correspondent / corresponding angelic being


< MNEC2006-A > For each one of you, Shaumbra, who chooses the initiation, there will be a corresponding Angelic Being who will come into your life who will make an immediate and direct connection with you. Don't worry about names right now. Don't worry about faces, but you will be given or assigned a corresponding Angelic Being from the Crimson Council who will be here to work with you.

< MNEC2006-A > They will not be a guide like you've known in the past. They will not be a runner. It will be your correspondent to the Crimson Council on the angelic levels. They will work with you to balance and to flow energies back and forth. They will be your angelic partner. No, they will not solve your problems because you don't have any. (some laughter) They are going to be a co-worker with you in your new role as an initiated Teacher. So if you choose the initiation, they will be moving in as well.

< Teacher 1 > He (Adamus) talked also the fact that if you choose the initiation, if you choose to become a Standard of the Order of the Crimson Circle, that you would now have a correspondent. He carefully chose the word "correspondent." He did not say guide, "guide" has a totally different connotation. But a correspondent is an angelic Being in our realm who comes in. It is different than a runner. Runners have a responsibility for balancing and shuttling energies back and forth.

< Teacher 1 > A correspondent is basically an angelic Being who has been on Earth before (contradicting later comment), who has been highly trained in some of the schools on our side about the New Energy, about your role as a teacher. A correspondent is a one-to-one interface with you from our side to yours. A correspondent is not one who is going to do it for you, but the correspondent is going to continually help balance your energies on our side. A correspondent is also going to continually be relaying information to you and energy to you from the Crimson Council.

< Teacher 1 > A correspondent is going to be perhaps what you would say, a teacher's aide, a helper that you have, specifically in your teaching work. Not in your general life, not taking care of paying your bills and things like that, but the correspondent is going to correspond on the angelic realms to what you're doing on the Earth realm. So when you are sitting in front of a group of students, human students, like we are right now - talking to a group of wonderful divine humans - the correspondence angels that have now come in are helping Cauldre and us and you to see more than that tiny, narrow spectrum of consciousness. The correspondent helps to see the full spectrum of what's going on, on our realms and in yours. So you will have that energy to work with.

< Teacher 1QA > So there are what we would call manual or human things that need to be done, and again, if you look to us, you look to spirit or these other entities to do it for you, they can't. That's why you are here on Earth. Your correspondent, this angelic being, doesn't handle those type of things. The human being within you handles those type of things. So we've heard a few comments and complaints along the way from Shaumbra who are starting to venture off as teachers saying, "But I didn't think I would have to work such long hours. I didn't think that, you know, I would have all of these other responsibilities that go along with it." But that's where the humanness comes in, you see. So it is a combination: bringing together gnost and humanness; allowing the energies and the opportunities to be delivered to you.

< Teacher 2 > Now, the Correspondent doesn't make up your mind for you. The Correspondent doesn't set the direction. The Correspondent isn't any more intelligent or divine or wise than you are. They are there to serve your needs. They are there also to help convey the energies from your consciousness and your wisdom back to the angelic realms and back to your spiritual families.

< Teacher 2 > It would be very difficult for you to do the job of teaching your celestial families while you are so focused here as a human on Earth. You are doing parts of it when you journey off in a daydream, when you... sometimes you think you are watching your television programs and you are so far out, (chuckling) you are somewhere else. Haven't you ever noticed when somebody walks into the room and says "Oh, what just happened?" Even though you're staring at the set, you have no conscious recollection of even what you're doing.

< Teacher 2 > These Correspondents help to convey a consciousness back to your spiritual families. Correspondents also bring back a type of information or consciousness back to you. Let's not call it energy here because it's more of an information. They carry back news from the other realms. Now, as they are carrying it back, bringing it into this 3D reality of yours, it has to be put into - at least temporarily - put into something that is definable and understandable by your human mind. So when they are bringing back basket-fulls of wonderful information for you, some of it gets - how to say - lost in translation. It doesn't disappear; it's not gone.

< Teacher 2 > It just exists in a slightly off-shifted realm, waiting until the time that you are more able to comprehend it through the element of gnost, through your feelings, through your divine intelligence. Sometimes you can feel this information that is coming back. Sometimes it is very specific information about your spiritual family. Sometimes very specific information, news about what is happening on the non-physical realms. Sometimes it is very personal information for you. In a sense, you could say, coming from your divine self, from that part that is intimately you but sometimes in your human focus you tend to forget. So the Correspondent will help bring that information in as well.

< Teacher 2 > Correspondents have been invited into this gathering, and for the time being, Shaumbra, assume that you only have one. We're going to be working with this as we continue as Teachers, but right now, just one - at least a primary Correspondent. We would like you to feel the energy of your Correspondent today.

< Teacher 2 > Your Correspondent is going to bond with you. They have been, actually, over the past month or so, slowly and gently, so to not intrude on your energy. But now they're going to bond with you very closely. The Correspondents have not been on Earth before. (contradicting previous comment) This allows them to traverse across the dimensions easier. If your Correspondent had been in physical form, they may have a tendency to get stuck and even to come back here in physical body.

< Teacher 2 > Your Correspondent is one you have known before. They have served you before on some level, on some realm. Many of them are in service to the Crimson Circle, which is the teaching angelic order. Some you have known from your other experiences and forays into the other nonphysical dimensions - a friend, perhaps a partner for a period of time. Everyone here, listening or reading: you are having this experience right now.

< QuantumLeap 6 > Receiving comes from a wide variety of different sources. First it comes from yourself, your whole Self, not just the human, but all of you. All of you chooses to serve you when you allow it. Receiving comes from your pets, other humans at times, the angelic correspondents who are all around. Receiving comes from a wide variety of places and dimensions. It is just about energy - raw energy - coming in for you, coming in to support consciousness. Remember, consciousness is not energy. Energy is there to help consciousness manifest its grandest desires.