John Paul II; Karol;

< NewEnergy 2 > He is one who is currently living upon your planet, but will be leaving very, very soon. You know this one as the person who has carried on a long tradition, but a tradition that is ready to change. Indeed, it is the energy of Pope John Paul II who comes here to visit today. He is transitioning right now. He is moving away from the physical. At this very moment he is on one of the last pilgrimages of his tenure. He is going to be leaving quite soon. He is old and feeble in the human body. But his spirit is as strong and as sharp as ever.

< NewEnergy 2 > He (John Paul II) came in at a very important time for the Catholic Church, which, as you know has its origins in the work that all of you did in the time of Yeshua. It has been called Yeshua's church. From this sprung many, many other churches. He has come in at a time of change, doing a very difficult job, balancing Old Energy with New. It has been a very difficult task for him, for there are many, many humans who hold onto a very Old Energy of the church and do not want to let go. They want to go back to the Old ways indeed. John Paul II came in as a bridge into the New Energy.

< NewEnergy 2 > Indeed, he (John Paul II) wanted to depart from this planet several years ago. He has taken on a very difficult responsibility. But the Old Energies of the church have kept him from going. They did not want to see him leave because they know what comes next are great changes, difficult changes in the church. He is indeed ready to go now, and it is time for this root church to change.

< NewEnergy 2 > Part of his energy (John Paul II) still remains as the Pope. He cannot understand why they hang onto him. He cannot finish his speeches, and they finish it for him anyway. He did not write them to begin with. Notice the difference in the words that he speaks now versus what he was saying two, and three, and four years ago. He is not writing his own words anymore. Once in a while, when he gains his strength, he will throw something in that is not written into a script. This will cause many of the elders of the church to go scurrying (some laughter), for he is coming to many New understandings and insights, even now in his work.

< NewEnergy 2 > He (John Paul II) comes into this meeting to see a group of humans who can boldly say, "I Am God Also." He comes into this meeting not as a frail, unhealthy, old man, but as a spirited angel, a spirited human who understands the need for change, who understands that the church itself is going through many difficulties and many changes. He has concerns as to how well the church will make it through these changes. He sits here today with you, all of you. He feels your energy and sees what progress you have made. He sees how you helped create the church in the first place. Some of you here were his teachers in past lives. He sees how you then moved away from the very churches that you helped to build, went off on your own lonely journey, and now have come back to a New understanding where you can say, "I Am God Also."

< NewEnergy 2 > It is a delight to have John Paul with us today. He asks that when he makes his passing not to mourn, not to worry. He says that his energy will be more present than ever in this group. He would like to work with Shaumbra, and he would like to learn from Shaumbra. He is quite amazed at how such a small group of humans can make such an impact on consciousness. He is quite amazed at how such a small group of humans can go so quickly through a very difficult and challenging process.

< NewEnergy 2 > As this new potential for knowing the God within was awakening on the planet at that time, humanity did something to this sacred symbol (cross). They nailed a man to it! They placed a horrible energy on this sacred symbol. They put suffering in the doorway of divine revelation. It has stayed there ever since. That is why John Paul comes in today. He understands. He has done his work in trying to help remove this suffering energy from humanity.

< NewEnergy 3 > There are Old Energies that do not want to see this change (quantum leap in mass consciousness). They can feel it coming, and they will resist it. We brought in the Pope (John Paul II) last month because that is also a signal to the church that the change is now imminent. And, they don't want to let him go because they know when he does, that it will bring changes in the church, changes that move towards this date, September 18, 2007. So, they are holding on.

< NewEnergy 3QA > John Paul II is not - how to say - does not work directly with the energies of the Crimson Council, although our energies work back and forth. But, you would not say it is of the same family or Order. But there is a very close connection to the two. He plans to come and visit more often to sit even in the Second and Third circles of our gatherings. He is quite amazed at the work that is being done here by a small but very - in his words - a very advanced group of spiritual teachers and spiritual leaders.

< NewEnergy 9 > Our former guest, the Pope - you know, most of his spirit is not here anymore. His body is here, but most of his spirit has already gone on. They are - how to say - energetically holding him here, trying desperately to maintain this energy balance… the church is… at least through this time of 2007. They know they are trying to hold onto something that is Old that wants to go. Does that sound familiar, Shaumbra? It wants to go. The Pope truly wants to leave now, but they are, in a sense, doing ritualistic energies to hold him. What a shame… what a shame!

< Embodiment 9 > But, Shaumbra, you know and I know that the energy and the essence of the Pope left a long time ago. The body of the Pope and what is left of the mind has been kept operating because the Pope is a symbol, is an icon of the church that is having great difficulty right now. And, it was felt that if the Pope left, it would cause such a turmoil and such turbulent times that the church may not be able to withstand it.

And, now the Pope, for these past number of days in particular, is going through the suffering. A reflection of consciousness… that is all Karol (John Paul II) is doing, just a reflection of consciousness, suffering because humans think that there should be suffering before you go to heaven. Humans think that life is about suffering. So, the Pope, responding to the needs of those who follow that way, is suffering, is going through this difficult and traumatic time. It is putting so much attention now on death.