people with a kind of arrogant, obnoxious, om-ing type of sound, and something happens. Your life falls apart. You destructure.

< Master 10 > I don't want to say it's unfortunate, perhaps it's somewhat necessary, but it doesn't have to be so painful. It doesn't have to be so grueling. It doesn't have to be so death-like. It's going to happen, because in this "Ouch" zone, everything that you thought you were, every belief that you've ever had starts falling apart. It's really transmuting; it just appears like it's all tumbling down. Crumbling like an old building in an earthquake. And the human aspect comes screaming out, "What the … is going on with my awakening!?"

< Master 10 > Now, you've got a tremendous contradiction. You're a spiritual person whose life is going downhill. You've told other people how great you're going to become, and now you're becoming nothing. They laugh, "ha, ha, ha," behind your back, once in a while right at your face. You lose your job, your spouses, your health, your mind; everything falls apart. You're destructuring. Celebrate! What's happening is a variety of things. You are now in the experiential part of awakening. All the old religious values start to shift and change, all of the belief systems.

< Master 10 > This is party time for aspects. (laughter) They are going to come back. Some of them have been out of contact with you for a long time, lifetimes and lifetimes. They've been way out there, because they were sick and tired of you. So they've been gone somewhere else, and suddenly they have this urge to come home. They hear the same calling that you've heard. They feel something is getting stirred up, so they come back home. They're not necessarily on a permanent basis, they're coming back to see (a) if this is the time to really take over, where they run the show, or (b) there's part of them that's curious. "Maybe we really are going home." And then they laugh, "No way. No way."

< Master 10 > But the aspects come back. They come back, as Aandrah and On will tell you, in wave after wave after wave. Now I know there's perhaps a glorified understanding of aspects coming back, that you just take a deep breath and they all come back home. Some of them do. They're happy to be back. But some of them are just so annoyed with you. Some of them have so much disrespect for you. Some of them think that you're the fool. And some of them just - they're aspects; they just want power and control. They don't know why, they just want power and control. So this is a really difficult time. I'm surprised you made it. This is a fragile, but yet extremely important time that you go through.

< Master 10 > So, dear Shaumbra, everything starts to fall apart here (the "Ouch" zone). It looks dismal. It looks dark. You're at the end. It is really the biggest death process you'll ever face, including physical death. Physical death is a walk in a park on a sunny day compared to this, truly, because you just go. Generally, you go days before your body does. You lose connection and consciousness, so you just evaporate away over into the other side, and then your body dies and everybody cries - most everybody. But this is tougher. This is the death of self, the self that has been constructed carefully, designed impeccably, and manipulated by a pro for lifetimes and lifetimes. It was designed by parts of you to be eternal, and it suddenly discovers it's not.

< Master 10 > I'm talking about the manufactured human identity. This robotic aspect has been programmed for human perfection - beautiful body; gorgeous face; impeccable sense of clothing, of course, of fashion; wealth beyond wealth; intelligence above anybody's; ability to work miracles simply by waving their hands - and, of course, the smell of chocolate chip cookies all the time. So this robotic - it's actually a group of aspects - have been carefully designed like robots and set out there. And suddenly, you and the robots, the aspects, all discover that was one great big illusion. You'll never reach that state of human perfection. Unattainable. Unattainable. You're never going to ascend in that status; it happens different. Awakening is different.

< Master 10 > This period, this "Ouch" destructuring period can last anywhere from approximately 10, 15 years for those who are fast-tracking, to 3, 4, 5 lifetimes or more. Slow studies, maybe 20, 30 lifetimes. Truly. Think of your accumulated garbage, all the accumulated beliefs and delusions and illusions and anger and wound and everything else. Think of how long it took to accumulate that. And think of how long it might take to clear it. So we had a bet about the awakening: how long would it take for what we would call, I don't like the term, but a more advanced - let's call it more desperate (laughter) - human to awaken? General consensus was 3, 4 maybe 5 lifetimes. My dear friends, you've cost me a lot of spiritual moolah! (money)

< Master 10 > You know who won that bet? Tobias. Tobias said, "No." He said, "I've worked with them before." Tobias who said, "I have known them in the Temples of Tien. I have loved them. I have walked in their smelly shoes." And Tobias had said, "No, they're going to do it this lifetime, and it won't take 90 years. It's going to take 12, 15, 20 years." Most of you have been on that track for that many years.

< Master 10 > The ones coming behind you if they have enough passion in this, they could be doing it in 5 or 6 years possibly. And the years don't matter - other than to you. If it's already done, it doesn't matter. But yes, there's part of you that's saying, "How much more is this going to take?"

< Master 10 > This ("Ouch") zone here is where we'd like to concentrate. In helping people to understand what they're going through is relatively common, and it's going to be okay, if they can get through that. In this destructuring zone is also when they really feel the loss of their spirit guides, where they feel so alone, where nothing makes sense anymore.

< Master 10 > Now, you come to the next step, which is what I'm going to call the meld. The "Meld." By the way, these are not clear barriers. You don't go hop from one to the other, they kind of flow through each other. I'm oversimplifying it. You come to the "Meld" in this process. Now the waveforms are inevitably coming together. Suddenly, you realize, "Damn, there's no going back. It is happening." You try to go back, but you can't. You try to forget, but you can't forget what you know. You even test it. You say, "Can I blank all this out?" But you can't.

< Master 10 > This next is the meld where, at a very deep level, you actually start to feel yourself, your divine. You still feel very human, but suddenly you get glimpses of clarity. Probably the most significant part of this is suddenly you get a creative burst. You haven't had it in forever. Suddenly, you are drawn into things that are creative in nature - music, artwork. You never gave a rip about it before. Suddenly, you see a beauty in things that have always been there, but you haven't noticed.

< Master 10 > Now, you're still going through a lot of the chaos and the trauma of the "Ouch" zone, the destructuring, but now you've got some hope. You're seeing evidence that this is really happening. You start to actually connect and communicate with nonphysical entities. Not that you're going to turn into channelers, thank god, but suddenly you find yourself talking to other beings. And they answer, and then you doubt it of course. But you do it again, and there's a little bit more clarity the next time.

< Master 10 > Suddenly, the fog starts to appear to lift, but then the next day maybe it gets heavy. And suddenly you feel some deep new passion, but the next day it seems to have kind of faded out again. You're in that funny middle zone, and that's, dear Shaumbra, that's where you're at right now. You still have the anxiety. You're still gun shy, as they say, a little in shock, overwhelm and awe of this process you went through. And you didn't know you'd gone through it. There's still the anxiety that you're going to either have to go back or it's still there or you're just making all this up.

< Master 10 > But, dear ones, in this melding, you're starting to feel your self, this lost love. It actually becomes more intense, more desire, and the funny thing is in this phase here, not only is your heart aching for your lost love, but you can feel it is aching for you as well. It's a feeling beyond words, indescribable, to know that every part of you has missed you and cared about you and felt separated from you and wants to come back to you even more than you want to come back to it. It's an amazing beautiful experience. It may last for a hundredth of a second, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter.

< Master 10 > So here there's something that happens. It's the melding. It's the knowing that this is real. It's suddenly discovering that what you've been searching for really is there. You feel like you're just about to break through. You feel like you can almost taste, almost breathe, that whatever it is. Whatever you want to call it - enlightenment, awareness, ascension - it's so close, you know it's there. It's not a far off dream anymore; it's right there, but it's still eluding you. It's really not, actually. It just feels like it is. this is the point of getting extremely distracted.

< Master 10 > This zone, also, you're in or you're just getting there. I'm not sure what to call it. Perhaps you'll help me to discover a name, but in this zone, in this - really, it's the final phase that one goes through - philosophy doesn't mean anything anymore. It's all B.S. Spirituality - you suddenly realize how phony so much of it was. How it was like fly paper; it got you stuck. It was amazing in one way, but how it's really a lot of crap. It really is. You don't sit and tell a person about compassion and about, you know, the path that they're on when they're down on their knees. You tell them it's going to be okay. Everything else is really kind of crap. Later, you come back and you can explain in nonintellectual terms.

< Master 10 > Anyway, in this zone, some of you I would say have entered it. Others are going to be entering it this month. It's beautiful. It makes all of this destructuring a thing of the past. What happens here, to use Tobias' immortal words, it doesn't matter. Stuff comes up in your life. Those aspects come back to just give you hell, and you just take a deep breath and it doesn't matter. You don't have to give yourself fancy little spiritual cliché phrases. You don't have to go to your quote of the day, your marshmallow messages, your fluff and puff cereals, or anything else like that. It all seems now so ridiculous, so contrived; perhaps helpful at some point, but now so childish.

< Master 10 > Here you're going to … in this zone, for example, some of you has experienced this recently. An aspect - an unintegrated aspect - and there's still some out there, the big bad ones - but you're realizing they're not so big and they're not so bad - but they come in to give you a ration of intellectual hell. You know what that's like. All of sudden you've got this stuff going through your mind. Where did that come from? "I was having a nice day, and suddenly I'm abusing myself." Doubt. Please, the doubt is only yours if you accept it. In this zone, these aspects come back and they try to really terrorize you. They're really testing you. They're really seeing if you're really up to the awakening. But they come back in and suddenly it doesn't make a difference. Suddenly you're not involved in this intellectual/emotional dialoguing with yourself. Suddenly, you're not doubting yourself and giving yourself these old put-down words, these old …

< Master 10 > You know how that happens. You don't feel good about yourself for whatever reason, I don't care - you're getting old, you're tired, you did something wrong, you feel you're not as good as somebody else - and suddenly you're in that old doubting thing. What do you do? You throw a little sugar and syrup on it, and even say things like, "I Am that I Am" without believing it. Or you maybe go run and read some spiritual quote or something. It doesn't work anymore in this zone. It doesn't work, and that's the beautiful thing.

< Master 10 > Suddenly, reading religious, spiritual text - as Kuthumi would say (gags) - you can't even do it anymore. It seems like so yesterday. Suddenly, all this intellectual dialoguing for the sake of spirituality is so tired and so old. Suddenly, you just laugh - literally, you break out laughing - and say, "It doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter."

< Master 10 > It's a beautiful place to be. You know, it's a type of quiet. It's a type of quiet that you haven't experienced in hundreds of lifetimes. You could say it's an awareness of a new balance. It's not about meditating. It's not about praying. It's not about any technique. This zone is perhaps "Sans." It's nothing. It's nothing and it's everything. Sans. Nothing. You don't need anything here. It's the true beginning of the realization of the I Am, not just saying it. Matter of fact, in this zone you come to a point where you don't even want to say it anymore. It just is. It just is. This, my dear friends, is really where you're at.

< Master 10 > What happens here is everything kind of goes into a quiet beauty … quiet beauty. You don't have to effort anything. In a way you don't care about anything, because cares become old. Yeah, there's still the human pressure to make money, pay your bills. But in a way you kind of don't care any more. "So what. They can have my house; I've got me. Nothing better than that." Now, the funny thing is it doesn't turn out that way, for the most part. You don't lose the house. You don't lose your health. You don't lose all these things. You gain. You gain. But we're going to go back to distractions next month, so I'll warn you right now. There are some distractions in there also.

< Master 10 > Please understand you're coming to this "Sans" zone, this quiet zone. It's the calm after the storm. It's after the storm, after this relentless, grueling battle that took place back here in this destructuring zone, and still remnants of it here in this melding. The quiet zone. I bring it up so that you can give yourself permission to experience it this next month. Give yourself that experience of saying, "You know, it just doesn't matter." It's not indifference, and it doesn't mean you don't care. It doesn't matter because you know how it all works out. You know the end of the story before the other chapters are ever written. It's so simple.

< (Next) 1 > You're still having some of the residual effects of destructuring, and you're still feeling it at some times, but you go into this next zone - the quiet zone. Everything gets really quiet as you really slip into this "X" spot. It gets very quiet, sometimes unnervingly quiet. "Where's the commotion? Where is the drama?" for those of you addicted to dramas, for those of you who just like to have a lot of stuff going on. It is very unnerving, and then you do this thing that will assure that you get some drama (distraction/game).

< (Next) 1 > You go into the quiet zone and have a hard time handling it, but yet there's something really wonderful about. It kind of doesn't matter anymore. A lot of you have been experiencing it. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. You start to understand that drama is really emotional junk food. You're tired of the drama (distraction/game). You feel weary of it, but you don't know what else is out there. In a way you're trying to replace old drama with just kind of new improved drama, but in the quiet zone, there tends to be no drama. That's where many of you have been.

< (Next) 1 > We move into the next zone. It entails allowing yourself to transcend the old limits of the mind. The mind is probably one of the most adaptable, programmable and actually flexible and amazing parts of you. The angels - the angelic beings - do not have minds. So they don't really understand how brilliant a mind is. You now are a Body of Consciousness with mind and spirit and body and gnost and aspects and everything else. It's really quite amazing. There are non-human, non-physical beings who would kill to have what you have - literally, if they could. Fortunately, they can't, so they manipulate instead. They want this.

< (Next) 1 > We move into the next zone. It entails allowing yourself to transcend the old limits of the mind. The mind is probably one of the most adaptable, programmable and actually flexible and amazing parts of you. The angels - the angelic beings - do not have minds. So they don't really understand how brilliant a mind is. You now are a Body of Consciousness with mind and spirit and body and gnost and aspects and everything else. It's really quite amazing. There are non-human, non-physical beings who would kill to have what you have - literally, if they could. Fortunately, they can't, so they manipulate instead. They want this.

Can you imagine? Just imagine for a moment: you're an angel, you've never come to Earth. But imagine just contemplating having more than just this fuzzy wuzzy angel being self; very … kind of … airy fairy, I guess, is the right word; the integration of a mind; the ability to take on physical form; and eventually to be able to be in or out of physical form by choice. You have to experience it. You have to really get into it first.

They want this. They want it because it's a type of fulfillment. It's a type of - they feel - the advanced being. That's why I have to laugh when I hear people talk about these ETs, these aliens, these advanced civilizations. Until you've been in physical form and had a mind, been here on Earth and learned to integrate the I Am or the Godself, there is no more advanced form anywhere. Anywhere. It's just a bunch of mind junk.

With a being who says they're from an advanced civilization - I highly doubt it, and I have been around a little bit. Haven't met anything more advanced than a conscious human being, because you have the body, the mind, the spirit; because you are learning right now how to choose, how you want to work with those. Do you want to be physical or do you want to be non-physical? Do you want to be mental for a moment to help figure out something that requires mental or be the divine? Or how about the combination of all of it? That is the most advanced species in all of creation and can only be found here on Earth and can only be had by experiencing lifetimes on Earth through the birthing process.

< (Next) 1 > I've been showing you for months and months this very linear horizontal diagram where the spirit human and the divine finally cross at the "X" point, and then they keep weaving in and out. They no longer are separate. They're no longer ebbing and flowing; now they're interweaving with each other. The only reason why that's significant is because now you have human and you have divine in this beautiful tapestry, going together, never, ever, ever to be separated again. Ever. You cannot undo this. You can't go backwards, even if you try.

< (Next) 1 > So I've laid this out in a very horizontal manner. What happens as we get deep into the "X" zone and we start going out, horizontal changes to vertical. What does that look slightly like? Absolutely like DNA, because DNA ultimately is a physical template of a divine action. It's showing up in your body as strands. There's more than two, by the way. There's a lot. It was known at one time that there were up to 12, and then as some of you know, there became the 13th with the integration of masculine, feminine. Some of you right now are carrying 15,16, 17 different strands, some of them not really activated yet, but they're in design. They're being architected for things you're going to be doing very, very soon.

< (Next) 1 > So now the dance of the divine and the human actually shifts. It actually shifts, because you're no longer on a linear path through life. In a sense you could say that when the shift occurs, you have set up all the potentials to transcend time and space. And because it's so intimately connected to your DNA, your DNA - the work that you've been doing at the deep levels of your DNA over these last few years - now starts to activate. It starts to activate, and you don't need to do a damn thing. Please don't do anything. You'll interfere with the process. Don't do anything. So this is actually very important that you've had this flip occur from horizontal, linear to basically vertical.

< (Next) 1 > Energy starts flowing different at that point. It flows from above and it comes up from below. I don't want to waste a lot of time into this, but in the past you've been trying to bring in energy from what you call above and not much has been going up from below. It's all been staying down there, for a reason. You needed to continue having that flow of energy into this reality. But you are now at the point where it doesn't all have to flow in here. It doesn't all have to keep you down here. It starts flowing up. As it does, as these energies go through these beautiful dancing motions, they obviously intersect with each other. They start a very interesting dance.

< (Next) 1 > At the same time while this basic template is going on, the energy starts running along these patterns, and it runs basically in all directions. The mind says, "Well, sooner or later they're going to clash." They don't. The energies start moving in every which way, but instead of old vibrational energy that would clash or destroy the integrity of each other in kind of a destructive way, now they start this incredible … well, imagine it as a weaving. Imagine it as a cosmic human tapestry. That's exactly what's taking place within your body and your spirit. The mind has been holding back, didn't know how to get out of itself. It was that easy. One word - acceptance - some breathing and then letting it take place.

< (Next) 1 > It's consciousness and energy moving together, and that's what it's all about. Remember consciousness, energy, used to be two separate things? You did whatever you could to try to make them work together. Consciousness would call out for energy to try to support its desires, its dreams, its manifestations, but now what's happening in all of this is they don't need to be separate. It is truly what I would call wholistic consciousness and energy contained in the same vessel, contained in the same dynamic together. That's what, by the way, we call New Energy. They're together.

< (Next) 1 > What happens right now is these areas here (inside the "loops" of the intersecting waveforms), in this dance of human and spirit, these are filled with potentials. Potentials. What is a potential? It's unexpressed reality. The potentials can be grand. They can be small. They can be earthly and human or they can be totally beyond anything that you've known.

< (Next) 2 > Potentials used to come from out here (outside the waveform) and be attracted by the dynamics of the waveform. Waveform attracted energy that brought in potentials that you had once contemplated when you went through the Wall of Fire. That make sense? In other words, in the Old Energy, the old waveform going like this (horizontal), depending on the balance of the waveform, would attract energies from the outside that would then basically manifest potentials you had contemplated when you left Home. So you brought the appropriate situation into your life.

< (Next) 2 > What happens now is that the potentials no longer come from outside, and the energy no longer comes from out there. You're not having to call anything up or call anything in. It's all in the moment. The energy is in the moment. The energy's already in here now, in other words. You're no longer having to wait for the old situation of 'cause and effect' to take place, and that's going to be one of the most challenging things you're going to have to work with, because you're used to cause and effect - something happens, something happens as a result of that. It's not going to work that way anymore. There'll be a transition period, of course.

< (Next) 2 > The potentials are not going to come from what you experienced in the Wall of Fire - going through that zone, coming to this reality, and the energy is not going to be coming from the outside. It happens absolutely the moment. When we did the song before in the moment, Linda writing in the moment, Hannibal singing in the moment - you're going to be experiencing that in your lives. Not necessarily writing and singing, but the experience of being in the moment. There's going to be a tendency to want to quick go out there somewhere else for the answer or go back there, back into memory, back into previous experience for the answer. It's going to knock you flat off your feet.

< (Next) 2 > You're going to have to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and realize the energy and the potential is already right there. The potential … it's kind of interesting because the potential is in the moment. It didn't happen 'back when' so that you can pull it in now. So the potentials are right there right now, but if you try to go in mentally and try to figure them out in advance, you won't be able to. It sounds terribly confusing, but it's really not. It's terribly simple, wonderfully simple - wonderfully simple.

< (Next) 2 > It's all happening in the moment, and guess who really doesn't like that? (someone says "the mind") The mind and? Your aspects. They do not like that one bit. It's uncomfortable for them, they're not used to it, they definitely feel a loss of their control, because that's where they've been working. They've been working from the past, and they make a lot of promises about the future. But aspects - dysfunctional or disconnected aspects - do not like the Now moment at all. No, no, no. They hang out in the past, and they play with the future. So what's going to happen? Aspect riot!

< (Next) 2 > You actually don't have to do a lot. You don't have to go and beat yourself, please. You don't have to drink twelve gallons of water a day; three or four is good enough. (1 gallon = 3.8 liters) There's not a lot other than accept. Accept. That's it. Anything else is makyo.

< e2012 3 > You could say that your experiences have been like a big spiral and continuing to expand, continuing to experience and to share all that. But a funny thing happens at a certain point in this awakening that you're going through. The spiral comes back into itself - and then you would have to create a hologram, we can't write it on the board like this - but you go through like a doorway, a doorway into yourself. And you're never going to be alone in there, because you've found yourself, but you'll have an intimate understanding of everything and everyone else when you fall in love with yourself.

< freedom 7 > How do you measure your awakening progress? The joy. The joy. Now, that being said, there's also going to be very difficult and challenging moments, but levels of joy that you've never had before. It's doesn't mean every day is going to be joy city. It doesn't mean that you're just going to be hop, skipping and jumping down the road. But it means the conscious awareness of a level of joy that you've never had. Usually followed by a deep dive into the abyss, but coming up for a new level.

< discovery 2 > “You choose awakening and you allow enlightenment.” Well, in a way, you chose your awakening after lifetimes of studying religion, spirituality. You chose it when you were saying that you’re tired of being here, that something has to give. You chose it by this lifetime expression of yours. You chose it by wanting more. Now, the fact is you might have read my book or another book and thought that that was the moment of the awakening. But no, it started a long, long time before that. Then you started to go through this awakening process, and there were many, many chances along the way for you to say, “No, it’s not for me. I want to stop here” – up until a point of no return.

< discovery 2 > So you could say that you had opportunities to not continue to go through your awakening. You could have stayed in just one area of it, but you continued. So there was a series of steps along the way, and many have not chosen to continue going. Many have stopped along the way. Yes, sooner or later they're going to allow their enlightenment, but they've chosen to stop along the way. Why? Well, it's an intense process. Awakening has a way of going in and showing you everything that was imbalanced within you. Living within a limited state of reality will cause imbalance.

< discovery 2 > So this imbalance becomes a driving force, because you say to yourself, “I don't want this level of imbalance anymore.” So this imbalance will literally go into every part in your awakening and expose it to you and put it in your face. It's a type of clearing process. It's its own type of natural disaster, but it's, in a way, a soul disaster. And I don't mean to smile when I say that, but I can smile because I know you're going to come through it. I know if you're listening right now and if you're here, if you're tuned into this, that you are going to come through it.

< discovery 2 > But you get to a certain point in the awakening – you really can't turn back. You've learned too much. You've been exposed to too much. You know too much by now. You get to a point of no return. And there comes a point in awakening where there really are not many on the outside, because where you're going is where a few angels have ever gone before. Truly, in all of the cosmos, few angels have ever gone there. We talk about the fact that there's less than 10,000 Ascended Masters, but there are not many angelic beings who have gone where you are.

< discovery 2 > I say that You choose awakening and you allow enlightenment. It's very true, because you get to this certain point, so many of you have experienced the dark night of the soul, going into the void, feeling so into nothing – nothing around you other than yourself – and at a certain point, you simply come into allowing. You realize that there are no plans or programs anymore. There is you, and it comes down to allowing that, allowing yourself. And as you do, it's also allowing the increased sense of awareness, the increased sense of perception. Allowing everything that you've ever experienced. Allowing it to come to you in a very, very different way than it ever has before. Allowing yourself to embody yourself. Allowing yourself to be present in this reality and allowing energies to serve you.

< Wings 10 > So, four steps. First, the calling. You all went through that. You know what the calling is. You're just sick and tired of life. You know something's got to change. There's this kind of almost haunting, nagging voice within you that you try to ignore, and the voice is saying, “It's time. It's time. It's time.” And you try to avoid it. You try to focus on your life or you smoke a lot of pot and drink a lot of wine, but “It's time” is still there. This is pre-awakening and sometimes it actually could go for lifetimes, but usually it lasts maybe three, four, five years, depending where you are in your life. But it's the calling. You go from there into awakening. Awakening, number two. If you would write that as number three, the dark night.