< Creator 8 > We ask you to receive this energy (the fruit of the rose). We know you, as lightworkers, are not so good about receiving! You feel you must start from the ground up and create everything, struggle through everything. Here now is a gift that is yours. It resides in your house. It is something we spoke of eleven months ago. It is yours to receive. It is your spiritual passion. It is yours to receive, to take within you. This will bring about a renewal, but the renewal will be in a different place than you have been used to.

< QuantumLeap 6 > In the new consciousness, the New Energy, it is about receiving. Receiving. There is not a cause/effect, there is not an energy input associated with energy received. Receiving in New Energy can be truly a one-way street. It doesn't have to be reciprocal. In other words, New Energy, new spirit will come to you without you doing anything, without you sacrificing, without you doing hours of prayer or meditation or anything like that.

< QuantumLeap 6 > Now, this is a very simple but yet somewhat an odd dynamic. You have been taught, and the physics and beliefs of Earth have now been shaped in such a way, that there is always a trade of energies. In order to receive something you must give something, or if you do receive it first then you must give later. That dynamic does not apply in the New Energy. Receiving is open, it is unconditional, it is available and nothing is asked back from you.

< QuantumLeap 6 > Receiving comes from a wide variety of different sources. First it comes from yourself, your whole Self, not just the human, but all of you. All of you chooses to serve you when you allow it. Receiving comes from your pets, other humans at times, the angelic correspondents who are all around. Receiving comes from a wide variety of places and dimensions. It is just about energy - raw energy - coming in for you, coming in to support consciousness. Remember, consciousness is not energy. Energy is there to help consciousness manifest its grandest desires.

< freedom 7 > Now you get on the bike and you just sit there. You do not pedal. You do not move. Even the bicycle really doesn't have to do anything, and the landscape moves. You are stationary. The landscape moves. Now, the nice thing about this is that you don't have to do anything other than receive, and you're really bad at receiving. This concept – very, very real concept – it comes to you. You get on that bike and you just sit back. It all comes to you. The exact perfect thing comes to you. Don't blink. Don't doubt, is what I'm saying. Let it happen. Let it come to you.

< freedom 7 > Grace is the ability to receive. Period. That's the definition of grace. A Master allows the energies to serve them. That's grace. Without questioning how much or when. “Do I deserve it? Are there others in need?” No. You don't ask those questions. That's out of grace. Grace … grace is receiving energies without question, without doubt. Grace. A Master allows energies to serve him without question. Without question. Period. That's grace. Pure, simple, beautiful.