< NewEnergy 11 > There are the energies of two comets that are in play right now with the Earth's electromagnetics. These are not - how to say - some high-profile comets. They are visible. You will be able to see them. They came unexpectedly. Scientists did not see them coming, and suddenly they were there. We wonder how that happens! (some audience laughter)

< NewEnergy 11 > These two comets are deliverers of energy, literal New Energy. It has been - how to say - energy that you have been working on. We told you a while back that it was coming in. But, it was not playing into your reality yet. It wasn't coming into your everyday life. It is now being - how to say - the facilitation of these energies is being brought in with the comets. The comets will come and go, but they will leave behind the beginnings of true New Energy in your life, not just held in some other realms, but now coming into your life. These two comets also have to do with this whole shift that is taking place in the perceptions of love and money. All of these things are happening because you have created it, Masters. You have asked for it. You have felt the time was right.