solar system


< Creator 7 > When Jack (you) popped through the Wall of Fire, he saw his opposite. He saw his mirror. He began to have experiences, first with himself and then with other entities. These early experiences created an energy that poured out from him (you) and then set up structures and patterns of energy in the universe that had previously been a void. Jack (you) was going through experiences that then created energy weavings, tapestries, foundations that would later become your stars and your galaxies and your solar systems. This was a very interesting period of time for Jack (you).

< Creator 10QA > They say that there are energy attributes stored in the planets, as a part of the energy make-up of the planet, can be realized by the person moving into the new energy. These energies, that are not only in the planets of your solar system but also exist in the other stars in the galaxies, do not influence your life. They are not the guide walls of your life. These are simply at your disposal for expanding your Creator Energy. So, in direct answer to the question, do not look so much in these areas right now for the power that you need to move into your Divine Energy. That will all come from within. As you bring that up from within, there is a corresponding energetic reaction to the appropriate planet. But if you focus on the planet rather than your Divine Self you will not be able to pull forth the energy. At this time it is not our recommendation to look to these areas for understandings or empowerments.

< Ascension 8 > It is part of what we are all doing together, for as the grids of Earth are changed in response to your consciousness, the veil is reduced. There is a magnetic influence that comes both from Earth - what you call Gaia - and there is a corresponding electromagnetic grid that surrounds your planet. There is even a broader grid that surrounds your place in space. It is not specifically related to your solar system. But, there is an energetic grid that encompasses a wide, wide area of your planets and your sun, and even past that.

< DivineHuman 9 > You define space by measuring the distance from one point to the next. You have methods of measuring this with defined units such as length or volume. You also measure it the rate of travel, such as time it takes light to travel from one point to the other. But, dear friends, this is all an illusion also. There truly is no space. It is interesting that the scientists are continually trying to determine the size of the universe. But they are measuring it with old human tools. They are measuring it with tools that are energetically inappropriate outside of the realms of Earth, or perhaps this solar system. There is no space as you would know it.

< DivineHuman 9QA > Each star, each planet, each galaxy, and solar system has its unique attributes. They have contain specific information. Each star point is like a library of wisdom. This is a good way to practice bringing a point of separation into your consciousness, to feel it. Indeed, the stars are the history of your journey, the history of everything that took place before you came to this Earth. Indeed, this massive universe of yours is the new playground of the New Energy. We have said before that there is not so much out there, other than potentials to be built on and experienced.