invention / inventor


< Ascension 8QA > Throughout the history of man, the scientists and philosophers and inventors who came up with the greatest inventions, used the least amount of "mind" at the inception stage. The mind comes in later, at the implementation stage. So, that will give you something to NOT think about for a while.

< DivineHuman 6 > One of your great inventors, the one you call Thomas Edison, surrounded himself, somewhat unknowingly, by those who held a very high level of vibration and energy. When he was doing his inventing and his experimenting, he literally drew off of their high consciousness and came to understandings and realizations that he could not have otherwise had. When you hear about these great advances in science and technology this year, give thanks to yourself for the work you are doing. You are changing the vibration and enabling others to do their work in a new and different way. Do you see the effect that you have on the world?

< DivineHuman 11 > You wonder why sometimes there is a new invention, and it is invented by three, four, five different scientists/inventors all at the same general time, yet totally unfamiliar with each other and living in different parts of the world. It is no coincidence. They are all tapping into mass consciousness. When mass consciousness reaches a certain level, then things can be invented through the creative process. When the vibration of humanity reaches a certain point, that provides a type of energy where the corresponding inventions can be brought into reality.

< NewEnergy 3 > After the quantum leap the transformation of energies will be different. There will no longer be the opposing forces. Energy will be transformed or utilized by you now as a - how to say - single element that is expanded in all directions simultaneously. That is how it will work. After this date of September 18, 2007, it will become available in a new way. It will become available to help with technologies and inventions, to move and to shift consciousness. It is a potent energy. It works so differently than the Old Energy of vibration. It will change things on Earth very rapidly.