Balthma / Baltherus

Saint Baldred of Tyninghame
(known, in Durham, as Balther or Baltherus)

< Teacher 5 > That lifetime as Pythagoras was followed then by the lifetime as B... Balthma... Baltherus. Sorry about that, Cauldre is saying. New words flying his way... In that lifetime I was noble but I continued my philosophical studies. I continued my mathematical studies. But something new entered in now. It was this whole area of spirituality. It was the first lifetime that there was a renewed focus on the spiritual aspect. That is why I was so keenly interested in this whole birth of Yeshua, this whole Christ energy coming to Earth. I studied the stars to understand how and when the Messiah energy would become present on Earth.

< Teacher 5 > I studied the books. I studied other philosophers and the religions to understand how we were beginning to create something new and different on this incredible planet Earth. But yet I would have to say even in that lifetime (Balthma) I got stuck in my own self. You see, I was a seeker. I had been a seeker as long as I can remember. That energy of being the seeker was carried over into yet other lifetimes, lifetimes where I continued my work as a philosopher and as a mathematician.