Angel of Ascension; Angel of Change;
master sergeant of Correspondents;

< DivineHuman 9 > Our guest is neither male nor female, but we will identify or address this angel as a male for ease of discussion. Our guest has not been in human form before. His name is written into your books. But, it is a name and an energy that all of you are familiar with. He is the one we call the Angel of Ascension. He is a wonderful, compassionate angel on our side of the veil who works with all of you on a regular basis. He has worked with you throughout this entire challenging ascension process that you have gone through. This is the Angel of Change, the angel who helps guide you, who helps encourage you as you are generating the energies, to help move you from being simply human into a Divine Human. This name is not familiar in your human books.

< DivineHuman 9 > He is somewhat like a drill sergeant for many of you, but a compassionate drill sergeant, working with you constantly. Now he takes on a new type of role. The name of the Angel of Ascension is Hossaf, which would be spelled in your human language - H-o-s-s-a-f. You know him well when you come to our side of the veil during your sleep state. Hossaf is like a friend, a teacher, a supporter, and a very tough coach. Hossaf has wanted to come to these meetings for quite a while, but the energies were not quite ready. It was not appropriate for his energy to come here. It was more appropriate for you to connect with his energy when you came to the other side, when you traveled inter-dimensionally at night.

< DivineHuman 9 > He is a grand teacher who understands spiritual physics, who understands the dimensions, who understands how energies are moved, how energies can even now be created. Hossaf wanted to experience you in your un-natural environment here in the human form. He will also be working with you in a different way now. In a sense, he has had somewhat of a job change. He will be helping you with the balance of the energies as you live in your Expanded Now, and begin experiencing multi-dimensional realities.

< DivineHuman 9 > He comes in on this day that we talk about points of separation or points of new consciousness so that he can help you balance between physical and nonphysical realms. He will be the one working with you as you expand your energy in the Now moment and integrate the multi-dimensional levels. There is a potential to get whacked out, or get out of balance, as Cauldre experienced several weeks ago during one of our channels (at the San Francisco "Divine Tools" workshop). There is the potential to become imbalanced as you expand your Now, as you go to these other layers and levels. Hossaf has agreed to now work directly with you in your human state to help keep the balance as you now expand multi-dimensionally.

< DivineHuman 9 > This is challenging because there is the tendency to withdraw your energies, to bring them in even tighter and closer to you. You want to define what life should be, based on an Old Energy mindset versus accepting what life is and can be, based on the New Energy. You wonder sometimes why more things aren't changing in your life, why you are not creating more and manifesting more, why you still don't feel like it is a process of choice. It is because you tend to withdraw your energies, to bring them in, overly defined. The challenge is to expand those while you remain the source in the Now. This is where major changes will occur in your life.

< DivineHuman 9 > Hossaf, being this type of coach for you, is asking you now, "So what do you have to lose? What do you have to lose by opening, by expanding and allowing yourself?" When you get angry with yourself or angry with us, or Spirit, and wonder why things aren't different, take a look at your own energies. You are closing them down. Breathe at that point. Feel at that point. Accept the guidance from Hossaf and all of his team who come to help you maintain the balance between your human condition and your divine birthright.

< DivineHuman 9 > He is now here to work with you. He has been such a comfort and such an angel-teacher on the other realms. He is the one that you've gone back to at nighttime, confused, teary-eyed, angry, frustrated. He is the one that, with the strong but compassionate energy, has kept you going. Now he adjusts his focus and his work. He comes much closer to you and to this human reality. We are delighted to have you, Hossaf, with us.

< Clarity 1 > So, we bring in the energy of a dear teacher, a dear friend who has been working with you, who has been with you in some of the most difficult and challenging times, the one that we call Hossaf (pronounced something like "ho-SOFF") - not "hose-off," but Hossaf (some laughter). Hossaf is a wonderful teacher from the Crimson Council. He… she rather… it is not either a male or female energy. Hossaf comes into work with you now as we begin to explore the building blocks of energy. We are going to do kind of a - how to say - reverse engineering of energy to help you understand, to help you see and feel and know clearly.

< Clarity 1 > So, Hossaf comes into the room. He has worked with so many of you, spent time with you, going through some of the difficulties. He in himself is an energy transmuter, works closely with the energy of Adamus, Saint Germain.

< Clarity 1 > He comes in now because we are starting something new. He is like - how do you say - a good drill sergeant, not a bad one, but a good one. He comes in to help you. He comes in particularly at times when there is a tendency to go back to the Old programming and the Old ways when you want to resort to how you did it yesterday or five years ago or 20 years ago. It is so easy and natural to do that. It is like there is an attraction that brings you back. But, he is there to show you it is time to transform into a different way, a whole different way of understanding life. So, Hossaf will come in and be with you… unless you call him "hose-off" (some laughter). He will work closely with you in understanding how to cut through the blur, cut through the smoke and the confusion of energy.

< Clarity 1 > Now, this is something that you are going to have to experience. In other words, we are going to ask you to put a focus on it. But, a focus is also not a force. We are going to ask you to consciously do this each day. Have some time in the morning or in the evening for clearing. It could be frustrating at first. And, that's when we ask you to bring in the energy of "hose off," Hossaf. Bring in the energy of Hossaf as you are working with this clearing.

< Teacher 3 > So your Correspondent is here today, and along with your Correspondents would be the master sergeant of Correspondents: Hossaf (pronounced "ho-SOFF") is with us, back again today. Not "hose-off" but Hossaf! (laughter) Hossaf works with those in the Crimson Council who are on an experience or on a journey to Earth - Shaumbra - you. He helps to coordinate all of the activity.