< New Earth 1 > We come now to a place in the path where there is a chasm. There is no bridge over the chasm, dear friends. There is simply a deep gorge. You cannot see to the other side of the chasm for there is a fog that surrounds it. You do not know how far it is that you will have to jump. You do not even know, in particular, why you are being asked to jump.

< New Earth 1 > And at this point on your path it is our time to say good-bye to you. Those who have guided you or have been in your company, it is our time to bid you farewell. For we cannot go where you are going at this time. Those who are and have been your guides for lifetimes after lifetimes, your celestial friends who you visit at night, your family who is the Crimson Council, cannot go with you. And this is a good thing. You may ask why this is - why you must take this next part of the journey alone and it is quite simple. It is not possible for you to know your divinity, to know your Godself again if our energy is interfering, if our energy is surrounding. That is why we say good-bye at least for the time being, sending you on your journey by yourself. It is time for each of you to reconnect with who you truly are.

< New Earth 1 > You stand at the edge of the chasm knowing not how far it is, knowing not even how to fly at this time. It is time for each of you to do a bit of soul searching, to pull up from within you all that you are, to face the greatest fears that you will ever face and to simply walk through them. All of the intellectual, rational thoughts that you have will not work now. This we give in truth. We have said before to this group and to others, this is not the time to go back to your old bookshelves to read up on how to cross the chasm because it has never been written. This is not the time to go find the security of old words that were read by you. This is not the time to call on your guides. For there is a higher power, a greater love that is yearning to be called up at this time.

< New Earth 4 > Literally, after the energy measurement takes place, you could imagine two different earths, now appearing side-by-side, together. They will be in the same space, but they will be different. There will be the earth of the new energy, for those who are willing - or for those who have taken the leap across the chasm (Tobias makes reference to a previous channeling about the Spiritual Chasm) - who are willing to go into a place of love, and who are willing to be the pioneers in the new energy.

< New Earth 8 > We told you there was a chasm to cross, that it would be difficult for you would not know how far the chasm was or how you would get to other side but that by trusting in yourself and trusting in Spirit, you would suddenly emerge on the other side of the chasm. And that is what we are seeing with this group and spiritual ones all over the world.

< Creator 10 > You are graduating into a class that has never graduated before. And it gives us a special feeling of love and thanks, because as we have told you, there are many who will follow behind you. All of the angels of the universe are waiting, waiting their time to cross the chasm. But we will know that other human angels that have crossed it first. Oh yes indeed we will have to do it ourselves, just like you are having to do it yourself. But we will know there have been those who have persevered, who have given their lives and all of their being, who have given thousands of lifetimes to get to the point where you are.

< Creator 10 > You will want to know exactly what it is before you take that step. Dear friends, you
can not possibly define the attributes of Divine Will in the current consciousness that you hold. You must step into it first. Once again we are asking you to cross a chasm on your own, without us being there to take you over. We know all of you will spend some time thinking of the implications of stepping into Divine Will, for it does mean releasing Free Will. Free Will can be wonderful and fun. I know, for I have experienced it! It is an amazing, amazing energy. The Divine Will… the Divine Will is grander, more complete and more fulfilling. You who have been asking, "Spirit, what is it that I should be doing, what of my job, what of my relationship, what do you want me to do now?" Now we say it is time for you - when you are ready - it is time for you to step into your Divine Will. In Divine Will, knowingness will come to you.