new type of frequency / spiritual frequency

Shaumbra frequency;

< NewEnergy 11 > There is a frequency here also, a spiritual frequency, that you are helping to create. It is called the "Shaumbra" frequency. It is not a typical electromagnetic energy that surrounds Earth. It is a multi-dimensional type of frequency. It is not very often that humans in general tie into any of these other types of frequencies. The humans have learned how to contain themselves within their own biological unit. They rely heavily on the mind and the body. They ignore the communications echo that goes on between the body and the mind or within the body itself. But, they do not communicate with each other on these other types of frequencies.

< NewEnergy 11 > So, you are starting to create this frequency that you will all be able to tap into and use it to communicate better with each other. Use it even to communicate with other humans when they allow themselves to be tapped into it. This type of frequency is not resident here on the Old Earth. It is being created and maintained on the New Earth. It is being provided as a type of direct link between the Old and the New for those of you who choose to go to the New Earth after you leave this physical body so you can easily communicate and connect with the Old Earth.

< NewEnergy 11 > So, during this time we want you to be very aware of everything going on in and around you. We want you to observe and to feel and to listen because you are now going multi-dimensional, because you are learning to process information, not just in your brain, but in your divine center, as well as now this whole new type of Shaumbra frequency. We want to you to listen and to be aware in every part of your being.