thinking; analyzing; logic;

< Ascension 3 > We are not asking you to pick up any specific belief system or philosophy. We are not asking you to read any specific books or do any ceremony. As you know, we are not so much in favor of these things! We are asking you to go within, for the answers lie within. We are not asking you to teach this work of the Crimson Circle, lesson by lesson. We are asking you to embrace the essence of it and to help bring it forth. We are asking you to be there when the knock comes at your door and to begin your work.

< Ascension 3 > Most of the energy of duality is held in those places that were built to worship God. Most places that were built to worship God hold a tremendous imbalance of a male and female energy. That must come to a stop in order to move into the new energy. The ones who hold the power of these places, of these churches and philosophies, understand this. By understanding it, they become more fearful, and they make ignorant remarks to the press (referring to Jerry Falwell’s remarks after the September 11 events). By becoming more fearful they will also become more righteous, and they will hold on tighter than ever before. It is because they feel they are losing their grip. They are losing their foundation. As the new energy comes to be, it is not appropriate for that old imbalanced energy of duality to be there.

< Ascension 4 > Then, there was the third human who was searching for God through her emotions. We told the story that she would go to her church service every Sunday, and she would get that hit of energy, and she loved it. But, within an hour or so when she was out the door, it would seem to leave. It would evaporate and dissolve, and it would be gone. During the week she would go to these new age meetings also. (chuckling) She did not care about any particular philosophy. She did not hold to any school of thought. She liked going to meetings. She rarely heard a word. She liked going to meetings and sitting in the energy. She thought she would find God in this energetic hit. But, she wasn't owning her own Self. So it would evaporate. It would leave. She was trying to find God through the emotions, through the energy hits that came about. She is still going to a lot of meetings, and she has not found God.

< NewEnergy 2QA > They don't want to get overly esoteric, because they have learned that pure philosophy does not satisfy the heart. It is only food for the head.

< Teacher 5 > I (Kuthumi) have had many, many incarnations on Earth and one of the most memorable that I had was approximately 500-600 B.C. I was known back then as the philosopher called Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher. It was a very interesting lifetime because back then in this land of Greece there was so much changing in its own consciousness. A new civilization was coming to life preparing for the Christos era of humanity.

< Teacher 5 > In Greece there were thinkers. In Greece there were creators. Greece was developing a new civilization and a new culture and I (Kuthumi) - I was right in the midst of it. I was a philosopher. I was a mathematician. I found it fascinating because I was trying to understand the world - understand nature, understand spirit - through math and through philosophy. I had a love and a passion for this philosophy. I had a love for trying to understand how the numbers worked, how the numbers made logic and sense of the universe, of the stars. I would spend my days, my years, playing with the energy of numbers.

< Teacher 5 > That lifetime as Pythagoras was followed then by the lifetime as B... Balthma... Baltherus. Sorry about that, Cauldre is saying. New words flying his way... In that lifetime I was noble but I continued my philosophical studies. I continued my mathematical studies. But something new entered in now. It was this whole area of spirituality. It was the first lifetime that there was a renewed focus on the spiritual aspect. That is why I was so keenly interested in this whole birth of Yeshua, this whole Christ energy coming to Earth. I studied the stars to understand how and when the Messiah energy would become present on Earth.

< Teacher 5 > I (as Kuthumi) fancied myself again as a philosopher, as a studier and as a seeker of truth. I studied very, very hard, day and night, had no social life whatsoever. I kept myself confined to my room, confined to the classes. I studied very, very hard for four years. At the end of this four year period, while walking the path along the university one day, while finally taking note of things that had always been there - the trees, the sky, the birds - I suddenly realized I knew nothing.

< Teacher 5 > The biggest thing that I learned in that lifetime (Kuthumi), and the reason why I come to talk to you today, is I learned that philosophy was really, as was said here earlier today, really a bunch of crap. And I come here today to make the announcement, the profound announcement, that philosophy is dead. Philosophy is dead as of this point. "Good!" you say. "Good."

< Teacher 5 > I'm not saying that it was all bad, but in this New Energy era that you are moving into, philosophy dies. Philosophy goes away. It's replaced by creativity. It's replaced by experience. It is replaced by wisdom, but a wisdom that doesn't have its roots in all of this thinking. Philosophy goes away as creativity comes back.

< Teacher 5 > Now, this may alarm many people who say "But the philosophy is necessary to the advancement of culture. The philosophy is necessary because it causes us to study ourselves." Well that is true to an extent - up to an extent. But when you reach a certain point in your journey, in your own seeking, you realize first of all, there is nothing to seek. You were just a seeker. It was your job, your profession. But where does it get you ultimately? The philosophy transcends now. It goes beyond the logic and the mind and many people get concerned because to them that is everything. That is all they know in their mind.

< Teacher 5 > But you know, it takes a good going out of your mind - a good mental breakdown - to really understand that there is something outside of the mind. It takes that shattering of the illusion of the mind, the total meltdown of that Old Energy basis for understanding life. When you go out of the mind you realize that there's something much more precious. Something much grander. Something that doesn't get you stuck like the mind does. It's your spirit. It's your self. It's your gnost. Well it also involves your mind, but you learn that there's something far grander - and it is you. It is you.

< Teacher 5 > So philosophy, Shaumbra, in the New Energy, dies. It goes away. No need to ponder everything. No need to analyze everything. No need to be philosophical about everything. Now it's about enjoying the experience and allowing the creativity to be the guiding energy in your life. Going out of the mind, out of philosophy, again it rings the alarm bells. It draws the concern because that is the energy you've been stuck in. It's what you know. It's what is familiar. You don't know another operating system.

< Teacher 5 > When you let go of the mind and let go all the philosophy, beyond it there's a whole new frontier for you. Beyond it are answers to questions that you pondered for a long time in the old philosophical sense but never found the answers to. Beyond it are new frontiers of consciousness that the mind could not possibly comprehend. Beyond it is a new meaning to life that philosophy itself could never help to explain or to understand. Beyond it is the lack of struggle, the lack of conflict within yourself.

It is a divine state of being and it's here right now. It's not in some far distant future. It's not just a concept, not just a philosophy, but it's here right now. It's a gift that you have given yourself. It's this harvest of the Christ seed energy. It's time to bring that in, into your reality, right now if you choose.

< Teacher 5 > In the New Energy there's really no reason for philosophy as you have known it in the past, and there's actually no place for it, because philosophy was the search. Philosophy was the hunt. Philosophy was the way to try to figure out, basically through forms of logic, a very illogical and very chaotic world. While philosophy made many advances and strides, ultimately it never solved the problems of the world, much less many of the individuals who partook in it.

< Teacher 5 > This (creativity replacing philosophy) is one of things that, even well over a hundred years of time ago, that Madame Blavatsky and I (Kuthumi) spent hours and hours discussing. But ultimately we knew we even had to stop the discussion. It was time to just go out and experience. But we couldn't experience it to nearly the extent that you can right now because the consciousness and the energy was different.

< Teacher 6 > Philosophy has a very old and sordid background. It has been responsible for some very interesting evolutions of human consciousness, but also for some very distorted beliefs - beliefs that humans have latched onto and held onto. And then, as you heard earlier, when a human adapts a belief, accepts a belief, then they manifest it, many times subconsciously, occasionally consciously. But you are - your environment, your reality - is the result of how you build your belief systems.

< Master 5 > Ah, philosophy - it's another thing just from the mind. It lacks … it is so boring. Have you ever had philosophy that was joyful? I haven't. I haven't studied a bit of it that was. Philosophy is mental, boring. It allows the mind to chase itself around and around and around and around, and then when it gets tired, it comes out with a new philosophy.