Schumann Resonance

vibration of earth;
reflection of the mass consciousness;

< Ascension 7 > Let us talk for a moment about this "9-11." It has shifted Earth. It is not something that you can read about in your papers per se, but it has caused a major shift in consciousness. You could say this is measured by certain resonance factors (referring to the Schumann Resonance). There are some potential scientific equations. There are ways that you think you can measure the "spiritual quotient." You are getting close. You are not quite there.

< Ascension 8QA > Indeed as the grids are being changed, this reduces the strong grip of the veil. As the grid work is being completed, it also provides the potential to release duality all around you. Duality, in a sense, is held in place by the magnetics of Earth, so you will find polar shifts occurring more erratically than they have in the past. The magnetic poles of Earth have always shifted, and there are patterns within these shifts. At times they are rapid, and at other times, they are very slow. If you would ever plot these changes in the intensity of magnetic shifts, you will see that they correspond to consciousness changes on Earth. You could almost map these compared to world events.

So, now you will see more erratic changes in the polarity of Earth. Is that not appropriate, as you release duality, that the Earth poles would also, in a sense, lose their grip? Cauldre asks us to interject that you can literally chart this through your scientific services that are available - through your Internet.

The magnetic poles of Earth will shift quite erratically and dramatically, and then they will almost come to a standstill. And, all of this will greatly confuse your scientists because they will not understand. But you will. You will, because you will know it's indicative of the changes that you and humanity are going through.

At the same time the intensity of Earth's magnetics will also fluctuate. It will change back and forth. There will be periods where the magnetics will get stronger, and then much weaker. And, again this will confuse your scientists, because it will not follow the patterns of the past. What you are going through is not normal. It has not happened in the past. And, indeed the vibrational resonance of Earth will continue to change. It will continue to increase. It has increased dramatically in these past few years of time.

In a sense, it is a very crude indicator of your own vibrational changes, your heightening vibration. So, you will see this… what is called your Schumann resonance… increase, but it will not be in a predictable pattern. This is similar to what we spoke of at the beginning of our session today. You will see changes all around you. You will see extremes of polarity taking place in human consciousness. Then you can see how this change in consciousness then affects the magnetics and the vibrations of Earth. All of this is a delightful and wonderful way of saying that you are on course, that you are on the path. It is time for the energy of duality to transform into this New Energy of "four" that we have spoken of.

< NewEnergy 11 > There are indications in the scientific community that all of the energies of Earth are changing, going into a state of flux, not sure how to act anymore. This thing that is used to measure the pulse of Earth, the Schuman resonance, has been fairly stable and steady for nearly 2000 years… a very interesting timetable, by the way. It started changing 2000 years ago. It is the frequency - or what is measured in hertz, or cycles - of the vibration of consciousness of Earth… that includes humanity and Gaia.

It has been changing for 2000 years, but now in just the past six months it has been going crazy. It has not been following any predictable type of chart. For so many years it was steady. It started changing 2000 years ago. About now 14 years ago of time, it began to rise quickly. It had always been measured at about approximately 7.5 cycles. It then began rising over these last 14 or 15 years to the point where it was about 13.5 hertz on an average. It does change from time to time. Now, it is going back and forth between 7.5 and as high as 80 hertz. It is fluctuating rapidly. The overall average is increasing in what is called a - how to say - a "hockey stick" type of progression.

And, many people are having a difficult time adjusting to this. The body and the mind both tie in to this frequency of Earth and consciousness - what is called the Schuman resonance - they are tied into it. The Earth and body are also tied into the overall electromagnetic strength and orientation. These are changing right now.

< NewEnergy 11 > So, between the electromagnetics changing, the intensity of the magnetics changing, even the gravitational pull of Earth, and the Schuman resonance… all of these things are affecting the body and the mind. All of these things help hold a focus on this 3-D reality… you see. And, now they are changing.

Many people cannot handle this in their body or mind. They do not understand what is going on. You, Shaumbra, have a different understanding. You have gone through the difficult changes. You are no longer tied into the mass consciousness. You can still feel the changes in your body and in your mind at times. But, you are not dependent on it anymore. That is why we asked you quite some time ago, "Are you ready to leave mass consciousness?"… so that we could take you out of those energies… so that you are not so dependent on the electromagnetics of Earth for balance and adjustment… so you didn't have to depend on the cycles of Earth to hold your balance. You allowed yourself to leave a while back.

< (Next) 10 > If you could imagine for a moment this influx of energies and intensities; if you can imagine for a moment the consciousness of this planet, of mass consciousness, has been stretched to the limit, has been expanded further than it's ever gone before; the frequencies and the resonances of Earth are operating at totally different - almost out of sync or out of cadence - rhythms to what they've normally gone at. It's a surprise that you haven't gone crazy, and it's a surprise that this planet hasn't almost collapsed on itself.