electromagnetic vibration/ frequency/wave;

< New Earth 9QA > The veil is created through mass consciousness. Even if you are aware of the presence of the veil, and even if your intent is to dissolve the veil around you, there is still the very strong electro-magnetic structure of the veil created through the mass consciousness. You, as an individual, cannot dissolve your own veil, but together with your intent to reduce it, to clear this fog, and with the intent of the others in this group, and then as you teach the others in your world, the veil will dissolve. Now because of your vibration level at this time, the veil to you individually will have less impact in your life than to an individual who is still walking in the old energy Earth. So to an extent you do have control over this. But do not become frustrated with trying to break through the veil.

< New Earth 9QA > This will be like a door opening. When this next door opens, behind it will be additional energy resources for you, for all humans. The effects that this group will have from that planetary alignment is the ability to hold even more of your own spiritual energy, your own True Self. These things happen in stages. They are very much a part of the electromagnetic alignments that happen. When these take place, it provides new opportunity for you. In terms of any significant event happening on your Earth at that point - do not anticipate that there will be something newsworthy. The events are quiet. But at the time of this event and shortly thereafter, those that are attuned will feel more empowerment. They will feel focused in their creative ability. They will feel more physical energy, such as needing less sleep. They will have the ability to more rapidly heal their bodies and minds at that time.

< New Earth 10QA > What you are receiving or remembering in your waking state is part of these very elaborate mathematical equations. We caution here to say that the universe is in itself at the root level not a mathematical equation, but there are mathematics that are associated with things such as the cosmic lattices and energy grids of Earth and even the workings of electromagnetic energy. What you are remembering more than anything is a part of extremely complex formulas, formulas that are combinations that all of your Earth computers together could not even begin to understand.

< New Earth 10QA > Up to this time it has been difficult to be on both sides. There have been very few entities that could do this. That is why, my friends, you do not see more of what you would call your aliens coming to this planet. They know that once they cross that threshold that those that come from other parts of your universe will become caught in the heaviness, in the electromagnetic grid-work. They will not be able to find their way out of the veil. It is very thick. It has up to now been, how do we say, one or the other. It is why we also say to you we need your feedback, because it is not like we operate in both sides. It is not like we are looking down and understand all things. The veil even prevents us and even Spirit from knowing all things. As you, the new Divine humans, emerge as the Christ seed grows from within you, you will be the first group of entities that will know both sides of the veil.

< New Earth 14 > By the very nature and the very set-up of the veil of Earth, we cannot come in to intervene. Even if we wanted to, we cannot. There is an electro-magnetic blanket wrapped around your consciousness that makes it very difficult for us to come in. That is also why, dear friends, the "boogie man" cannot get you at night. (laughter) For the "boogie man" cannot penetrate this veil either. We reiterate that we cannot do it for you.

< Creator 5 > As the white marble and the black marble and the clear marble become comfortable with the fourth element, they will, in a sense, adapt to it. They will begin taking on characteristics of this marble, of this fourth marble. As they do, they will begin to shed the electro-magnetic characteristics that they have held for so long. They will begin shedding the obvious characteristics of light and dark and clear. They will wake up one day and see that they are no longer dressed in their old cloaks. They will no longer have the characteristics of duality.

< Ascension 8 > It is part of what we are all doing together, for as the grids of Earth are changed in response to your consciousness, the veil is reduced. There is a magnetic influence that comes both from Earth - what you call Gaia - and there is a corresponding electromagnetic grid that surrounds your planet. There is even a broader grid that surrounds your place in space. It is not specifically related to your solar system. But, there is an energetic grid that encompasses a wide, wide area of your planets and your sun, and even past that.

< DivineHuman 1QA > Indeed, as your divinity blossoms within you, this has an effect on energies that are transmitted to other humans. You are, in part, electromagnetic beings. You send out patterns of frequencies and vibrations. Now, you can literally pick up another human's vibrations, then add your own packet of vibration to it. As it continues traveling out and their original vibration touches other people, there is now a new energy attached to it … your energy. It is a potential. It is up to other humans, who are the receivers, how they want to use it, and if they want to use it.

< NewEnergy 11 > Some of you have pets. Oh… oh, we hear humans say, "But, it is just a cat, or it is just a dog." No, dear friends, it goes far beyond that. They, in a sense, leave - how to say - take for example a dog. The dog that becomes very close to you and tied into you leaves the electromagnetic consciousness of "dog." They leave "group dog think" (audience laughter), and they come into your electromagnetic, as well as your spiritual, energy. And, they become part of you. They work with you and for you.

< NewEnergy 11 > There are the energies of two comets that are in play right now with the Earth's electromagnetics. These are not - how to say - some high-profile comets. They are visible. You will be able to see them. They came unexpectedly. Scientists did not see them coming, and suddenly they were there. We wonder how that happens! (some audience laughter)

< NewEnergy 11 > The electromagnetics of Earth are literally changing right now. There has always been a type of - how to say - a type of rhythm of the electromagnetics, a dance. There has been a particular strength of the electromagnetics. And, those are all changing right now. What used to be isn't anymore. People are feeling that from their body and in their mind, particularly in their mind, for so much of the consciousness is held in the electromagnetics, and as those change, it affects the mind which is the - how to say - interpreter of consciousness.

< NewEnergy 11 > And, many people are having a difficult time adjusting to this. The body and the mind both tie in to this frequency of Earth and consciousness - what is called the Schuman resonance - they are tied into it. The Earth and body are also tied into the overall electromagnetic strength and orientation. These are changing right now.

< NewEnergy 11 > So, between the electromagnetics changing, the intensity of the magnetics changing, even the gravitational pull of Earth, and the Schuman resonance… all of these things are affecting the body and the mind. All of these things help hold a focus on this 3-D reality… you see. And, now they are changing.

Many people cannot handle this in their body or mind. They do not understand what is going on. You, Shaumbra, have a different understanding. You have gone through the difficult changes. You are no longer tied into the mass consciousness. You can still feel the changes in your body and in your mind at times. But, you are not dependent on it anymore. That is why we asked you quite some time ago, "Are you ready to leave mass consciousness?"… so that we could take you out of those energies… so that you are not so dependent on the electromagnetics of Earth for balance and adjustment… so you didn't have to depend on the cycles of Earth to hold your balance. You allowed yourself to leave a while back.

< NewEnergy 11 > So, we bring this up to help you to understand all of the things that are going on in the world around you. They are not sure - other people and animals, and even trees - are not sure how to find their balance anymore because it is changing. If you take a group of birds, for instance, they are tied into "bird" energy, the "bird" mind. Indeed, and this "bird" mind is not the mind that is inside the physical body. It is not the brain, for the bird brain is quite small actually, as you know. That was Kathume's joke, not mine. And, it was a good one for his first time.

The brain inside a bird, for instance, is quite small. They do not need to process large amounts of information in the brain. It is meant as a very small storage device for data that is used on an ongoing basis while they are on Earth. What they do is they tie into an electromagnetic energy, a frequency, that would be called "bird" frequency.

You wonder why they can fly - many hundreds at a time - fly together in a formation. It is not that they have little cell phones and talk to each other (more laughter). They are connecting on the electromagnetic "bird" frequency. And, they all tune into this. And, when the bird frequency says, "Shift a wing this way or shift that way," they all shift. They are simply responding to "bird" frequency. They do not need a massive brain to store information because they are getting it on the outside.

It is the same with most wild animal forms. They tie into the frequency of their species. It is that way also with the plant life. They tie into frequencies of their species. Trees talk to each other, communicate through the electromagnetics. Your body does this also. The cells and the molecules talk to themselves on certain frequencies, electromagnetic frequencies that allow communication. It does not require a brain.

< NewEnergy 11 > There is a frequency here also, a spiritual frequency, that you are helping to create. It is called the "Shaumbra" frequency. It is not a typical electromagnetic energy that surrounds Earth. It is a multi-dimensional type of frequency. It is not very often that humans in general tie into any of these other types of frequencies. The humans have learned how to contain themselves within their own biological unit. They rely heavily on the mind and the body. They ignore the communications echo that goes on between the body and the mind or within the body itself. But, they do not communicate with each other on these other types of frequencies.

< Teacher 3 > You didn't necessarily understand that, being amongst the first - many of you - to come to Earth in the first place. Suddenly your consciousness, which had been in angelic form, found itself pulled into a vortex, a portal you might say, pulled into the heaviness of this thing called gravity, electromagnetic energy, dirt, water, hardness, physical reality. And it was a shock on your system. But the ones coming after you won't have that.

< QLCeleb 4 > Take a deep breath, oh and open that imagination of yours that has been trapped like my crystal prison, and through the imagination feel the sparkles of New Energy consciousness that are flowing, flowing all around the world right now, that are literally going to change, over a period of times, things like the magnetics of Earth. The gravitational force of Earth adjusting itself to the new consciousness. Can you imagine having this thing called gravity to keep things in place but not having it be such a detriment to your physical body? That is coming. Gravity itself is going to change. It doesn't mean that all of a sudden objects are going to start floating off, it means a new way to integrate yourself with this thing called gravity and electromagnetics of Earth.

< QuantumLeap 8 > The Earth as you know it right now - the physical Earth as well as the electromagnetics, the magnetics, the portals of Earth and all of the other associated structures that help create Earth - can hold approximately 10 billion people under the current systems that the Earth has. You're at 6.5 billion now. This number of 10 billion will be reached in approximately 2033, based on current growth rates and potentials. So that leaves, dear Shaumbra - you can do the math on it - that leaves approximately 25 years. Twenty five years is something that nearly all of you are going to see in your lifetime.

< (Next) 5 > Oh, you can turn that infernal thing (a fan) off. It should be DC not AC. The vibrations of this! I'm surprised that it hasn't just driven you crazy!

< e2012 4 > Now, we talked this year about re-ordering. Re-ordering means that you are changing the way you are focused or centered into external things around you – gravity, polarity, duality, electromagnetics, regular magnetics, light and energy being the primary ones. You are connected into all of these things – you've made the choice to get connected into them – because those connections, with those primary elements, allow you to have an experience in the physical reality. They've kept you in this kind of a hologram. They've kept you focused, but they've also kept you limited – part of the life design.

< freedom 8 > Energy comes from, number one, the Earth, this planet. It's probably your most immediate connection with energy. It's always flowing up from Earth, and the atmosphere. It's always here. You use it every day for everything that you do. Earth-based energies. Now, it's an important level, because it keeps a grounding force. If it wasn't for Earth energy and its associated magnetics and electromagnetics and other earthly type of characteristics, if it wasn't for that, this all wouldn't be held into place. It would be difficult to stay in the human body. But it's at a very elemental level.