September 18, 2007


< NewEnergy 3 > It is a date that comes from you. It is a date where we see this quantum leap taking place. And, it is simple - September 18, 2007, a date of completion, and a date of transformation. Now, this date could change. There could be events that bring it in earlier or a bit later. But, we've been looking at it. The runners have been working with it as well. This is the day that we see this happening. You see… what will happen between now and then is intense and fast changes around your planet, all over your planet. Things are trying to come into alignment. There will be many who leave the Earth because, in a sense, they are not prepared to cross over into the New Energy. They are prepared to cross over physically but not in consciousness.

< NewEnergy 3 > There are Old Energies that do not want to see this change (quantum leap in mass consciousness). They can feel it coming, and they will resist it. We brought in the Pope (John Paul II) last month because that is also a signal to the church that the change is now imminent. And, they don't want to let him go because they know when he does, that it will bring changes in the church, changes that move towards this date, September 18, 2007. So, they are holding on.

< NewEnergy 3 > After the quantum leap the transformation of energies will be different. There will no longer be the opposing forces. Energy will be transformed or utilized by you now as a - how to say - single element that is expanded in all directions simultaneously. That is how it will work. After this date of September 18, 2007, it will become available in a new way. It will become available to help with technologies and inventions, to move and to shift consciousness. It is a potent energy. It works so differently than the Old Energy of vibration. It will change things on Earth very rapidly.

< Teacher 10 > And here we are now, less than five months away from the next big shift. But this spiral called human consciousness doesn't just expand further, doesn't just have more difference between the points within the spiral, doesn't just get faster. It changes its entire nature, where speed is not a factor anymore. You see, speed tends to be linear, tends to be three-dimensional. Speed will no longer be a factor in the New Energy. And I'm not just talking about the speed of your car or how fast you can work on a given day. We're talking about the ability to expand - not just in this fairly predictable spiral fashion, which is occurring in your third-dimensional reality - but now, basically you can say an explosion. An explosion. September 18, 2007 - and we're measuring this, watching it very carefully - on this date, speed no longer matters and spiral no longer matters. They're off the chart.

< Teacher 10 > It's going to, in a sense ... if you were observing this chart in the way that we have just talked about, it's going to appear that everything disappears, that the spiral exists no longer, that everything stops. And that's, by the way, what happened when the Mayans, so, so long ago, looked at the progression of human consciousness. They saw that it disappeared. Their prediction, of course, was the year 2012. They were close, but not precise. Things have happened. This was not destiny, this is simply pattern and patterns are subject to some change. September 18, 2007 it goes off the chart.